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3 Star Attacking Guide for Electrone

Electrone has been rising in the past months and is, for me, one of the most viable attacking strategies that you can use (if done properly). So, what I wanted to do is giving you some advice how to execute an Electrone attack properly.

How Electrone Works

In general Electrone uses a LaLoon attack to take the base out, but you will use a Battle Blimp (or Stone Slammer) to get Balloons and an Electro Dragon on the Queen in the center area to take out a really strong defensive section of the base.
You will use the Clone Spells to create an army of Balloons right in the center of the base and after that, you will clear out the base with a regular LaLoon combination.
Sounds a little weird at first, but when I walk you though an Electrone attack you will understand what I mean 🙂

Which Town Halls Levels does Electrone work?

Town Hall 10 to Town Hall 12

Main Purpose Of This Attacking Strategy

Clan War, Clan War Leagues

Pros of Electrone:

+ Extremely powerful with a high 3-Star ratio
+ Can be used against many bases

Cons of Electrone:

– Errors can lead to failed attacks, especially when the Blimp fails to reach its destination

Troop Composition To Use

There’s not much difference between the Town Halls you use Electrone with, here’s my recommendation for the troops to use:

  • 5 Wall Breaker (helps with the heroes)
  • 3 Lava Hounds
  • 26 (TH10) / 28 (TH11) / 32 (TH12) Balloons
  • up to 10 Minions
  • 1x Electo Dragon + Fill With Balloons in Clan Castle
  • 2 Clone Spells
  • 1 Rage Spell
  • Fill with Haste Spells
  • Battle Blimp or Stone Slammer (I prefer the slammer)

Electrone Step by Step

Let’s have a look at the different steps you need to perform when using Electrone:

  1. Scouting
  2. Suicide Heroes
  3. Use the Electrone
  4. Use LaLoon for cleaning up


Your primary goal is getting the defending Archer Queen plus other defenses that will give you value for the Electrone, this can be pulling Clan Castle troops, destroying the Eagle Artillery or Air Defenses or maybe even the Town Hall.

This depends on the base setup, but normally you have the Archer Queen in the center section and there are some other strong defenses around her.
Be careful! You need to watch out for Air Sweeper that might protect the section, they can ruin your attack because you will need to activate your Balloons that you will clone right on top of her and if there’s an Air Sweeper that will just push the Balloons away from her, the Archer Queen might survive and you can just say goodbye to your 3-Star!

Suicide Heroes

Now you will do a suicide royals attack into Air Defenses that you can reach, normally there are always at least one, if not two, that you can reach from the outside (that’s also why you have the Wall Breakers in your army).

The reason why you do that before the Electrone is that you don’t want to activate the Eagle Artillery and have it slamming on your heroes, it’s less destructive on your Battle Machine.
A bonus here is getting the Town Hall, especially at TH12 when facing a Giga Tesla, but that’s not mandatory.
Your primary goal is getting as many air defending defenses down.


Now it’s time to start your Electrone, basically sending in your Battle Blimp or Stone Slammer and being prepared to drop your Clone Spells and your Rage Spell.
If you’re not sure whether to ve ch the Battle Blimp or the Stone Slammer… if there are more than 4 defenses on the path you want to use the Battle Blimp because it will fly straight towards the Town Hall, it’s less likely to not reach the target spot. If that’s not possible, let’s say because the Town Hall is in a spot that simply doesn’t allow the Battle Blimp to travel to your target spot, you need to use the Stone Slammer, but the slammer is slower and will drop on every defense.
I have chosen to show you this replay here because it misses the spot, the Battle Blimp was plöaced too much on the right side and got stuck in the Air Sweeper:

Why am I still showing you this? Because it shows you that you can still get enough value out of the Electrone to get a 3-Star, in this case it missed the Archer Queen but got the Eagle Artillery.
As soon as you have reached the point you want to have it, drop the troops (or in case it will go down earlier), then you suddenly drop your Rage Spell and the two Clone Spells as fast as possible to get the best value and the initial damage will normally one-shot kill either the Queen or the defene beneath it.


Now it’s time for some relaxed LaLoon, simply deploy your Lava Hounds and your Balloons at the section that makes most sense, typically into the Air Defenses and – if the Giga Tesla is still up – not directly into that because it will wreck a lot of Balloons when going off.

You should have at least 5 Haste Spells so make use of them to support your Balloons with some extra speed to not get beaten by the timer at the end. There’s no need to use Rage Spells, the Balloons won’t need any extra damage.

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