Farming with GiBarch

Farming strategies are several out there and I already features the famous Goblin Knife as well as the BabyLoon strategy, and now I want to present you another one that works well for all Town Hall Level (yes, even against maxed Town Hall 11 bases) and it’s called GiBarch – a combination of Giants, Barbarians and Archers.

How GiBarch Works

GiBarch is the next step that developed after BARCH (Barbarians & Archers) got less effective, especially in higher Towh Hall regions. The Giants are used to tank some damage to give the Barbarians and Archers enough time to take down Storages and percentage.

Why not using only Giants & Archers? Well, the Barbarians are great because they are not ranged and this will help a lot with funneling and they will also tank some damage for the Archers.

This strategy works well enough also to give you 1-Star and even 2-Star victories.
You will basically use your troops on one side to build the funnel and then point all your troops into the core of the base and I will now show you how to do that properly.

Which Town Hall Levels does GiBarch Farming work for?

ALL Town Hall Level (yes, you read that right!)

Main Purpose

It’s very cheap to use so that you can farm all kinds of resources with it.

Pros of GiBarch:

+ Fast trained & cheap
+ Very high success rate & often also League Bonus
+ High Profit

Cons of GiBarch Farming:

– You sometimes need to search a little bit to find a good base to use it against
– Requires decent Heroes (especially TH10+) if you want the League Bonus

GiBarch Step by Step

First, I want to explain the basic mechanics of GiBarch farming.

If I break it down to the very basics, this farming strategy has 3 Steps:

  1. Scout the right base and the right location to start in the base
  2. Build a funnel and open the outside layer
  3. Get all your troops into the middle

Sounds too easy? Well, it is easy as long as you manage to create your funnel.

There are some things that are very important and if you do them wrong, you wasted the attack:

  • Scouting the right base!
  • Planning the path to the core!
  • Funneling!

I will give you the important things you need to consider below when I walk you through step-by-step. 🙂
Here’s the troop setup you should go with:

  • Giants
    • TH7 and lower: 10 Giants
    • TH8-9: 14 Giants
    • TH10+: 20 Giants
  • 50% Archers & 50% Barbarians (of the leftover space)
  • 2 Jump Spells (TH10+)
  • 2 Rage Spell
  • 1 Healing Spell (if you use Jump Spells) or more if you don’t use Jump Spells

That’s all you need.

Jump Spells help a lot on higher Town Halls to get your troops into the base quickly, for lower Town Halls, I recommend using more Heal Spells because they will keep your Giants alive for a much longer time (TH9 and lower)

Step 1: Scouting

Scouting is the most important part of this strategy. You need to find a base you can use it on effectively and quickly plan your attack.

You will need to look out for a base that:

  • Offers enough resources
  • A layout that are compact so funneling works good.

You want to go for bases like this:

You need to clear off one side quickly so you can funnel all your troops into the base, so layouts that have a lot outside structures or ring bases with large distances are not perfect to attack with GiBarch!

For Town Hall 11, you also want to get the Eagle Artillery down as fast as possible, so make sure your troops can reach it with one Jump Spell!

Step 1: Clean outside

Your primary goal is getting as many Storages as possible plus the Town Hall, if possible. So you will need to find an entry point for your attack – you only have one side where you can start the attack because you will need all your forces there!

You will simply send in your Giants along with some Archers and Barbarians until everything on this side is clean. Then you drop your Jump Spell or wait until your troops have opened the walls.

I recommend this article about creating the funnel as well:

Step 2: All Forces In!

Once the first layer of wall is open, you can send in all of the remaining troops except of like 10 Archers (they will help you cleaning some percentage at the end).

Now it’s time to use your rage Spells and Heal Spells to keep your troops alive.

Also, deploy your Heroes along with your troops. If you’re Town Hall 11, make sure to use the Grand Warden’s ability to prevent that the Eagle Artillery shoots down your Giants quickly!

Step 3: Cleaning Up!

In step 2, I told you to leave 10 Archers in your hand; the reason is that sometimes you will have a couple of percentage points left to get a 1-Star and you can easily use them to snipe some leftover buildings to get your League Bonus 🙂

Here’s also a very nice video from Judo Sloth that shows several replays of GiBarch attacks that will also help you:


GiBarch is a great farming technique that will score you lots of resources and trophies.  The key factor is to pick your bases carefully.

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