marvel snap best disruption decks pool 1 - pool 3 guide marvel snap best disruption decks pool 1 - pool 3 guide

Best Disruption Decks in MARVEL SNAP (January 2024)

Disruption decks are strong in Marvel Snap and although many players claim them to be nothing more than troll decks to make your opponent rage-quit a match, they are actually really strong and work around destroying the synergies of other decks, like move, discard or destroy decks really well.

In this guide I have several decks for all pools in Marvel Snap that use cards that can limit enemy energies by suppressing reveal or ongoing effects or pulling cards to other locations and I can tell you, disrupt decks are not only viable, they are also very strong in the current meta of decks in Marvel Snap.

The Elements of Disruption Decks

While other decks rely on cards that make a synergy with each other, disruption decks primarily work with cards that can suppress synergies for your opponent well. You will start blocking enemy reveal or ongoing effects or pull cards to different locations or mess up the opponents hands by placing different useless cards in their deck.

What makes disrupt decks so strong? The deck itself is not a deck that wins on its own, it wins as it will interrupt the synergies of your opponent so they can’t build strong locations so you always have to have a good read on what style of deck they are playing and also predict their next moves well. If you can do that, you can limit them down easily and it’s not that uncommon that enemies will easily retreat to a snap.

Important! You will only find decks that are viable in the meta below and they are updated each week when I update the meta tier list of decks. If there are not many decks below it means this archetype of deck is not working well right now in the meta and you can look up other archetypes that work well right now in the meta tier list.

Darkhawk Annihilus – Tier SS

Darkhawk along Ms Marvel setups has already show last Season that they have potential but with the recent balancing, they have become one of the most lethal combo decks in Marvel SNAP this season.

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Evo Infinaut – Tier S

A very classic deck that is sticking around for quite a while now as new cars continously seem to support this archetype. Evo Infinaut is among others this season really doing well, even better than in last season in marvel SNAP where they already did good.

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Marvelhawk – Tier S

A very classic version of the deck that is working really well and you really don’t need many new and fancy cards to play this deck which is for me still one of the best ones this season.

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High – Tier A

Classic High Evo deck that is also doing quite well right now

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Thanos Skaar – Tier A

Still working this season but took quite a dip compared to last season in MARVEL SNAP but Thanos and Lockjaw are still a deck that works and can be played into the highest ranks if you know what you’re doing.

Missing Cards for this deck?!

Junkhawk – Tier A

Darkhawk, Darkhawk, Darkhawk… this season very strong and also works well as junk deck

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Loki Bounce – Tier B

Loki was very niche past season but along Bounce he works a little bit more stable this season.

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Disruption decks are so much more than just trolling, interrupting the right enemy synergies is not that easy and requires a good read on their moves and then when they get really angry you can snap them into retreat or take the victory with your turns.

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