Best Destroy Decks in MARVEL SNAP (mid July 2023)

marvel snap best destruct decks

Destroy Decks in MARVEL SNAP revolve around having (lower cost) cards that bring benefits when getting destroyed (like powering up themself or other cards) combined with cards that destroy your cards when played to gain power. The synergy here is to make your destroying cards stronger by destroying cards that give you additional benefits. This also makes it harder to predict for your opponent as you can appear weak in one location and then turn everything around.

In this guide I have several decks for all pools in Marvel Snap that use these synergies and I can tell you, destroy decks are a lot of fun to play and really strong, even in the low pools

The Elements of Destroy Decks

There are 3 key elements of any good destroy deck in Marvel Snap – low-cost cards that are feeder cards for your destroy cards (so even when your enemy or a location destroys them you will gain benefits), combined with two destroy cards that gain benefits from destroying cards to strong win-condition cards you can play on the last turns.

What makes destroy decks so strong? In general the synergies you have and the flexibility, but also you don’t necessarily have to draw into your destroy cards and just play along and use your strong end-turn cards to win. You sometimes have many cards on the board or not that many but I normally get a very high win-ratio with destroy decks + they are super fun to play once you got used to it.


  • Shuri Nimrod RampB+
    This Shuri deck version incorporates Nimrod to scale up as well and givey ou more flexible lines to play towards the end.Future Prediction: As you can build a ton of power and relocate the power towards the end you can deal with several new meta decks if you draw into the lines but also be ready to retreat if things don't work your way.How to play this deck
  • Galactus DeathB+
    Use destory cards to build power and also the negative power cards against your opponent to see how the board develops and with Shuri you can then decide if you want to either play negative on your opponents side and finish with Nimrod and Destroyer or double up Galactus on a weak location.Future Prediction: Galactus is still not that strongly back as he used to be but with control archetype doing great, you can occasionally drop him when the boards work for you or finish without Galactus which makes him a lot more viable in the meta.How to play this deck
  • Thanos DeathB+
    Use Thanos along all the Inifnity Stones to spam the board for the reveal effects and then use destroy cards to free up space and discount Death for a big push towards the end.Future Prediction: A new Thanos archetype deck with destroy effects that has multiple options on your last turn to push a ton of power on the board. Fun to play although not the strongest on the list overall.How to play this deck
  • Deathpool Venom DestroyB+
    Using many destroy synergies, this deck can devlop a lot of power and also handle quite some controlling locations and cards your opponent might throw your way. Overall also a ton of fun to play when you scale up your cards well.Future Prediction: This deck seem to have found a niche-spot in the meta and falls off a little more recently but can still do well in climbing ranks. Still not a deck you will see much in the highest ranks but we'll see what Phoenix Force does with the classic destroy archetype decks in the coming days...How to play this deck
  • Handsize Destroy
    This is bascially a deck that won't play much on synergy but more on using cards that have great value on their own. Great for beginner players that haven't have many cards unlocked and still working well to compete with other decks and reach a solid rank.Future Prediction: Depends a little on the cards performance but I update with every season/balancing change.How to play this deckMore Destroy Decks
  • Hybrid Phoenix
    Use your move cards to scale up Multiple Man or Human Torch and then feed them into Venom. This will scale up Phoenix Force and you can also use Taskmaster to inherit that power and then use Heimdall or Arnim Zola to scale further.Future Prediction: New in the meta with move and destroy a flexible deck that can build massive power and can work around some of the tough limits other archetypes place and for sure the best deck with Phoenix Force to run right now.How to play this deck
  • Galactus Death
    This deck is really frustrating to deal with for your opponent as you will try to use your Elektro or Wave to draw into your Galactur before Turn 5 and then ruin basically the whole locations except one that will show down on the last turn. Nothing your opponent built up until that will count and you can catch him pretty off guard with it. If you play Doctor Octopus before Galactus and basically empty your opponents hand or Leech to block all enemy cards' abilities. Very strong and easy to play.Future Prediction: Is galactus coming back to the meta? Well, we'll see but there's definitely a incline recently that Galactus makes at least some appearences.How to play this deckMore Destroy Decks
  • DeathWave
    DeathWave is incredibly powerful as you enable your win conditions from both side. Destroy cards and gain synergy there will make your Wave cheaper as well as every unspent energy reduced She-Hulk's cost. With Wave you can then reduce their cost to 4 energy plus their reduction, so sometimes you can drop both of them for something like 2-3 energy n total to overtake locations on the last turn easily.Future Prediction: DeathWave seems to be more in business since Wave has become a way stronger card in the meta recently and with all the versatile options you have here now. Probably the most accessible deck high in the meta right now.How to play this deckMore Destroy Decks
