clash of clans super troops guide clash of clans super troops guide

Supertroops Ranking & Guide

Well, you can’t use all your Super Troops all at once in Clash of Clans so you probably ask yourself what Super Troops you should use and keep active, right?

I decided to write you a ranking with my opinion that should help you decide which one will be your best choice. Of course you need to apply that to the attacking strategies you use to get the best out of it, but I think it will still give you some helpful advice that help you deal with the problem of having just one Super Troop available.

#1 – Super Witch

Extremely effective with her summoned giant skeleton, basically a built-in tank. Yes, housing space is really expensive but super witches are worth it, even when you use 5 of them in your army you will not see them dying anytime quickly.

#2 – Ice Hound

New and runner up as being super effective as well with freezing the area when going down. This is absolutely worth the extra housing space and we will see a lot more IceLoon attacks in the coming weeks.

#3 – Super Valkyrie

Super effective in spammier attacks, like with bats, where you don’t need to rely on the rage dropping and you can be sure that whenever their rage is dropping, they will wreck anything near them. I really like them, although she does make attacks a little more squishy so I tend to prevent using her in war and CWL.

#4 – Super Minions

They really deserve this rank. You can use them with air hybrid attacks quite efficiently and they are a killer defensive cc troop right now for TH13 to TH11 that really blow any other troop with the range and damage. Not the worst choice to use as super troop in Clash of Clans, for sure.

#5 – Super Wizard

Yes, adding that lightning similar to the Electro Dragon makes this a great troop for building the funnel or clearing a section in the base with a Battle Blimp, but… well, you need to find a base that works for it with the right distance between buildings and base meta shifts already. It’s more like a super strong niche troop to me.

#6 – Inferno Dragon

I really struggled where to rank them for the reason that they are not really effective for attacking but really effective as defensive cc troops (more on that here). I decided to rank them here on 6th place and if you’re the person donating them in your clan you will earn a lot of love with them.

#7 – Super Wall Breaker

Yes, they are more reliable than regular wall breakers when you need to open wall spots, especially when paired with a Queen Charge, but the only real benefit you get from them bottom line is you can use it against a spot that is protected by a Multi-Target Inferno Tower, otherwise you can also use regular Wall Breaker and don’t need them as super troop.

#8 – Sneaky Goblins

Actually effective for pairing with a Battle Blimp and taking out the Town Hall (more on that here), but other than that they are not really effective. Yes, you can use them for farming and taking storages but that’s not the best farming strategy to block a Super Troop spot for.

#9 – Super Giant

Super Giants become super tanky and give a nice rate of HP per housing space when you compare the raw stats with a troops like the Golem. The problem is that with that many single target defenses, that added hitpoints are not as valuable as having 2 unit on the table and their wall punch makes them more squishy when it comes to pathing as they sometimes not go where you expect them to go or break walls in the least effective spots.

#10 – Super Archer

You can use Super Archers to snipe buildings from the outside, which can be useful for building a funnel in Clan Wars. After all, this is a nice feature with the range they get, but there are far more useful Super Troops in Clash of Clans and this should not be a main strategy and more like a fallback you use.

#11 – Super Barbarians

Yes, Super Barbarians are the least effective Super Troop and the only reason to use them is when you have no other option or cooldown to bypass. The stat boost don’t make them any more useful, there are no real effective army setups that use Barbarians so they are nothing more than a fun thing.


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