No other farming strategy is connected with such deep nostalgic memories than BARCH – the strategy that was very effective to farm tons of resources in earlier times. Over time it got less and less effective, but with the recent balancing changes, reduced regeneration and brew times it has returned. I will show you all the details in this post and what you need to know to use BARCH in 2016 effectively (even on higher levels).

BARCH in 2016

Before we take a look at the adaptions that make BARCH useable and effective again in 2016, I want to take a short trip to the past.

BARCH was super effective because it was cheap and fast trained – you could farm with almost no downtime for hours. So what happened? Over time the strength was not enough and we needed Heroes and Spells, but the issue is they have longer brew times and regeneration times – a conflict with the basic ability of this strategy being fast and cheap.

BARCH Troop Deployment

Why BARCH Is Back

With the recent changes this conflict is gone because Heroes and Spells are now faster regenerated and brewed. You will now be able to use your Heroes and more Spells while your army is produced fast enough to make straight farming sessions.

I’d recommend taking Rage Spells and Jump Spells and also take a Golem with you. The Dark Barracks are simply idle, so you can use a 15 minute Golem that will help you get Storages together with a Jump Spell.

If you want to know how you can use BARCH, you can use one of my previous guides here:

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You should also know how to scout loot the best way:

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Which Leagues For BARCH

You can use BARCH for farming at any Town Hall Level – and I’d recommend being in Crystal 2 – Master 1 League. There you will find plenty of bases that are easy enough to attack.

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