Ultimate 3 Star Clan War Attacking Strategies

Clan War attacks are the most advanced strategies in the whole game & the meta changes as well. Here in this guide, I will show you five different attacking strategies for all Town Halls that are able to get you the 3-Star victory for your next Clan War, including advanced tips that will help you with it.

How To 3-Star in Clan War

Before we now jump into the different attacking strategies, I also want to point you towards some other guides that I wrote to help you out with Clan Wars.

(1) Scouting is the key! In Clan Wars, you will need a lot of time scouting the enemy base to plan your attack right. You have all the time you want and you should take that time.

clashtrack tactics editor for scouting

You can also use the tactics editor from ClashTrack to work that out (or let a clanmate or friend help you plan your attack). Check the ClashTrack Tactics Editor here.

(2) Surgical Attacking! Don’t spam your attacks, use surgical attacking instead. This will help you to use all your troop power to get the best result and with all the time you have for scouting you can plan that out.

I’ve been writing a guide on surgical attacking here:

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Now it’s time to take a closer look at the different strategies to use.

PS: If you’re looking for up-to-date and frequently updated Anti 3-Star Base Layouts to use in Clan War, check them out here:

Best Clan War Attacking Strategies 2018

As mentioned in the beginning, I have chosen 5 different strategies to use – of course, there are also different ones but I wanted this guide here to be a great overview for you where you can come back and see what strategy will work best for you.

I also update this guide here with every Clash of Clans Update to keep it up to date 🙂

The strategies I have been selecting are these ones here:

  • Dragons (TH7 – TH8)
  • GoHo (TH8 – TH9)
  • LaLoon (TH9 – TH11)
  • Queen Charge Hog Rider (TH9 – TH11)
  • GoBoWi (TH10 – TH11)

Again, I’m aware there are so many different versions of these strategies but I have been selecting the most useful & popular ones that are able to 3-Star a base with the same Town Hall level.

Mass Dragons (TH7 – TH8) 3 Star Strategy for Clan War

Some will now roll their eyes as mass Dragons is probably the oldest strategy still used in Clash of Clans and appear to be a little easy, but they will get their job done and that’s all that counts, right?

There are three important things you will need to take care of to get your 3-Star with mass Dragons in Clan War:

  1. Dealing with Air Defenses
  2. Funneling your Dragons correctly
  3. Clean up!

If you deal with these 3 things right, you can’t mess up the attack in 99% of all cases. If you don’t deal with the Air Defenses right, your Dragons will die early – if you mess up the funneling they might not take the core of the base and not cleaning up, well, will obviously not get you the 3rd Star 🙂

Your troop setup:

  • 10 Dragons
  • 5 Balloons (in Clan Castle)
  • 2 Lightning Spells
  • 1 Rage Spell
  • 1 Earthquake Spell
  • 1 Haste Spell (in Clan Castle)

So I will walk you through the attack now, you will find a very more detailed Dragons 3-Star Guide below.

You will use your 2 Lightning Spells & 1 Earthquake Spell to destroy one Air Defense, the one you will reach last.

Then it’s time to get your Dragons and the Balloons from your Clan Castle in and drop your Rage Spell & Haste Spell to support them getting the Air Defenses down as fast as possible.

send dragons to the core

If you’re interested in learning more about the Dragon Strategy, you should check out my guide here:

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GoHo (TH8 – TH9) 3 Star Strategy for Clan War

Despite the fact that this strategy is extremely expensive in Dark Elixir, this strategy is working great for 3-Staring bases in Clan War. In fact, there are not really many bases that hold up against this strategy and you do not even need high-level Heroes for using it.

To wrap this strategy, you will use the Golems to tank for defenses, traps (especially Giant Bombs) and defending Heroes while your Hog Riders will destroy the defenses without having to deal with that much defensive power.

Your troop setup:

  • 2 Golems (TH8)
  • 8-10 Wizards
  • 24 Hog Rider
  • Clan Castle:
    • TH8 Fill with maxed Hog Rider
    • TH9 Fill with 1 maxed Golem
  • 3 Healing Spells
  • 1 Jump Spell (TH9)
  • 2 Poison Spell (one in your Clan Castle)

So I will walk you through the attack now, you will find a very more detailed GoHo 3-Star Guide below.

You will send your Golems, your Hero(es) and your Wizards in to clean out the outside structures.

When selecting the position where you start your attack from, you will have to choose a spot where your Golems will walk towards the defending Heroes & Clan Castle and also likely disarm Giant Bomb locations (either where you assume they are or maybe know it from a prior attack against the base).

goho golem deployment and funneling

Once the Clan Castle troops are lured and take agro on your Golems, you can deploy your Hog Rider in the section next to the cleared section and support them with Heal Spells to keep them alive.

