Farming with Baby Dragons (BabyLoon)

dark elixir farming with baby dragons

Farming with Baby Dragons & Balloons (BabyLoon) is a fresh, new farming technique, compared to others like Goblin Knife, and it’s really effective. You can use it in higher Leagues to get the league Bonus and farm tons of Dark Elixir, even with upgrading Heroes.

This is the farming technique I recommend for everyone in higher Leagues because you can still farm trophies and don’t risk dropping cups.

How BabyLoon Works

This farming strategy uses a lot of Baby Dragons and Balloons, that’s it.

Which Town Hall Levels does Baby Dragon Farming work for?

Town Hall 9 to Town Hall 11

Main Purpose

Primarily Dark Elixir, but you will also get a load of Gold.

Pros of BabyLoon:

+ No Dark Elixir costs

+ Very high success rate with 1-2 Star attacks

+ Useful against all kinds of bases (other farming techniques rely on searching for bases a long time)

+ High Profit, also without Heroes

Cons of BabyLoon Farming:

– Very Expensive in Elixir

Baby Dragon Farming Step by Step

First, I want to explain the basic mechanics of BabyLoon farming.

If I break it down to the very basics, this farming strategy has 3 Steps:

  1. Zap-Quake one Air Defense
  2. Send in Lava Hound from Clan Castle on the other Air Defense
  3. Send in all Baby Dragons and all Balloons
  4. drop some Rage Spells

Sound too easy? It is! That’s all; you will spend around 2 of the 3 minutes just watching your attack without having to do much at all.

There’s almost nothing you can do wrong. Even defending Clan Castle troops don’t matter since you have the big load of Baby Dragons that take down whatever comes out.

You also don’t need to build a funnel; it’s more or less “Chinese-Wall-Deployment”.

Here’s the troop setup you should go with:

  • 10 Balloons
  • 19 Baby Dragons (for TH11, otherwise just fill up the remaining housing space with them)
  • 2 Lightning Spells & 1 Earthquake Spell
  • 2-3 Rage Spells
  • 1 Lava Hound in the Clan Castle

Using Haste Spells is a little more effective, but that will lower the profit of Dark Elixir, so take the Rage Spells.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]If you don’t have space in your Clan Castle for a regular Elixir Spell, you can get the Earthquake Spell in your Clan Castle![/tweet_box]

That’s all you need.

Step 1: Take Care of the Air Defenses

You will need to take care of 2 Air Defenses, one with 2 Lightning Spells and 1 Earthquake Spell and the other one with your Lava Hound.

Always attack into the Dark Elixir Storage, like this:

baby dragon farming dark elixir

Step 2: Deploy the Baby Dragons & Balloons

Now you can deploy the main portion of the raid – deploy your Baby Dragons and the Balloons. You don’t need to be careful or surgical here, just draw a line with your finger.

That’s also the point where you deploy your Grand Warden, in case he’s active in Air Mode.

farming with baby dragons

That’s it; you almost made it.

All that’s left is to drop your Rage Spells in the path to the core – you will pick up either 1 or 2 Stars.

Cleaning with Heroes

If you have your Barbarian King or Archer Queen available, you can look for outside Collectors or Drills with some loot and get them.

You can also go after the Town Hall, if it still stands.

The Baby Dragons and Balloons should pick up 55%-70% destruction by now, so there’s not much you can do.

If you don’t need your Heroes to get additional resources or the 1 Star for the League Bonus, simply don’t use them.


I personally like this strategy more than Goblin Knife, since you can attack almost all bases and don’t have to search for suitable setups – plus you have a lower risk of not getting the League Bonus. If you’re in a higher League this is something you definitely want to consider.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. Instead of using quake and 2 lightning to take down 1 AD, I prefer to take 2 freeze to take out 2 AD.
    My strategy is 12 loon, 20 babies and babies and loons in cc. Use a few babies (up to 8) to snipe buildings out of range of AD away from where main attack will be. Then Chinese wall babies and loons with gw in middle if awake. Drop 2-3 rage and freeze the first 2 AD the army encounters. The damage is fast enough that your army should destroy these before they unfreeze. The skate dark spell can be any, they all work well (eq-soften core, haste-mini rage, poison for cc or queen, skeleton distract core defences) or just save the de.
    Welcome to legends and enjoy the hero upgrades!

  2. The video attached with your post is much relevant to the way u told to attack, but i find another video on YouTube which is more relevant to your words.

    Video link HERE

    Anyways, thanks Timmy for this post, your posts always helps me out. 🙂

  3. How are you suppose to do this strategy on non war time? No one in my clan train lava hound for farming. This strategy doesn’t work unless you can keep asking for lava hound and hope another clan member is nice to keep training for you. I think it better to ask for balloons in cc since a lot use loonion for farming strategy.

    • I think maybe you could train a lavahound yourself and request 3 baby dragons instead, though it might lower your profit, but on top of the earthquake and the lavahound training cost, everything is profit!

  4. I’m in a clan that wars often, but won’t give troops outside of war time. How would you go about this army comp knowing this info? Add a lavahound in place of 3 baby dragons? I get we’re spending dark when that’s what we’re trying to get, but I’ve tried this sans hound, and it fails miserably

      • Not strange at all. Since lava hound is used for war and not farming it possible to not get it non war time. My clan does the same thing.

  5. This is cool, what level spells, loons, and baby dragons do you need? My AQ is only level 10 and BK is only level 7.., I am trying to upgrade heroes. I’m at TH10, and trying to finally get my base all level with TH. My trooos need upgrades, so I’m looking for advice without hemming?

    • For TH10 I’d say have your Baby Drags at least at Level 3 (better upgrade to level 4 quickly), loons should be level 5 (absolute minimum) or level 6.
      You extremely rushed your town hall when your Heroes are so low. Well, you now need to farm very painful for higher Heroes (maybe this guide will help you as well about fixing a rushed base)

    • WoW! I have an idea ! It’s better for you that quickly jump to th11 !
      I think this way can solve your problem soon ! LOl

  6. Thanks so much for this. I’m a th10 noob and was struggling to get wins as a newish th10. Are there any other noob friendly strats at th10 as simple as this?

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