Queen Charge Mass Miner – Farming & Trophy Pushing Strategy

queen charge mass miner strategy in clash of clans

I know that Queen Charge into mass Miner is not the newest thing after it was invented like one year ago, but with the current state of the Inferno Tower, this strategy makes a big comeback as a great Trophy Pushing Strategy and also great for farming Dark Elixir as it doesn’t cost any Dark Elixir.

In fact, this strategy is working almost too well on TH10 and also maxed TH11 bases, so I decided to refactor this guide from the ground to show you how to use it in 2018 for tons of Dark Elixir.

queen charge mass miner ultimate dark elixir farming strategy

This attack here was against a base with pretty much maxed defenses, including Eagle Artillery and profits me 7k Dark Elixir – and you will do many of such attacks with this strategy 🙂

How Queen Charge Mass Miner Works

The strategy will use the Queen Charge to get deep into the base and clear off one corner to build a funnel for the Miners. You will support your Queen with multiple Rage Spells and Wall Breaker and if done right and with a little luck, your Queen will stay alive the whole raid.

Once her task is done, you will deploy your Miners and they will take care of the rest of the base.

Sounds too easy? Well, it is actually and the only reason it hasn’t been that possible anymore were some nerfs to Miner. With the heal-blocking removed on Inferno Towers, the Miner have been on a comeback tour and even though other defenses and the Bomb Tower makes them still a little less powerful than they used to be in their high-time end of 2016, I predict they will become a viable part of attacking strategies in 2018 again.

With this strategy, you will be able to get solid high-percentage 2-Star attacks and even 3-Star attacks – even against maxed out Town Hall 11’s!

The only downside for some of you is that you will need your Archer Queen at a decent level – I don’t say you need her at max level, but I think Level 38+ is mandatory to make this work good.

What’s Queen Charge?

Ok I know some of you might not know every single term out there. A Queen Charge is when you use Wall Breaker to get your Queen deep into a compartment or the core of the base, while a Queen Walk is using the Queen to clean the perimeter of the base for better funneling.

If you’re not that familiar with a Queen Charge, I have just written a full guide on how to do it, what you need and how to not fail with Queen Charge here:

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Queen Charge Mass Miner Step-by-Step

Now I will show you how you use this strategy.

Forst of all, let’s take a look at the army composition you will need:

  • 5 Healer
  • 8 Wall Breaker
  • 2-3 Wizards (for funneling)
  • Fill up with Miners (depending on space it will be around 25 of them)
  • Bowlers in your Clan Castle
  • 3 Heal Spells
  • 2 Rage Spells
  • 1 Poison Spell
  • 1 Rage Spell in your Clan Castle

The 5 Healer are important as Seeking Air Mines can always take down one Healer and making your Queen survive is one of the key points and you do not want to risk to fail just because there’s one Seeking Air Mine in an unfortunate position.

Step 1) Entry Point Selection

You’ll need to select a point where you start off your Queen Charge and you should select that entry point very wisely because this will determine the success of your whole attack.

If you use this strategy for Trophy Pushing, you want to clear off the side next to the Eagle Artillery, so your Miners go through the Eagle Artillery into the core.

If you use it for Dark Elixir Farming, you need to do the same for the Dark Elixir Storage and can put the Eagle Artillery on the second priority. It’s nice to get both but if that’s not possible focus on the Dark Elixir Storage:

queen charge strategy guide

So for Farming you will make your Queen Charge go after the Dark Elixir Storage (top right) and send in your Miners after that from the northern side. For Trophy Pusing you send your Queen Charge to clean the upper part of the core and send your Miners in from the left.

Now you’re set, let’s go and execute the attack 🙂

Step 2) Queen Charge

Get your Healers and Archer Queen (plus at TH11 your Grand Warden) ready and start your Queen Charge. You will probably have to drop the 2 Rage Spells and use the Queens ability and the Grand Wardens’ ability to keep your Queen alive.

how to make queen charge with miners in clash of clans

Simply keep an eye on her health and then use your Wall Breaker to get her into the base.

Again, it’s a Queen Charge so you don’t want her to walk around the base – you need her on the inside later also to pass the Healers to the Miners in case she dies!

Step 3) Miners In

When you have created that “L” shape with her, it’s about time to get the other troops of your army in. Drop your Clan Castle, your Barbarian King and your Miners and closely watch their pathing to support them with the Healing Spells you got

You can get some tips about using the Healing Spell here:

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That’s it.

I also want you to recommend you here this video from Powerbang that shows multiple replays of him doing Queen Charge Miner attacks with great results (click here when you can’t see the video):

I personally have also tried multiple attacks with this strategy lately and the results are really good, especially when you’re about farming all the Dark Elixir needed to upgrade your Heroes, this strategy should be your first choice.

What do you think?

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. Hi… What is the best league (or teophy range) for farming with this strategy? I am TH11 with Queen at level 40, Miners level 3 and Healers level 4…
    Moreover, What should I upgrade first? Healers to level 5 or Miners to level 4?

    • You can easily do that in Titans (at least that’s where I do it as TH12), with TH11 it is easily possible in Champions. You need to be in a high league because it’s expensive in Elixir and you need the league bonus to make that costs up without having to next many bases
      Would recommend you to do Miners first.

  2. Is it best to farm with barch for loot and dark elixer or using this miners and queens on titan is the best one,,which is best to get mor loot??

  3. Im th10. My Queen is lvl 10 and my miners is lvl 2, i was wondering if this Strategy would work Well on th10 bases and lower.

  4. Hey, my queen is lvl 15, miners lvl 1, but healers are max. Can it still work?(I’m in champion league and th11)

    • Sorry, I’m afraid not. Miners should be Level 3 and more important is the Queen Charge and Level 15 Queen will simply take too long and die too soon with the point damage – I recommend you to get your Queen to Level 25 before using this strategy.
      But you can easily try it out with a Friendly Challenge to see yourself how it turns out

  5. Hii. I am a th 10 player. Can i do the miner attack with queen charge in legend? My royals are max as well please give a reply!

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