3 star attacking with goho

If you’re interested in learning more about the GoHo Strategy, you should check out my guide here:

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LaLoon (TH9 – TH11) 3 Star Strategy for Clan War

LaLoon is an all-time classic attacking strategy and extremely viable in Clan War to perform 3-Star attacks, as you have the ability to surgically outsmart the defenses.

You will use your Archer Queen along with Healers to perform a Queen Charge to pull the Clan Castle troops and also get one of the Air Defenses down and once one side of the base is cleared, you will deploy your Lava Hounds & Balloons clockwise to take down the defenses fast.

Your troop setup:

  • 2 Lava Hounds & 1 Lava Hound in your Clan Castle
  • 4 Healers
  • 16-18 Balloons
  • 2 Baby Dragons
  • Fill up with Minions
  • 3 Rage Spells
  • 5 Haste Spells
  • 1 Poison Spell in your Clan Castle

So I will walk you through the attack now, you will find a very more detailed LaLoon 3-Star Guide below.

Performing your Queen Charge is essential at the beginning and don’t be afraid to use 2 Rage Spells to keep your Archer Queen alive. She has to get the Clan Castle troops and one Air Defense down as well as clear the defenses on one side.

queen charge laloon in clan war

Don’t be afraid to let this take up to 2 minutes, when you have 1 minute left that’s the point where you need to deploy your Balloons & Lava Hounds to get all structures down in time.

deploy laloon clockwise in clan war for 3 star

Once the base looks like in the picture above, you are ready to deploy your Balloons.

Deploy them clockwise in packs of 4-5 Balloons as this will help getting defenses down more quickly along with one Lava Hound per Air Defense.

Use the Haste Spells (and Rage Spells when left after the Queen Charge).

how to 3 star with laloon

Your Balloons will deal with the defenses fast and the Lava Pups will start cleaning the trash buildings and meet up with your Queen in the last corner 🙂

If you’re interested in learning more about the LaLoon Strategy, you should check out my guide here:

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Queen Charge Hog Rider (TH9 – TH11) 3 Star Strategy for Clan War

This is a relatively fresh strategy that came up when the healing block ability of the Inferno Tower got removed and works similar to the LaLoon strategy above to 3 Star in Clan Wars – except the fact that instead of Ballons, you will use Hog Riders.

The basis of this strategy works pretty simple – you send in your Archer Queen with 5 Healer, your Grand Warden (if you’re TH11) and several Wall Breakers and make her clean like one quarter of the base you’re attacking.

When that’s done, you will send in the Hog Rider from the side next to the cleaned area and keep them alive while your cleanup troops will take care of the trash building.

Your troop setup:

  • 5 Healer
  • 8 Wall Breaker
  • 2-3 Wizards (for funneling)
  • 2 Baby Dragons
  • Fill up with Hog Rider (depending on space it will be around 22-25 of them)
  • Bowlers or Hog Rider in your Clan Castle
  • 3 Heal Spells
  • 2 Rage Spells
  • 1 Poison Spell
  • 1 Rage Spell in your Clan Castle

So I will walk you through the attack now, you will find a very more detailed Queen Charge Hog Rider 3-Star Guide below.

Get your Healers and Archer Queen (plus at TH11 your Grand Warden) ready and start your Queen Charge. You will probably have to drop the 2 Rage Spells and use the Queens ability and the Grand Wardens’ ability to keep your Queen alive as long as possible.

3 Star Clan War Strategy with Hog Riders 2018
Simply keep an eye on her health and then use your Wall Breaker to get her into the base.

When you have created that “L” shape with her, it’s about time to get the other troops of your army in. Drop your Clan Castle, your Barbarian King and your Hog Riders and closely watch their pathing to support them with the Healing Spells you got.

3 star with hog riders in clan war

If you’re interested in learning more about the LaLoon Strategy, you should check out my guide here:

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GoBoWi (TH10 – TH11) 3 Star Strategy for Clan War

This is another popular strategy against maxed bases used to 3-Star in Clan War and you will need well-upgraded Bowlers and Witches to use it, however, you won’t need maxed Heroes for it.

The central point of this strategy is building your funnel on the outside with your Golems and Witches and getting your Bowlers along with your Heroes into the core. If you do that right that, you have a solid 2 Star and, often times, even a 3-Star, even against maxed Town Hall 11 bases.

