3 Star Attacking Guide for LavaLoon / LaLoon

laloon 3 star attacking laloon guide

LavaLoon is an excellent attacking strategy utilizing Lava Hounds and Balloons. Air attacks are back and it’s again possible to 3 Star with this strategy. In my opinion, this will be the TH10+ attacking strategy for at least the first half of 2017. Currently I see it as the most frequently used attack.

How LavaLoon / LaLoon Works

The basic strategy behind LavaLoon is to destroy as many Air Defenses as possible, send in Lava Hounds to tank away damage and distract defenses, follow with Balloons to take down defenses while the Lava Hounds do their job, and then finally send in clean up troops to take down what’s left. In detail, it’s a little more complicated.  This is what I will show you in this guide! 🙂

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Which Town Halls Levels does LavaLoon work?

Town Hall 9 to Town Hall 11

Main Purpose Of This Attacking Strategy

Clan War, Trophy Pushing and also (Gold) Farming for TH11 (League Bonus required!)

Pros of LavaLoon:

+ Quite Easy To Use, not many steps

+ No complicated scouting required for Traps and pathing

Cons of LavaLoon:

– Requires high-level Spells & Lava Hound and max level Balloons

– Sometimes requires higher level Heroes (for solid TH10 and TH11)

Troop Variations for LaLoon / LavaLoon

There are different variations, but only small differences. The attack strategy itself is always the same. Some prefer to use Minions, others bring only Balloons. These variations are personal preference and you should try them out yourself to see what works best for you.

In general, I always recommend bringing 4 Lava Hounds for TH10 and TH11. If you’re TH9 and have Level 2 Lava Hounds, you can try with 3 Lava Hounds.

I prefer to bring the 4 Lava Hounds to have at least one of them available when it comes down to the last Air Defense.

Spells are also a question of your personal style and favor. The best working composition allows you to take out 1 Air Defense with spells alone:

  • 2 Lightning & 1 Earthquake (zap 1 Air Defense)
  • 1 Poison Spell for the defending Heroes
  • Fill up with Haste Spells!

For Town Hall 11, I recommend you take at least 1 Freeze Spell to deal with the Eagle Artillery.

Additional Scouting Tip!

If you have an option, go for bases with Town Halls that have defenses next to them, like this:

lavaloon get the town hall destroyed

Often the splash damage of the Balloons is enough to get the Town Hall destroyed without sending in Heroes to clean it up!

LavaLoon Step by Step

Now let’s take a look at the different steps that this attack requires. The most crucial part of this strategy is not the timing of deployment, but where you decide to start your attack. LavaLoon attacking consists of these 5 steps:

  1. Take care of the Queen & the Clan Castle
  2. Choose the correct side to start attack and choose which Air Defense you will take down with your ZapQuake (2 Lightning Spells + 1 Earthquake Spell)
  3. Send in your LavaHounds
  4. Surgical Balloon deployment
  5. Spells & Clean Up

Let’s have a closer look at these steps.

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Surgical Deployment Guide

Prevent Fails of LaLoon

This attacking strategy is pretty solid and once you get into a routine you will get results. However, there are some things that will make these attacks fail, so watch out:

  1. Take care of the defending Archer Queen
  2. Take care of the Clan Castle Troops

Often enough the Queen is offset so you can take her down with a Suicide King or Queen and also pull the CC troops in the same step.

suicide archer queen

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The Suicide Attack

Choosing the correct side to attack with LavaLoon / LaLoon

There are a few variables to consider when deciding where to start you attack:

  • Where are the Air Defenses and what level?
  • Where are the Air Sweepers placed & what Direction are the covering?
  • (TH10 and TH11) Where are the Inferno Towers?

If the Air Defenses are all inside the core, you’ll have a hard time. Lava Hounds will go directly to Air Defenses leaving outside defenses to take out your Balloons.

This will not work because you need to distract the defenses with your Lava Hounds to give the Balloons opportunity to take them down from the outside in.

Always attack in a straight line – you should avoid attacking from a corner because your Balloons will group together and get killed quickly.

lavaloon scouting bases

Also, take a close look where the Air Sweepers are pointed. They can really slow down your Balloons and Lava Hounds. This too gives defenses the chance to target Balloons instead of the Lava Hounds or can prevent the Balloons from dealing damage on defenses. Try not to attack directly INTO the direction of an Air Sweeper when possible. Come from behind or from the side.

Regarding Inferno Towers, you can directly attack a base with Single-Target Inferno Towers. This mode is an invitation to crush the base:

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Inferno Tower Multi vs Single mode

Take Down The Air Defense with ZapQuake

Now it’s time to take down the Air Defense. This step is not just about the the Air Defense, it’s also about the pathing of the Lava Hounds. If you take down the wrong Air Defense, your Hounds might get into trouble by incorrectly pathing and your attack can fail.

