marvel snap pool 2 destruct deck guide marvel snap pool 2 destruct deck guide

Pool 2 Destruct (MARVEL SNAP Deck Guide)

There are many Destruct Decks out there for MARVEL SNAP and many of them feature Pool 3 cards, but there’s one particularly strong one for Pool 2 that I want to write a guide for today.

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The foundation of this deck is my Pool 1 Destruct deck that get evolved with some higher.value Pool 2 cards to get this really great deck here that can work well against pretty much all Pool 2 meta decks you see these days.

Deck Overview

Here’s the deck:

Why this deck works well – compared to the Pool 1 version, there are some cards with way better value when destroyed. Bucky Barnes get replaced by a 6-power Winter Soldier, Mister Sinister gives a lot more value with Carnage, Killmonger can destroy many enemy cards (especially Sunspot is a important one here). Sabretooth is a lot better than Wolverine. You basically get so much value from destroying the cards and still have plenty of strong cards to counter.

Win condition – either you get the cards like Nova, Bucky Barnes, Mister SInister or Sabretooth on the board and can use Deathlok and/or Carnage to destroy them to gain a lot of value or you can use Shang-Chi, Enchantress Killmonger or Hobgoblin to sabotage your enemy to take over locations. Chavez helps a lot to draw into your important cards without being a specific win condition but with 9 power still a decent takeover-push on the last turn that might be useful.

Problems – not really as there are no direct counters. You might get issues if someone plays a Armor on a location or a location prevents you from destroying your cards, but still then you have other win conditions.

Substitutions – please refer to the Pool 1 version to substitute cards that you don’t have here.

Deck Copy Link (Copy-Paste directly into the game):


How To Play

Play your cards that give you benefits when destroyed early, destroy them with Deathlok or Carnage and then use your strong cards to counter your opponent or secure locations.

Early Phase (Turn 1-3)

As mentioned above, you want to get your cards on the board that will give you value when you destroy them early, like Bucky Barnes, Nova or Sabretooth – even if you don’t have Carnage or Deathlok in your hand at the start you have solid chances to draw into them.

Mid Phase (Turn 3-4)

Here’s where you destroy the cards in a locations that’s worth it, so play Deathlok or Carnage now as you can’t play them too late if you already have cards on the board that won’t give you any benefit when destroyed.

marvel snap pool 2 destruct deck gemaplay

End Phase (Turn 5-6)

Now it’s time to secure your winning locations. Enchantress is great to turn on strong cards like Blue Marvel, Kazar or also Iron Man, Hobgoblin simply lowers the opponents power on one location and takes one card spot so you can also use a location with lower power to win and Shang Chi is so crazy when your enemy has built up strong power somewhere to remove all the strong cards. You have so many options at the end! Just also read your opponents deck and try to see the last step ahead to plan which locations will be your victory locations.


Not just a really strong deck here, also one that makes so much fun to play as you almost always have a move and can make a comeback, especially as 1-cost decks are so popular you have also the strong meta counter with Enchantress that can turn matches in the last turn easily.

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