Best Bounce Decks in MARVEL SNAP (mid July 2023)

marvel snap best bounce decks 2023

Bounce decks are an archetype of deck that evolved in first part of 2023 with more cards that enable pulling back cards you already played to play them again for their reveal effect + cards that scale up by playing many cards to develop more power on the board and bounce has some great uses in the meta, next to other style decks that you can find in my current meta of decks in Marvel Snap.

The Elements of Bounce Decks

Bounce Decks work around cheap cards with either powerful reveal effects or scaling effects when they get removed from the board – and cards with the ability to pull back cards to your hand as enablers and, very important, cards that gain power when you play a lot of cards so you can develop a lot of power by playing cards multiple times.

These decks make it very hard for your opponent to see where you will develop your power as in some turns you barely have cards on the baord just to put a ton of cheap cards back.

What makes bounce decks so strong? The power they can develop along the flexibility and that it’s hard to predict where you will evolve your power into – and of course the amount of reveal effects you put on them, as well.


  • BounceS
    This deck plays around playing cheap cards over and over again to scale up your Collector and Bishop. Hard to control for the opponent and a deck that I see very well this season.Future Prediction: Took some beating espcially with Kitty Pryde being nerfed and while it can still perform strong, there is so many new decks entering the meta now that I question if Bounce will be as much on top as it used to for the past weeks.How to play this deckMore Control Decks
  • She-Monkey
    Self-scaling cards along limiting cards make this deck not only fun to play but also gives you a ton of flexibility to build your power and react to what your opponent is up to.Future Prediction: A relatively new deck but one that has been performing strong recently and is absolutely one that you can run to climb the ranksHow to play this deck
  • Move Bounce
    Using bounce cards and move cards that you can play over and over again to trigger your cheaper scaler cards to build power accross the boardMeta Dependency: Move is not on top of the meta right now but with Ghost Spider we will absolutely see some momentum in the next weeksHow to play this deck


Bounce decks are incredibly effective and once you know how to play them, there’s little your opponent can do as you can flexibly react all the time and easily shift your location priority.

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