Best Move Decks in MARVEL SNAP (Pool 1 – Pool 3)

marvel snap best move decks

Move Decks in MARVEL SNAP feel a little complicated at the begging but will become very strong once you gained some experience with them. They basically use cards that can move themself or other cards and build synergies with cards that gain power when being moves (by gaining power, cloning themselves or more). This is already a great thing to to, but the main benefit of move decks in Marvel Snap is also that they will let you shift your locations and cards towards the end so you can leave the strongest location your opponent abandoned while winning and shifting the board.

In this guide I have several decks for all pools in Marvel Snap that use these synergies and I can tell you, move decks are not only viable, they are also very strong in the current meta of decks in Marvel Snap.

The Elements of Move Decks

Move decks are played like a symphony, you basically loads everything up for the big finale. You play cheaper cards early, strengthen them up and multiply them across the board before then moving them around in the last turn to turn your opponents strategy upside down.

What makes destruct decks so strong? Primarily the flexibility. You will be able to move cards after you played them (if needed) or reach locations that your opponent can’t reach (locked down locations). Also many cards gain power or multiply when moved so you gain extra power when moving them. In the last turn you then can move them to other locations so your opponent loses two locations and his strong location is worth nothing.

Best Pool 3 Decks (LvL 486+)

Here are the decks that require your Collector Level to be high as some of the cards aren’t available early in MARVEL SNAP.

Magneto Move Deckmarvel snap magneto move pool 3 deck guide

One of my favorite Move decks right now in MARVEL SNAP is absolutely this one with Magneto, not just having stunning synergies across the board with all the move cards, also with magneto a strong finisher that mess up your opponents synergies on the last turn for a great victory.

How to play this deck

Aero Move Deckmarvel snap aero move deck guide image

With Aero you have a very strong move deck in Marvel Snap that will take many last-turn opponent cards out by re-placing them – and you know that a majority of matches are won on the last turn, right? This deck is strong and also has several hard counters like Enchantress and Shang-Chi to deal with heavy-power play decks, too.

How to play this deck

Best Pool 2 Decks (LvL 222+)

Here are the decks that require your Collector Level to be high as some of the cards aren’t available early in MARVEL SNAP.

Pool 2 Move Deckmarvel snap pool 2 move deck guide

This is a nice version of the Pool 1 Move Deck that I already have above for Pool 1 with better cards for move movement and flexibility and as Move Decks are super flexible decks they will run in the meta for the upcoming seasons for a reason. They require some practice, no doubt, but once you have your synergies down, you can outplay very strong decks with it.

How to play this deck

Best Pool 1 Decks (LvL 220 and lower)

You can also use this kind of decks with the lowest pool cards available.

Pool 1 Move Deck

This is a very versatile deck that works with cards that either gain extra power when moved or can move themself or other cards. This gives you a lot of flexibility as you will change your focus on locations how you need it while your opponent most of the time has to stay static. You can basically force your opponent to invest heavily in one location and then move to another one so he invested 4 cards for one location with little left for the other ones that you can use for the victory. Needs some practice but is right now one of my favorite decks in MARVEL SNAP.

How to play this deck


Move decks are the most versatile decks in Marvel Snap and although they might feel complicated when you start playing them, once you got your synergies down you see how flexible you can react to all your opponents moves to out-play him in the last turn easily.

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