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marvel snap best ongoing decks marvel snap best ongoing decks

Best Ongoing Decks in MARVEL SNAP (January 2024)

Ongoing Decks in MARVEL SNAP resolve around cards that gain power through ongoing effects and often rely on having many cards on the board and then snowball the smaller ongoing gains to get a lot of power on the board and keep competing for all locations.

In this guide I have several decks for all pools in Marvel Snap that use these synergies and I can tell you, ongoing decks are not only viable, they are also very strong in the current meta of decks in Marvel Snap.

The Elements of Ongoing Decks

The synergies in ongoing decks are quite simple – using many cards that have ongoing effects to increase other cards power along with cards that you can either get easy on the board or again a lot of value from that to snowball to victory.

What makes destruct decks so strong? On one hand, Ongoing Decks in Marvel Snap are quite easy to play as synergies don’t restrict you too much as most ongoing effects affect all cards or are affected by all cards. The beauty here is that you will continue to compete for all locations and then make your final pushes in the end, having less rng and more reliability compared to other decks, like move decks.

Thanos Skaar – Tier S

Missing Cards for this deck?!

Thanos Skaar Lockjaw – Tier S

Skaar Stones – Tier A

Thanos Blob – Tier B

Loki Dinosaur – Tier B

Thanos Blob Ongoing – Tier C

Missing Cards for this deck?!

Caiera Zoo – Tier C


Ongoing decks are versatile, popular and reliable through all stages of the game – especially in the earlier Pool 1 and Pool 2 cards you will find them to be really strong – but also later and at higher levels you still see them frequently played by skilled and successful players.

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