best meta decks in harry potter magic awakened july 2023 best meta decks in harry potter magic awakened july 2023

Best Meta Decks in Harry Potter Magic Awakened (August 2023)

If you’re looking for a deck that works well in Harry Potter Magic Awakened, has lots of synergies and is successful to play in duals, there’s a lot that comes togehter. Your echo needs to extend your cards abilities, your cards need to be able to control what your opponent throws at you and form successful counterattacks and more. I frequently update popular and well-working decks below that you can use to climb in ranks in duels in Harry Potter MA.

The Best Duel Decks in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Here is the ranked list of the decks that dominate the meta in Harry Potter Magic Awakened right now and I update them every week so make sure to come back to see updates to the decks to always run the best deck possible.

Pleaes also refer to my tier list of the best cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened here and also, the best echoes right now in the game here.


bellatrix trouble
Bellatrix Trouble
This deck literally dominates right now with the way it deals damage to trigger Bellatrix summoning Deatheathers that continue to deal a lot of damage to your opponent..
mcgonagall cycle
McGonagall Cycle
Pairing a spell cycle deck with the powerful Orb of Water and Thunderstorm that Hermione can reduce in costs with the many cheaper spells you play along Ron and McGonagall has a lot of control and damage that will be hard foryour opponent to deal with. Has been getting a lot of attention recently even on top of the ladder ranked duels..
avada kedavra
Avada Kedavra
Avada Kedavra is the most-feared spell in the Harry Potter universe and this deck uses the spell that instantly takes out the closest target - paired with hermione in a spell cycle deck you can concnstaly play it cheaper for hap the costs and take out powerful units or even your opponent if you time it right..
summon spam
Summon Spam
Summons, summons, summons is your plan here - you want to get as many units on the ground as possible and while your opponent is totally busy dealing with them instead of attacking, you save up more mana and get your companions and more summons on the board and keep the pressure high. Performs extremely strong in the meta right now..
hagrid locomotor
Hagrid Locomotor
Hagrid Locomotor is still performing strong in the meta but this is the more competitive deck version compared to the Starter-version of the deck that you can find below. The general mechanics are the same but there are more spells to make it work better that you need to have and also rank up enough..
ice & fire
Ice & Fire
Galcius Maximus and Incedius are your big spells that you're looking to cycle with Hermione Echo so play the cheap spells to get their cost reduced and play them on yor opponent. Super annyoing to deal with espcially with Ron and Malfoy Gang as companions that you improve with the Boomtastic Bombs. Once this engine rolls it will be hard for your opponent to do anything much rather than damage control until you have the victory..
harry mcgonagall
Harry McGonagall
Also the Harry Echo meta profits from McGonagalls and with the many cheap spells to cycle here the way this deck gain extra momentum is through McGonagall as companion as you will gain a lot and can still spam your cheap spells to control the zone..
A very defensive and healing deck with Neville that allows you to spam summons that are strong and keep them up to make your opponent(s) waste their MP while you can save up mana to overrun them in the long run..
This deck with Hermione as echo looks for Thunderstorm and Atmospheric Charm, both incredible DPS spells to be discounted through Hermiones echo after using the cheaper spell cards. You basically spam your cheap spells and throw with Ron and the Frey Twins some annoying companions on the board and everytime Hermione's echo discounts your Atmospheric Charm or Thunderstorm, you can make the opponent suffer a ton of damage (or their creatures if they have many on the board, both will have a lot of value that will give you a nice MP lead)..
hagrid locomotor start
Hagrid Locomotor Start
The idea behind this deck is to get the Locomotors up to keep everything your opponent does busy and use supporting summons while you save up mana to overrun them in the long run..
hermione spell cycle
Hermione Spell Cycle
With a lot of cheap spells you cycle quick to trigger hermiones echo to then use your higher-cost spells to take out units on the battleground and take off health off your opponent. Try to keep Ashwinder alive as long as possible and with the lightnings you can pressure your opponent a lot all the time..
snape allrounder
Snape Allrounder
This is a great alrounder deck that works in duels, PvE bosses and basically anything.
f2p harry
F2P Harry
Great control spells let you counter whatever your opponent is doing for positive mana value (when they spend more mana than you need to counter it) and once you#re in the lead you can interrupt and attack them with your offense spells..
hermione f2p
Hermione F2P
A Free-2-Play version of the hermione Spell Cycle deck where she reduces the costs of the highest-cost spell in your hand so you can play a ton of powerful spells a lot and cycle through the spells and pressuring your opponent easily. Imagine you can easily counter a 6 MP push with 3 MP so you have 3 MP more and can theoreitcally throw another 6 MP of spells for 3 MP on the board. You'll unlock these spells early and this is a great deck for the early stages in Harry Potter Magic Awakened..
dobby beginner
Dobby Beginner
This is the first full deck you will unlock with Dobby as echo and it is actually a decent deck to play in the very early stages with some summons to get on the board, some control spells to help you interrupt your opponent and aerea damage if you need it. Don't just swap in more cards because you get them if you can't build one of the decks above, this will work a lot better than you might think..


I hope these decks here help you dominate in duels and there will be many new decks that I will feature and update and I do update this list here weekly. If you have an interesting deck or more questions, please don’t hesitate to post a comment below.

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