Farming with Goblin Knife

Goblin Knife is one of the most effective farming techniques currently and is famous for farming Dark Elixir while upgrading Heroes. The name describes the attack pretty well – it’s a very fast attack that goes right into the heart of a base within seconds. When this technique came up, it was just a fast-stealing technique, but it can be used very viable today if used correctly.

How Goblin Knife Works

This farming strategy uses Giants and Wallbreakers to open up the base and then some Archers to make the funnel.
When this is set, the Goblins will be deployed, multiple-finger-style, and run for the Storages and the Town Hall in the core. To achieve this, you can use either Earthquake Spells or a Jump Spell.

Which Town Hall Levels does Goblin Knife Farming work for?

Town Hall 8 to Town Hall 11 (yes, you read that right!)

Main Purpose

Primarily Dark Elixir, but you will also get a load of Gold.

Pros of Goblin Knife:

+ Fast trained
+ Very high success rate & often also League Bonus
+ High Profit, also without Heroes

Cons of Goblin Knife Farming:

– Sometimes it takes some time to find a good base to use it against
– Expensive in Elixir

Goblin Knife Step by Step

First, I want to explain the basic mechanics of Goblin Knife farming.
If I break it down to the very basics, this farming strategy has 3 Steps:

  1. Scout the right base and the right location to start in the base
  2. Build a funnel and open the outside layer
  3. Get those Goblins in and drop the spells

Sounds too easy? Well, it is easy as long as you manage to create your funnel.
There are some things that are very important and if you do them wrong, you wasted the attack:

  • Scouting the right base!
  • Planning the path to the core!
  • Funneling!

I will give you the important things you need to consider below when I walk you through step-by-step. 🙂
Here’s the troop setup you should go with:

  • 8-12 Giants (depending on your Town Hall Level)
  • Golem Clan Castle
  • 6-8 Wallbreakers (you need to be sure to open up the wall!)
  • 20-30 Archers
  • Fill with Goblins (should be around 100 Goblins)
  • 1 Jump Spell
  • 1 Rage Spell
  • 1 Healing Spell

That’s all you need.

Alternatively, you can also take 4 Earthquake Spells instead of the Jump Spell. That costs some Dark Elixir, but is sometimes easier to use because you don’t have the timing pressure of the Jump Spell.

Step 1: Scouting

Scouting is the most important part of this strategy. You need to find a base you can use it on effectively and quickly plan your attack.
You’ll see that sometimes you just don’t notice something and your attack might fail. In this section, I’ll give you some valuable information that will help you with that.
You will need to look out for a base that:

  • Offers enough resources (3k+ Dark Elixir & 100k+ Elixir to make up your army costs)
  • A layout that can be “knifed”

You want to go for bases like this:

The important thing is that you can crack open 1 layer with your Wall Breakers (1) and then open up the core with your Jump Spell (or Earthquake Spells, depending what you prefer).
Don’t try bases like this:

Not because there is only a little Dark Elixir available, but because your Goblins will circle around the island after the Collectors are down.
There are plenty of TH11 bases that also work. I see bases like this in Titan League a lot:
You will get the 1 Star without using a single Hero on this base.

Step 1.1: Scouting Dark Elixir

The next step, once you have found a base with a layout that’s working for Goblin Knife and with enough Dark Elixir and resources, is to know where the Dark Elixir actually is located.
Check the Dark Elixir Drills; they can be taken with 5-8 Goblins and sometimes also offer a big load of Dark Elixir.
I recommend this article that will show you how to identify where the loot is:
[irp posts=”5427″ name=”Loot Scouting Tutorial (Visual Indication)”]

Step 1.2: Path Scouting

The next important step is to know the route your Goblins will take. The easy thing to remember is that they will always go for the Town Hall, Storages or Mines & Collectors first.
So all you have to do is to make sure that they won’t be running around following the Mines & Collectors. The initial base is a great example:

You will have to prevent your Goblins from following the outside route. This is why you need to build a funnel first.

Step 2: Building Your Funnel

This step will open up the base and clear the outside route.
You will deploy 2-3 packs of Giants (and your Clan Castle Golem) and then add your Wall Breakers and your Archers.
If you see that something went wrong (outside Hidden Tesla, lots of traps, etc.), you can also use 10 Goblins on each side to clear of the outside a little bit.

Step 3: Loot!

Now here’s the fun part.
Deploy your Rage Spell and send in your Goblins as fast as you can (use as many fingers as you can):
[irp posts=”12494″ name=”Fast Troop deployment with style”]

They will be so fast in the core and take down everything that you won’t even be able to follow it.
Make sure to drop your Healing Spell in the core as soon as they are all deployed! The Healing Spell will keep them up, no matter if there are Inferno Towers or anything else around.
goblin knife success
Here’s some live action for you to watch with some nice examples:


Goblin Knife is a great farming technique that will score you lots of resources and trophies.  The key factor is to pick your bases carefully.
Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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