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Best Control Decks in MARVEL SNAP (January 2024)

Control decks are really mighty in Marvel Snap and played by many top players. In this short guide, I want to briefly explain to you why they are so strong and also some solid decks that are meta right now, next to other style decks that you can find in my current meta of decks in Marvel Snap.

The Elements of Control Decks

Control decks work around cards that limit the number of cards that can be played or manipulate the cost of cards to mess up with your opponents’ plan and synergies.

Imagine your opponent plays a deck with many lower-cost cards and you force him to only play one card per turn where he needs to get multiple cards on the board – this makes his power on the board so weak that you can easily take over.

Or you control his ability to play into one location where you’re leading, which means you have already one location of two in your hand and there’s little to nothing your opponent can do about it.

What makes control decks so strong? This will make opponents fear as you can break their ability to find their win condition effectively while having a deck designed around the fact to control positions, amount of cards played, etc.

Important! You will only find decks that are viable in the meta below and they are updated each week when I update the meta tier list of decks. If there are not many decks below it means this archetype of deck is not working well right now in the meta and you can look up other archetypes that work well right now in the meta tier list.

Evo Skaar – Tier SS

Pairings High Evolutionary along Skaar seems to crush this season so far along a few other decks and is on top for me in MARVEL SNAP right now

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Evo Infinaut – Tier S

A very classic deck that is sticking around for quite a while now as new cars continously seem to support this archetype. Evo Infinaut is among others this season really doing well, even better than in last season in marvel SNAP where they already did good.

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Marvelhawk – Tier S

A very classic version of the deck that is working really well and you really don’t need many new and fancy cards to play this deck which is for me still one of the best ones this season.

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Lockdown – Tier B

Lockdown is still working in the meta with the right setup and can still work against the top decks as you can effectively prevent them to either play their massive power or force them to keep their negative power cards so you can do some massive cube gains by snapping back early snaps.

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Leech Evolved – Tier B

Evo Leech did work in Conquest last season and it has now swapped over to ranked mode as well. Not the top deck but one that works in the right hands and can be really devastating to deal with

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Control decks are incredibly effective and once you know how to play them, there’s little your opponent can do as you control what’s happening and they are more scared and hope you won’t mess up their plays too much – a great way to intimidate with a snap even if there’s not much you really can do.

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