Farming with LavaLoonian

farming strategy lavaloonian 2018

LavaLoonian (also called LaLoonian) is one of the most popular attacking strategies in Clash of Clans since the Lava Hound was introduced, but not everyone knows that this strategy works great for farming resources as well for TH9 to TH11.

The reasons why this is actually one of the best farming strategies are something to point out:

  • Can be used for TH9+ in all leagues, also against maxed bases
  • Don’t depend on Heroes, so you can also use it to farm your Hero upgrades
  • You can adapt the composition so you can decide if you want to put more priority on farming Dark Elixir or Elixir

These are three very important things that you shouldn’t ignore – however, when using this strategy for farming you are adapting it a little bit.

How LavaLoonian Farming Works

The strategy itself works similar to the classical strategy – you will let your Lava Hounds tank air damage and send in your Balloons to destroy defenses. Behind the Balloons there will be Minions cleaning off trash building & storages along with the spawned Lava Pups.

This strategy works well enough also to give you 1-Star and 2-Star victories, so you can perfectly use it in high leagues to also farm the league bonus in addition to your loot profit.

At TH11 I make around 300k+ Gold, 200k+ Elixir & 3k+ Dark Elixir net profit per raid (the training costs are already deducted) and can keep all my Builders busy all the time easily – and I’m farming 4,600+ Trophies with it and often without one Hero πŸ™‚

lavaloon farming

Which Town Hall Levels does LavaLoonian Farming work for?

Town Hall 9 to Town Hall 11

Main Purpose

Hitting solid bases for big loot, including the League Bonus.

Pros of LavaLoonian:

+ Can be used without Heroes

+ Very high success rate & often also League Bonus

+ Can be adapted to farm Elixir or Dark Elixir

Cons of LavaLoonian Farming:

– Not that effective without League Bonus

– Requires well-upgraded Balloons & Lava Hound

LavaLoonian Farming Step by Step

When farming with LavaLoonian, you will need to make two preparations in advance before attacking, that’s combining your preferred setup (which depends on several things) & scouting bases right.

Army Composition

I mentioned in the beginning that you can use this to farm Dark Elixir or Elixir – and you will do that by using a certain amount of Minions & Lava Hounds, that will make your army either more expensive in Dark Elixir or Elixir. If you want to farm Elixir (e.g. you need to upgrade your Grand Warden), you will use more Dark Elixir and vice versa for Dark Elixir πŸ™‚

Here you can see two possible setups that both work for Town Hall 11 (just an example):

farming with lavaloonian troop setup th9 th10 th11

As you can see, you can either use 2 or 3 Lava Hounds, more or less Balloons and also switch Haste Spells & Rage Spells to get a good training price for what you want to farm.

Here are the rough numbers your setup should be within:

  • 2-3 Lava Hounds
  • 14-32 Balloons
  • 12-30 Minions


This strategy is not working very well in building a funnel, especially when one of your Heroes is upgrading right now so you shouldn’t go after bases that use a wide centralized ring, like this one here:

ring hybrid base design town hall 9

You want to get the Town Hall to get your League Bonus & because 20% of the available resources are stored in there, so look out for bases like this one here:

th10 trophy pushing base layout 2018

Attacking with LavaLoonian

Performing your attack with LavaLoonian is actually quite simple once you got a base. You will simply attack NOT the opposite side from the Eagle Artillery and into the Storages you want.

Deploy your Lava Hounds, your Balloons and your Minions right after each other and then deploy your Rage Spells / Haste Spells.

lavaloonian farming strategy

This is how your attack will look like and then you actually pretty much watch how it develops and at the end, you’ll use the Heroes for cleaning up or going for the Town Hall etc.

lavaloonian farming strategy 2018 clash of clans

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. Just want to give a big up to tim for all his awesome content and a big thanks for the lavaloon guide it works like a bomb????????

  2. Hi I’m a new Th9 and I wanted to know how to upgrade Heroes and participate in War side by side because I use Dragons in War so that I can save dark elixir but it costs me +400k Elixir and I can’t get 3 star.

    • One workaround for you might be to use the Book of Heroes on the Queen so you have her available, but attacking without queen is doomed to not get a 3-Star.
      I’m afraid you will need to walk the tough route we’ve all been going and either upgrade or war for 3-Star πŸ™

  3. I know a strategy to farm. Yes, that is Gaint wizard. Army composition: 24 gaint,24 wizard,1 earthquack;this is the most amazing part: this strategy requares no spell (elixer). Step 1: Diploy your gaint for tanking and wizard to take down building. Step 2: there are 4 sides, So each side needs 6 gaint and 6 wizard on this calculation. Step 3: Choosing crystal 1 or 2 for farming and try to farm in the morning time. Step 4: Your goal is to get atlest 1 star on it,outside building make it easier.Keep in mind: When there is hero out side take them down first with your hero’s and don’t waste troops.You should use This strategy to your own townhall level, but that does not matter you only have to care about loot.This strategy requires no hero’s and you can perform an attack too fast.I used to perform 2 attack within 3 mins.Don’t worry, you will find an inactive base within 1 min.[ Losing 1/2 battle will help you to stay on crystal league.Don’t be afraid to lose, be happy to get loot.If you win 8 for 10 battles you will be on crystal league.] This strategy was invented by my friend and I think this is the only farming strategy that can challenge GiBarch….Musanna Mr. Tim I a 16 years old boy from bangladesh and love clashing (th9). I used to visit this site when the builder base arrived and never miss any article.I like your advice and love this site, I hope you will bring us something new every time. The only attacking strategy I completely follow you is the baby dragon attak (bh) and expect you will update it for bh7/8…..thank you.