Your army setup is:

  • 1 Golem & 1 Golem in your Clan Castle
  • 10 Witches (you’ll deploy 5 on each side)
  • 15 Bowlers
  • 1 Poison Spell
  • 3 Jump Spells (they will help your troops going through the base without hitting walls too long)
  • 2 Rage Spells or 1 Rage Spell + 1 Heal Spell
  • Clan Castle Spell: Heal Spell or Rage Spell

So I will walk you through the attack now, you will find a very more detailed GoBoWi 3-Star Guide below.

Building your funnel is the most crucial part of the whole attack – if you do this wrong you will see your forces walk around the base and will struggle for the 1 Star.

When choosing the side you want to attack, you will have to keep the following parameters in mind:

  • Don’t attack in a way that your kill squad will go into the corner of the base, always attack from the “flat side”
  • Don’t attack into 2 Inferno Towers at the same time
  • Try to go for the Eagle Artillery first

Building your funnel itself is not that complicated. You will deploy one of your Golems in the area close to the corners and then get your Witches in as soon as the Golems grabbed the attention of the defenses.

GoBoWi attacking strategy with building the funnel
Then you will deploy your Bowlers right after them in a pretty much straight line between your funneling troops.

Now it’s time that you deploy your Heroes in the center area of your troops to go for the core.

heroes deployment for gobowi

Now you have all your troops on the battlefield and it’s time to drop your spells!

If you’re interested in learning more about the GoBoWi Strategy, you should check out my guide here:

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I hope I gave you a good overview about the current best 3-Star attacking strategies you can use in Clan War right now. Make sure to bookmark this page as I will constantly update it when something changes with the balancing and other strategies are better to use 🙂

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

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  1. Im a rushed th10 and my troops are low lvl but my spells are good lvl like my rage is max and heal is lvl 5 – 6 so please say me a good army and my housing space is just 200 so please say a good army

  2. Bro add a new strategy like th10 low heroes I upgraded my townhall to th 10 for my clan but I need a strategy for th10 with lvl 15 heroes can u add I followed u since last one year and a half so plz add a good war attack strategy with very low level heroes

  3. Bro I use
    10 wiz (lvl4)
    10 minions (lvl3)
    28 loons (lvl 6)
    4 rage (lvl max)
    1 poison (lvl 1)
    6 loons(cc) (lvl max) and
    1 haste (lvl max)
    Using this strategy I score all ways 3 stars per attack on th9 max bases in maximum 2.5 min
    I use first 1wiz to take out opponents cc troops then I put poison on cc troop and then other 9 wiz do the job. And then I use mass loons on near the air defense and behind them I use minions and king and queen to clear the base and boom I got 3 stars on higher bases than me.

  4. Hi, Your Posts Are Amazing they do help me alot and have improved me greatly. I am currently a th10 and growing much efficiently. Just to let you know, after the ‘Queen Charge Hog Rider’ strategy, its written ‘If you are intersted in Laloon then here is it complete guide’ however the link below it is of ‘Queen Charge Hog Rider’. Just Fix it Up. And You are Doing A Great Job Bro. Looking Forward For More Posts. 🙂

  5. I’m in a high level clan that participates in MLCW. Anyone who has been in one of these leagues knows that th10s attack 11s for two stars so the 11s can dip and three star the 10s. I see way too many fails with gobowi with it unpredictable nature on both 10v11 attacks and 11v10 attacks. For 11v10 I have found that a strat I’ve honed over the past season to be by far superior called dragoon. You should create an article that details high level war strats that are used in league matches (10v11, 11v10, 9v10). It would provide a look into a different way of clashing that not all players get to experience.

    • Why don’t you enlighten us to your strategy? I’d like to hear how you go about 3 starring a th10 using dragoon with a dip th11 attack. I’ve used dragoon extensively in the late stages of th10 to farm dark for heros but wouldn’t consider it a 3 star strategy. I’m th11 now so I’d like to hear how the extra camps, cc spell and warden could turn this into a 3 star dip strategy

      Cheers 😆

    • I really appreciate your feedback Smitty.
      High level war strats like used in the war leagues are, I’m just honest here, somewhere over my own skill (I’m just a normal player), so I also have a lot of problems thinking about how to turn that into a helpful article as the strategies adapt a lot and that would make every attack single article.
      But if you have any more detailed ideas about it, feel free to share with me 🙂

  6. i am a maxed th11 (walls heroes, everything). After the update i’ve been using a combo of 5 healers, 27 miners, 8 wbs, 2 wizards, 4 rage and 2 heal spells, and i’m getting great results (3 stars 70 % of the time)

    • I habe been writing about this strategy as well, it‘s very powerful but runs out if time often – if you want to 3-Star in Clan Wars you better use the Hogs instead of the Miners 😊

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