  • 2-Lane Destroyer
    A different Pool 3 version of a very good destruct deck is this one here, using Destroyer as the final card. This deck is really interesting as you also use cards to block destroy effects like Armor or Cosmo to make that strong final-turn move. What I like about this deck specifically is that it's not that obvious early on that you're playing a destroy deck so your opponent will get a weaker read on your next moves. In my opinion also a really strong deck that's absolutely worth giving a shot.Future Prediction: Has been getting better, espcially as you see Armor and Cosmo being played by other players, too and this will rather help you than disrupt youHow to play this deck
  • Basic Destroy
    This is a version that's quite early available with Carnage and Deathlok as your destruct cards and several cheap cost cards to feed to. With Wolverine, Squirrel Girl and Nightcrawler you also have cards to play into locations that get locked and Enchantress is a great meta counter card. Your win condition with Iron Man and Hulk at the end is phenomenal!Future Prediction: Fun to play but with very basic cards and not the best synergies you will not get too far in ranksHow to play this deck
  • P2 Destroy
    This is a progressive evolution of the Pool 1 Destruct deck (see below) using some cool new cards that you can unlock in Pool 2. The general destruct cards stay the same, but you can play Killmonger to gain benefits but also counter other decks (like Zoo decks or other destruct decks). With Shang.Chi you can disarm locations easily that use high-power cards or power up early and Hobgoblin can ruin a location for your opponent out of nowhere effectively.Future Prediction: Not outstanding but performing alright given the fact that you use very early cards only in this deck.How to play this deck
  • She-Hulk Baero
    A great destruct deck where you can gain value directly of your cheap cards (Hood, Bucky Barnes) or feed them cheap into Carnage while reducing the cost of your Death card. With Wave on Turn 5 you can even get Death to 0-cost on Turn 6. The good thing here is, even without drawing into that line, you have Leader to copy your opponent, Aero to move his final push away or She-Hulk to find your win condition.Future Prediction: I ranked it down a little as many control cards are out there to make it hard for destroy decks to be really popular right now.How to play this deckMore Destroy Decks
  • Negasonic Galactus
    Use the calssic Galactus lines along Negasonic Teenage Warhead to defend your lead in the location you played Glactus inMeta Dependency: Like any Galactus deck this depends a lot how well Galactus performs and how much you enjoy playing GalactusHow to play this deck
  • Nimrod Destroy
    Revolve around using your negative Goblin cards to clogg up one location of your opponent to play Galactus in on Turn 6. Then play Nimrod in another location, ideally scaling him up through Shuri and use Wolverine as well on the right location or the lcoation left of Galactus to make sure he will jump into it.Meta Dependency: Can be quite predictable with the Goblins, Wolverine, Nimrod down, but with ARnim Zola, you still have a backdoor to play on Turn 6 if Galactus doesn't seem to do the trick.How to play this deck
  • Deadpool VS Nimrod
    A very interesting deck that buffs up Deadpool early and then you have a lot of backup lines to play into. You can use Shuri then to buff up either Deadpool further for Arnim Zola or work into Nimrod or Black Panther. Keep in mind, if you use Shuri into Nimrod, he will become a 10-power card, Then Arnim Zola on top of him will make 10-power copies into all other locations + play another 10-power version of him there as well.Meta Dependency: A very interesting approach of a deck that ahs so many lines to play and uses Shuri well to get some good punch on the board a the end.How to play this deck
  • Cerebro 5
    Use all 5-power cards to buff them up with Cerebro and mystique to become 9-power cards. With Wave you can play Nimrod earlier or use Magik to buy you an additional turn. Then drop Cerebro and Mystique at the end together for a +4 power to each card.Meta Dependency: A new deck to work with Nimrod for the start of the new season, we'll have to see how well it performs against the other meta decks.How to play this deck
  • Move Destroy
    Play your movement deck as usual and if you can use Venom on one of your high-powered movement cards, you can gain a flexible high-power card with Phoenix Force on the last turn.Meta Dependency: Potential deck for playing Phoenix Force, we have to see how well it performs in the meta.How to play this deck
  • Deathstroy
    Using many destroy synergies, this deck can devlop a lot of power and also handle quite some controlling locations and cards your opponent might throw your way. Overall also a ton of fun to play when you scale up your cards well.Future Prediction: Destroy has eaten itself into the meta as quite an accessible niche deck and if you like destroy, this is the deck you can run quite successfully right nowHow to play this deck


Great fun with these decks and I hope you at least try them out and I’m sure you will have not only fun with them but also win a nice bunch ob cubes. Please make sure to also check the linked guides where I explain how to play each deck on the different turns.

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