3 Star Attacking Guide For GoVaHo

GoVaHo (Golems, Valkyries and Hog Rider) has become a very solid attacking composition after the March 2016 Update that buffed the Valkyries. It can be used at Town Hall 9 and is there very effective and also now on Town Hall 10. It’s a fast and very easy to learn attacking strategy that can 3 Star many different Town Hall 10 bases – even without scouting that much, so you can also use it in regular multiplayer battles.

How GoVaHo works

This strategy is a real fast attacking strategy and it overruns bases. The Golems open the base, the Valkyries destroy the core and the Hog Rider will clean up the rest – when I sum it up fast.
Especially at Town Hall 10, you’re not able to do Hog Rider attacks that effectively, because the Inferno Tower will prevent any healing on your Hog Rider. Using GoHo does work, but needs a lot of in-depth scouting which makes it a solid Clan War attack but not that useful in regular multiplayer attacks. That’s where GoVaHo comes up, because you can overrun the core and the Inferno Tower with the Valkyries and after that your Hogs are good to go.
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Which Town Halls Levels does GoVaHo work?

Town Hall 9 & Town Hall 10

Main Purpose Of This Attacking Strategy

Regular Attacks for Trophy Pushing, Clan War and even Farming (Elixir or Gold)

Pros of GoVaHo:

+ A quite simple and good working strategy with a high 3 Star success rate
+ No need for long scouting

Cons of GoVaHo:

– Extremely Expensive in Dark Elixir and long training time (because you train most troops in the 2 Dark Barracks)

GoVaHo Step by Step

I will give more detailed instructions for TH9 & TH10 later in this post.  Before we get to that, I want to explain the basic mechanics of GoVaHo attacking.
If I break it down to the very basics, this attacking strategy has 3 Steps:

  1. Open the outside layer with Golem & Wall Breaker and create the funnel to the inside
  2. Bring your Valkyries into the core and then make them wipe it out in seconds with Rage & Jump Spell
  3. Deploy the Hog Rider that will clean up the other half of the base

Sounds too easy? Well, it’s easy as long as you manage to create your funnel to the inside. If your Valkyries fail to go for the core, the attack fails.
The good thing is you don’t need to worry about double Giant Bombs on the way, because they can’t take your Valks out like they can do with Hog Rider (remember, Hog Rider get 50% more damage from Giant Bombs).
The downside of this strategy is that you need to upgrade your Valkyries to at least Level 3. Not many have done that so far because Valkyries have been a pretty useless troop so far.
Here’s the troop setup you should go with:

  • 2 Golems (1 of them inside your Clan Castle)
  • 12 Valkyries
  • 14 Hog Rider
  • 4 Wall Breaker
  • Fill up with Wizards (probably 6, but you can play around)
  • 1-2 Jump Spells
  • 1 Freeze Spell (mandatory on TH10)
  • Fill with Rage Spells (or 1 Heal Spell against TH9)

Step 1: Setting the Funnel

The first Step of your attack is opening the first layer of Walls – this is also the crucial part of the attack you shouldn’t mess up.
Make sure that after the first layer of Walls you can get your Valkyries into the core with a single Jump Spell! Otherwise, the risk of seeing them go wild to the sides is very high.
govaho 3 star attacking guide 2016
You can see here how the setup should look like. The funneling is the 101 way – Deploy Golems, deploy Wall Breaker and deploy the Wizards. You can read a more in-depth guide on troop funneling here:
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Step 2: Crazy Valkyrie Destruction

You can see in the upper screenshot that the Valkyries are forced to go for the core. The Jump Spell only leaves them this direction and that’s what they will go for. Since the last update they will hit faster, that means they will go through the line of defenses like a hot knife through a piece of butter.
You only need to watch and drop your Spells at the right time now:

  • Freeze Spell at the very moment the Multi Target Inferno Tower starts targeting them (maybe a second before)
  • Rage Spell in the middle of the core

This will take down the core in seconds!
govaho attacking strategy

Step 3: Clean It Up!

At the moment the second Inferno Tower goes down you can start deploying your Hog Rider at the sides where buildings and defenses are left
govaho hog rider clean up
Now enjoy your 2 or 3 Star victory 🙂

GoVaHo For Town Hall 9

Against a Town Hall 9 you won’t have to deal with Inferno Tower, that means you can always do 3 Star attacks with some practice:

GoVaHo For Town Hall 10

Here’s a great example fo TH10 takedown and dealing with Inferno Towers


GoVaHo is a very solid attacking strategy, but be aware that you need to upgrade your Valks and Hog Rider first. Don’t do the mistake giving up after some tryout attacks with low-level Valks.

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