3 Star Attacking Strategy Clan War

Ultimate 3 Star Clan War Attacking Strategies

What’s your strategy for getting max stars in Clan Wars? Most of the people including my clan think that dragons are the killer, but I think there is a better way for different Town Hall Levels without spending tons of Elixir. If your clan does not win, you invested very much but don’t have any kind of return value for it. Choosing the right Clan War Troops will help your balance – taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut is not the style to use.

Before we now get into the different Town Hall Level, I want to also recommend some of my other posts to you. You find all of them in the Clan War Section here at AllClash.

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Clan War Troop Setup for Town Hall 5

Train 7-10 Giants, 3 Wallbreakers and fill up the rest with Barbarians and Archers. Use the Lightning Spell to kill Clan Castle troops. Your tactic is to drop your Giants in one or two packs to get the attention. As soon as they reach the walls and you know the splash interval of the Mortar, drop your Wallbreakers to access the base. At the point where the defensive troops will get out you try to kill them with a Lightning Spell. Drop your Barbarians/Archers afterwards to clear up the base.

giants attacking a base in clash of clans

It’s also important that you ask for strong Clan War Troops when you ask for reinforcement Troops – your Clan will you support with very strong Troops that will give a an extra boost.

Here you can see a great tutorial how you can use this step-by-step:

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With this knowledge, I can guarantee you 3 Star attacks in Clan War (with a little practice)

Town Hall 6 to Town Hall 7 Clan War Troop Setup

Pretty much the same tactic as Town Hall level 5, but now you are able to have Healing Spells or use Healers. Both combinations are working great. In addition to your Lightning Spell you have the Healing Spells to get your Giants healed when they will go down in health. Find a good balance in your setup and maybe have up to 15 Giants, depending on your max army size.

Here’s a great tutorial how you use Giants with Healer

Town Hall 7 War Base Attack Without Dragons

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Why not using mass Dragons? Well TH6 and TH7 bases now have additional Air Defenses and you need some proper Dragon Level do make a solid 3 Star attack. It’s expensive and can go wrong, so why not using Giants & Healer? It’s cheaper and you’re more experienced in using it 🙂 3 Star bases in Clan War is much easier with them compared to mass Dragon.

Town Hall 8 and Town Hall 9 Troops for the Clan War

This is the time when you can start using Hog Rider. Make sure you have them upgraded because nothing is more embarrassing to watch a pack of Hogs getting blasted away in no time. With Hog Rider Level 4 you can destroy basically all Town Hall 8 bases when you’re experienced in using them. Town Hall 9 bases are only getting complicated if they have a centralized Clan Castle you can’t pull the Troops out and the Archer Queen is also centralized.

archer queen following and attacking hog rider in anti hog base design tactic
Archer Queen shoots down Hog Riders one by one without getting attacker

Don’t get too greedy and start on taking Town Hall 10 bases in Clan War – as soon as they have a Multi-Target Inferno Tower you will have not even the slice of a chance. The reason I don’t recommend Dragons used as Clan War Troops is because they are expensive and have quite a long time to train. In the end you will have just the big Zero in Elixir if you have won the Clan War (and lost a lot if your Clan loses). If you’re good with that you can use them because they are an almost sure thing for 3 Stars.

Here are the best working Clan War attacking strategies for Town Hall 8 and Town Hall 9:

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Setup for Town Hall 10 & Town Hall 11

Making constant 3 Star attacks is getting more complicated, especially against a TH11 with the Eagle Artillery. Today there are multiple working ones with Valkyries and with Bowler, but also Lava Hounds had a comeback lately:

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With the right strategy, you’ll be able to make very solid attacks. Make sure to practice them before in regular attacks to gain some experience.

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