Queen Charge Hog Rider – 3 Star Strategy

Hog Riders are back to 3 Star bases near you since the Inferno Tower lost its deadly heal block and in this guide, I will show you how you do it and all you need to know about this strategy.

This strategy works for TH9 – TH11 without problems – but you should mind that you need an according Archer Queen Level:

  • TH9: AQ should be lvl 30 or close to it
  • TH10 & TH11: AQ should be lvl 35+

How Queen Charge Hog Rider Works

I’ve been showing you a similar strategy with Miners for farming & pushing trophies a few days ago and it works similar to this strategy.
You might now ask yourself why I present this strategy now? Well, Queen Charge Mass Miner has also a lot of potential to 3-Star but it does that not that consistently plus running out of time is always one of the big struggles with Miners.
Often times, you will run out of time with Miners and this is the point where this strategy comes in. The Hog Riders will not clear every single structure and move a lot faster than Miners – this means you can use the Hog Riders to take the defenses down and send in some effective cleanup troops behind them and when the defenses are down, the Hogs will join them cleaning.

This is a lot faster and will eliminate the problem of running against the clock.

In general, I recommend you to use the Queen Charge Miner strategy for trophy pushing & farming, because it’s a lot cheaper as you don’t need any Dark Elixir for it.

If you’re looking for a nice TH10&TH11 Farming or Trophy Pushing strategy, you can check it out here:
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If you’re about to go to Clan War and need a strategy that is able to get you the 3 stars, you really want to prefer the Queen Charge Hog Rider strategy instead 🙂

The Basic Strategy

The basis of this strategy works pretty simple – you send in your Archer Queen (Level 35+) with 5 Healer, your Grand Warden (if you’re TH11) and several Wall Breakers and make her clean like one quarter of the base you’re attacking.
When that’s done, you will send in the Hog Rider from the side next to the cleaned area and keep them alive while your cleanup troops will take care of the trash building.

What’s Queen Charge?

Ok I know some of you might not know every single term out there. A Queen Charge is when you use Wall Breaker to get your Queen deep into a compartment or the core of the base, while a Queen Walk is using the Queen to clean the perimeter of the base for better funneling.
If you’re not that familiar with a Queen Charge, I have just written a full guide on how to do it, what you need and how to not fail with Queen Charge here:
[irp posts=”44120″ name=”Queen Charge Funneling Guide”]

Queen Charge Hog Rider Step-by-Step

Now I will show you how you use this strategy.
Forst of all, let’s take a look at the army composition you will need:

  • 5 Healer
  • 8 Wall Breaker
  • 2-3 Wizards (for funneling)
  • 2 Baby Dragons
  • Fill up with Hog Rider (depending on space it will be around 22-25 of them)
  • Bowlers or Hog Rider in your Clan Castle
  • 3 Heal Spells
  • 2 Rage Spells
  • 1 Poison Spell
  • 1 Rage Spell in your Clan Castle

The 5 Healer are important as Seeking Air Mines can always take down one Healer and making your Queen survive is one of the key points and you do not want to risk to fail just because there’s one Seeking Air Mine in an unfortunate position.

Step 1) Entry Point Selection

You often face two different kinds of bases, one is with a centralized Town Hall and the other one with the semi-exposed Town Hall.
In the case of a centralized Town Hall, you will need to build your attack in a way to get the Eagle Artillery out of action soon.
In the case of a semi-exposed Town Hall, you will want to try to get the Town Hall with your Queen Charge and then send in your Hogs for the Eagle Artillery.

I don’t want to make that of a generalization here, but in most cases you can apply this plan. However, you should pay close attention to your Queen, especially when there is (or could be) a Hidden Tesla farm or many X-Bows around the Town Hall.

Step 2) Queen Charge

Get your Healers and Archer Queen (plus at TH11 your Grand Warden) ready and start your Queen Charge. You will probably have to drop the 2 Rage Spells and use the Queens ability and the Grand Wardens’ ability to keep your Queen alive as long as possible.
3 Star Clan War Strategy with Hog Riders 2018
Simply keep an eye on her health and then use your Wall Breaker to get her into the base.
Again, it’s a Queen Charge so you don’t want her to walk around the base!

Step 3) Hog Riders & Cleaning

When you have created that “L” shape with her, it’s about time to get the other troops of your army in. Drop your Clan Castle, your Barbarian King and your Hog Riders and closely watch their pathing to support them with the Healing Spells you got.
3 star with hog riders in clan war
You can get some tips about using the Healing Spell here:
[irp posts=”10881″ name=”Master the Healing Spell”]
hog riders 3 star attack clash of clans
You can also watch several replays of attacks here to get a better idea how to use this strategy in detail:

That’s it, you can now watch your army taking down the enemy base 🙂

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