    • Thanks Musanna πŸ™‚
      You’re right, GiBarch is effective, but if you’re higher in leagues you can’t do what GiBarch requires – good base selection, due to the long time in the clouds – that’s where LavaLoonian comes in as you can hit pretty much any base πŸ™‚ I also wrote a whole guide on it here.
      Regarding the Baby Dragon attacks, they won’t work well at BH7 at 4k trophies because the defenses will take it down. So, there’s not much that I can do about it :/

      • I personaly love lavaloon attack as it is quite fun to use.As you said,farming with lavaloon requires higher league. I calculate it an figure out that league bonus will recover army cost.You have said that, you don’t like to farm in lower league.You have argue, specially farming with lavaloon.Army cost will be recover by league bonus,how fun that is.But how much profit will be gaind, maybe 250k or 300k and how much time need for per 2 attack (if army is ready) maybe 15/20 min and the most important think is how much fun you will get to wait lot of time for a ‘Next’, Is there any fun? In other hand,If you farm a league where you will profit that 250k or 300k per attack and can perfom 2 attack within 3 min (crytal 1 or 2) ,How much fun you get? Compare and think you are playing a game and not having fun.That’s why I love farming on lower league specialy crystal league.But that is your decition you will farm in higher league or lower league. If you choose higher league lavaloon is the greatest and the cheapest. If you choose lower league don’t even think about lavaloon or cost army.Choose Gibarch, but my opinion Gaint Wizard is the best option as it require no spell, just take an earthquack for an emergency situation.This strategy work great from th7-th11 as my friend who have th11 also use this strategy….What do you think about my opinion and please answer which way is better…thank you

      • What you do not have in your calculation:
        – Profit normally is 300-400k Gold, 200-300k Elixir & 2-3k Dark Elixir per raid
        – Higher Leagues get you a longer Guard, so you can get in a few more extra attacks before getting raided & have a great spot for boosting with potion/army boost during guard as you don’t need to stay online the whole hour and can also go offline for 1-2 minutes πŸ™‚
        – I’m at the region 4,800 – 5,100 Trophies and outside Clan Games, I wait less than 1 minute to get a base – during Clan Games I have 2-3 minutes
        – Fun is always in the eye of the beholder, I do not have fun nexting until I find a dead base or a base where I can surgically remove the loot. I want to full blow the whole base into pieces & all my 5 Builders are always busy non-stop with my 5-8 attacks daily I do (well, not anymore as I’m maxed)
        -> The GiBARCH guide is here for those whoe like to farm in lower leagues πŸ™‚

      • Don’t get angry please!I had write that to prove lower league farming is not stupidity or unprofitable and not to tell that you are wrong.Your calculation was right and i am also agree with you.As you are talking about bhoosting i only say few word: when i start playing coc (22/12/2016) one of my friend tell me defence will make your war oponent harder.So i simpley focus to upgrade only troops and attack with only archer to get elixer.That continued for a long time when i upgrade my th9 a th7 player defeat me.Since then i swear to not upgrade my th without maxing. I used to start a bhoost every 4 days in a week and max them all within a short time by using gaint wizard.You know that if someone become fan of something they think that is the best.For example, i am a lower league fan and you are higher league.So, if i give you pain (known/unknown) kindly forgive me! Sorry for asking too much question and thanks for answering them all. In begining i thought that this site is good .But you have prove today this site is the great….I would like to be your friend…would you accept me as a younger brother who ask lot of question…….Musanna Burhan

      • No worries, we’re all here to discuss the game we love πŸ™‚ Questions are appreciated.
        I never said that farming lower leagues is stupid or unprofitable, but I personally don’t like it (and many other don’t do as well) and you can make the same profit in higher leagues if you don’t want to next all the time until you find a base worth the attack πŸ™‚
        I also have written a GiBARCH guide & a Goblin Knife guide here as well, I always try to cover everyone’s needs πŸ˜‰
        Bottom line it’s always about what you like and if you like farming in lower leagues, go ahead πŸ™‚ It’s a game that is supposed to make fun πŸ˜€

  4. What to do when they have an archer queen and your own heroes are upgrading? attack from the other side or just ignore it while leaving a poison on it?

    • If you’re TH9 & TH10, I would try to attack from the other side (if possible), at TH11 I would rather go for the Eagle Artillery as it will cause much more damage.
      When the whole base is not looking very good for that (let’s say defending AQ next to DE Storage & Town Hall and EA on the other side), you can still skip the base and next for a better target πŸ™‚

  5. I’m an engineered th11 in legends (5800 cups, 45/50/20 heroes, #2YUCVJJG9 ) and have used lavaloon exclusively. I take 3 hounds, 29 loons, 25 arch, cc loons/rage (easier on clanmates). 1 poison, 4 haste, 2 rage.

    • With that many loons, have you ever tried a Heal Spell in your setup instead one Rage? I have been doing great with it since the Inferno Tower doesn’t block heal anymore and it will do a crazy boost on a big group of balloons, especially when there are Wizard Towers πŸ™‚

  6. Nice farming strategy! I love this website.
    Kindly change GIBARCH to LavaLoonian in
    Which Town Hall Levels does GiBarch Farming work for?
    Town Hall 9 to Town Hall 11


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