3 Star Attacking Guide for BatSlap

Recently there has been rising a new attacking strategy, especially viable for TH12 in Clan War and Clan War League – it’s called BatSlap and is in general an evolved WitchSlap strategy that works great against maxed Town Halls.
In this guide I will teach you how to use it and what you need to carefully look for when using it.

How BatSlap Works

The problem with Town Hall 12 is that there’s a lot of damage coming from all the defenses so it’s almost impossible to take everything down in 3 minutes without losing your whole army – and attacking carefully takes too much time to get everything done.
So that’s where BatSlap comes in and it uses a simple but also effective tool – swarm units ????
It uses so many bats and skeletons that the defenses can’t use their biggest power, the high damage output. No matter if you shoot a skeleton with a Archer Tower Level 6 or Level 15, it always will go down in one shot – but the Archer Tower won’t shoot faster.
Basically, it just makes the extra defense levels obsolete.

Outlining your attack… you will build a funnel from the edges with some Witches and tanks and then send all your army power in, supported by a Wall Wrecker, Healers, Archer Queen and Grand Warden and try to take out the Eagle Artillery as fast as possible while freezing splash defenses like the Wizard Towers – then you support your troops and cleaning up with the Bat Spells.
This attack requires you to be very cautious and watch the attack carefully to not miss any spell deployment – once you lose your swarm of skeletons or bats, the attack might fail.
But no worries, I will show you now step by step what you need to do and everything after that is plain practicing 😉

Which Town Halls Levels does BatSlap work?

Town Hall 11 & Town Hall 12

Main Purpose Of This Attacking Strategy

Clan War, Clan War Leagues

Pros of BatSlap:

+ Only way to 3-Star maxed TH12 & high percentage 2-Star guaranteed
+ Not really complicated to use

Cons of BatSlap:

– Might fail from a bad spell placement or being unlucky (AI…) in rare cases

Troop Variations for BatSlap

There are several variations, some take some Bowlers and Giants while others take more Witches – I will primarily show the one with 12 Witches here, but you can adapt and switch some Giants or maybe some Bowlers in if you like to.

Troop Composition To Use

The regular setup is:

  • 12 Witches
  • 3-4 Ice Golems
  • 1 Dragon or 1 Electro Dragon (depends on how many Ice Golems, for funneling one corner)
  • 4 Healers
  • 8 Bat Spells
  • 3-5 Freeze Spells (take 5 if you have only Multi-Target Inferno Towers!)
  • 1 Rage Spell (if you only need 3 Freeze Spells)
  • fill Clan Castle with Bowler
  • 1 Wall Wrecker

BatSlap Step by Step

Deciding from what side you will start the attack and spell timing is the crucial part in this strategy, but in general your attacks will follow this protocol:

  1. Building your funnel
  2. Send in all forces
  3. Use GW ability and spells

Prevent Fails of BatSlap

One thing to mention here – scout carefully and note down your attacking plan. Once your attack started, you don’t want to waste any second to have a realistic chance to get the 3-Star.

Choosing the correct side to attack with BatSlap

This is the foundation of your attack and actually not that hard to choose when you take these premises into account:

  1. You want to target into the Eagle Artillery as fast as possible
  2. You use a Wall Wrecker, so it’s always the opposite side of the Town Hall
  3. Optional (if more than one side is possible) you want to prevent running into Wizard Towers early in the attack

That’s basically it and I’d say in 93% of all cases you only have one side left to attack into.

Build The Funnel

Now it’s time to get the funnel straight and this is actually pretty easy in almost all cases – simply drop the Barbarian King and 2-3 Witches in one corner and your (Electro) Dragon in the other corner and wait until they cleared some trash.

Drop The Masses

Now it’s time to drop the Wall Wrecker with the Bowlers inside and wait until the first wall is opned – this helps to prevent that some of your troops will go left or right.
Now drop all other Witches, your Archer Queen with the Healers and the Grand Warden right afterward.

Deploy Your Spells

As I said in the beginning, this is the critical part of the attack and requires some practice attacks to get a feeling.
I normally start off with using the Warden’s ability quite early to avoid the first hit from the Eagle Artillery.
If the path to the Eagle Artillery is long and there are a lot of walls in the way and your Wall Wrecker will go down early you might want to use one Freeze on the Eagle Artillery as well.

Bat Spells

I’d say around 30-40% it’s time for the Bat Spells. Drop them at the same location where you started the attack initially so they can swarm up properly without any interference and also take full benefit from the Skeletons and Ice Golems.
Here and there you might keep 1-2 Bat Spells in your backhand to help clean up in the end, but that’s very individual and you need to decide that from your guts, there’s no plain rule for it.

Freeze Spells

Freeze Spells are primarily for the Wizard Towers but also if there are grouped up Inferno Towers on Multi-Mode. If only one Multi-Target Inferno Tower is there you can ignore it, but more than that, especially concentrated in a part of the base, can get problematic for the bats.

Also take care what your Ice Golems are doing, each one of them is basically a Freeze Spell as well so don’t waste the Freeze unnecessary! If there’s an ice Golem tanking for a Wizard Tower you can save yourself the Freeze Spell for later 🙂
I think it also helps to see some attacks in replays, so check out here several of BatSlap attacks and you will get a good feeling how this attack is used – click here for the video


This is the only attacking strategy that I know right now that is able to take out a fully maxed TH12 in war mode, but it can still fail here and there to get the 3-Stars if you’re unlucky how the defenses will target. Still, failing for this attacking strategy means getting “only” a proper 2-Star with good percentage so I think you can still life with that result 😉

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