Deathpool Venom – Pool 3 Destruct (MARVEL SNAP Deck Guide)

There are many Destruct Decks out there for MARVEL SNAP and while the lower-pool versions only resolve around two to three cards with destruction effects, with Pool 3 cards you can build this crazy version that destroys and snowballs heavily and is so much fun to play.

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If you played a destruct deck before and you know the Pool 1 Destruct or the Pool 2 Destruct versions, this one will make your mouth watery. In my guide here I will show you why this is one of my favorite decks and actually the one I enjoy playing the most right now in Marvel Snap.

Deck Overview

Here’s the deck:

Why this deck works well – you have so many cards that destroy other cards and gain value and many cards that gain you value when they get destroyed that leave you so many options with each turn and multiple draw lines you can use.

Win condition – with Hood, Deadpool and Bucky Barnes you can gain big value early with low-cost cards and you will be able to draw a card that can destroy them later. You can already build a strong foundation in the early turns and in the late turns you can have a very cheap Death to play along for sometimes 3 energy to make s strong finish.

Problems – no real hard counters but it’s sometimes quite obvious that you play a destruct deck early after a few turns, so your enemy can try to counter it or predict your moves. Not that it’s a big problem, just be aware that destruct decks are quite obvious so try to stay flexible up to your last turns.

Substitutions – please refer to the Pool 2 version to substitute cards that you don’t have here.

Deck Copy Link (Copy-Paste directly into the game):


How To Play

Play the cards that give you benefits when destroyed early, destroy them with the many cards that have destroy effects and then snowball ont he last turns while your Death card is getting cheaper and cheaper.

Early Phase (Turn 1-3)

As mentioned above, you want to get your cards on the board that will give you value when you destroy them early, like Bucky Barnes, Nova, Hood or Deadpool.

Mid Phase (Turn 3-4)

Here’s where you destroy the cards in a location that’s worth it, so play Deathlok, Venom or Carnage now as you can’t play them too late if you already have cards on the board that won’t give you any benefit when destroyed.

Also, Wave is a great card here so you not only can be able to play your Death with 12 power already, you can also mess with your opponent when they want to play multiple cards!

marvel snap pool 3 destruct deck gemaplay

End Phase (Turn 5-6)

End-game and you can now multiply with Taskmaster one of your cards that have snowballed into high power or use your Death card with high power, too. You can also take over a location with a late destruction card but that’s really sitautional. Please be careful as your opponent now already knows that you play a destruct deck so try to stay unpredictable.


Not just a really strong deck here, also one that makes so much fun to play as you almost always have a move and can make a comeback, especially as 1-cost decks are so popular you have also the strong meta counter with Enchantress that can turn matches in the last turn easily.

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