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Best Destroy Decks in MARVEL SNAP (January 2024)

Destroy Decks in MARVEL SNAP revolve around having (lower cost) cards that bring benefits when getting destroyed (like powering up themself or other cards) combined with cards that destroy your cards when played to gain power. The synergy here is to make your destroying cards stronger by destroying cards that give you additional benefits. This also makes it harder to predict for your opponent as you can appear weak in one location and then turn everything around.

In this guide I have several decks for all pools in Marvel Snap that use these synergies and I can tell you, destroy decks are a lot of fun to play and really strong, even in the low pools

The Elements of Destroy Decks

There are 3 key elements of any good destroy deck in Marvel Snap – low-cost cards that are feeder cards for your destroy cards (so even when your enemy or a location destroys them you will gain benefits), combined with two destroy cards that gain benefits from destroying cards to strong win-condition cards you can play on the last turns.

What makes destroy decks so strong? In general the synergies you have and the flexibility, but also you don’t necessarily have to draw into your destroy cards and just play along and use your strong end-turn cards to win. You sometimes have many cards on the board or not that many but I normally get a very high win-ratio with destroy decks + they are super fun to play once you got used to it.

Important! You will only find decks that are viable in the meta below and they are updated each week when I update the meta tier list of decks. If there are not many decks below it means this archetype of deck is not working well right now in the meta and you can look up other archetypes that work well right now in the meta tier list.

Honest Destroy – Tier A

If you want to rock with destroy this season, X-23 is the card you have to use. This is the most solid destroy deck in MARVEL SNAP right now!

Missing Cards for this deck?!

Thanos Skaar – Tier A

Still working this season but took quite a dip compared to last season in MARVEL SNAP but Thanos and Lockjaw are still a deck that works and can be played into the highest ranks if you know what you’re doing.

Missing Cards for this deck?!


Great fun with these decks and I hope you at least try them out and I’m sure you will have not only fun with them but also win a nice bunch ob cubes. Please make sure to also check the linked guides where I explain how to play each deck on the different turns.

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