What you want is a clear pathing of the Lava Hounds, because you will deploy your Balloons at their rear.

Check out this base – what Air Defense would you take down with your spells?laloon zapquake air defense

The answer always depends on where you will start your attack. What you want to do is always have a kind of “L” left, so your Lava Hounds will just go from one to another and you can smoothly add your Balloons.

In this case you will ZapQuake the central Air Defense.

If they are in a formation like this, it doesn’t really matter which one you takeclash of clans maps th11 town hall 11 for clan war


If you take down the bottom side with the spells, you will need to start your attack with the Lava Hounds either at 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock.

You don’t want your Lava Hounds to go too deep into the base, otherwise your Balloons won’t follow fast enough to take down the other Air Defenses. The results will be bad for you becaue you will not have Lava Hounds left and the Balloons go down too quick.

Send in the Lava Hounds

First things first, I often see people deploying their Hounds simultaniously on multiple Air Defenses. That’s not good, because you can just take down one and then use the leftover troops to support at the next Air Defense.

You will deploy 2 of your lava Hounds on the first Air Defense and then send in soome Balloons after it.

Send only as much as you need, that’s about 2-3 Balloons per defense.

laloon lava hound depoyment against air defenses

Follow the line!

Once the Air Defense and the defenses are down in this area, your troops will go to the next one.

You should still have 2 Lava Hounds left, and now you need to deploy so you have 2 Lava Hounds on the Air Defense again.

laloon attacking strategy

And now you also deploy another couple of Balloons, depending on how much you have left.

In regular circumstances, you should not have lost that many Balloons, so 4-5 will be enough.

This step repeats again after the second Air Defense is down.

Spell Deployment for LavaLoon / LaLoon

Deploy your Haste Spells so your Balloons follow up with your Lava Hounds. You always want to have them grouped up, so the lava Pups don’t get eaten alive within seconds.

Step 5 Cleaning Up

Cleaning up is something you don’t have to deal with – the spawned Lava Pups will take care of the trash buildings and resource buildings.

Extensive Guide!
Clean Up A Base Quickly

Here’s a nice video that shows it step by step – it’s TH9, but the strategy works the same for all Town  Hall levels:


LavaLoon was a major player in 2015 and is starting a comeback in the end of 2016. If you like air attacks, you’re still able to crush bases. I personally like air attacks and this strategy is very simple. No need for multiple attacking stages, kill squads, etc. You simply choose the correct side to start your attack, deploy your troops, deploy your Spells and push to >50% destruction!!!

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha


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  1. Which spell do you recommend for th10 multiple inferno? Does it need freeze?
    How about th11? Freeze on inferno or Eagle Artillery?

  2. I am a high TH9 (just walls and heroes left) BK 27 AQ 26 and really just getting into the LavaLoon attacks. My strategy is to first deal with the enemy AQ when near an AD that will also trigger the CC troops. Kill squad is heroes, 1 golem and a few wizards to path the queen in. 1 jump and 1 rage for the kill squad, the rest haste for the loons. Poison and max hound in my CC. Usually several defenses are destroyed in a portion of the initial attack with the kill squad. The rest of the troops are 2 hounds, around 20 loons and I throw in a baby dragon for good measure (helps with cleanup or for distraction). Send the CC hound and one of yours away from each other but in a way that they will converge to one or the other side of the destroyed AD. Immediately drop 2-3 loons for defenses near the one you sent the hounds too. In some cases where the loons have a ways to travel you can start them in before the hounds. You are going to work the base in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction so the loons travel the same direction as the hounds. Be prepared to haste the initial loons to take out the AD quickly. Ideally you want one hound to pop but the other to survive and move on to the next AD where you will send in the last hound. Follow up with loons after the third hound and they will meet up with the first set of loons. Always use your haste to get loons to the AD quickly. If it goes right you will have one remaining hound to the last AD with your remaining loons dropped for the last side of the base. Once all the defenses are down it’s cleanup time.

    Some important points to remember:
    Try to always take out the AQ and one AD along with enemy troops.
    Do not drop a bunch of loons in one place or draw a line of them, surgical target them with no more than 2-3 per defense.
    Be comfortable with the hounds popping into pups, that is your cleanup crew.
    The level of defenses do not matter and the x-bows can be ground and air.

    I will say that you have to scout the base carefully and know how the loons are going to path. Watch out for hidden teslas taking your loons off track. Lastly, practice practice practice!

      • It’s the least I can do since LavaLoon attacks can be tricky but so powerful when done right. I thought your guide was very informative and detailed. There are many ways to do this attack and I was offering the strategy that is working for me. I’m even teaching my wife how to do this 😉

        Lower town hall 9 bases are not too bad with ground attacks but leveled up walls make it difficult to get that 3rd star on the ground. What I love about this is the wall levels are simply irrelevant!

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