marvel snap strong guy jebait deck guide marvel snap strong guy jebait deck guide

Strong Guy Jebait – Pool 1 Ongoing (MARVEL SNAP Deck Guide)

Here we have a cool deck for Pool 1 that beginner players can easily use to rank up and it works so well and is not too hard to play that you will have no problems crushing your opponents with it frequently.

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Deck Overview

Here’s the deck:

Why this deck works well – you have a ton of 1 Energy cards that give you great advantages (see below) and then use Kazar, Strong Guy and America Chavez to turn over in the last turns. This deck is very low rng as you will always play it empty.

Win condition there are multiple ways. You will either use Kazar to level up all those 1-cost cards to gin extra value and then you have Strong Guy that gains 6 power once you empty your hand and with America Chavez on the last turn you can take over a location easily.

Problems – this deck can basically dominate until you see more and more opponents use Killmonger (destroy 1-cost cards). At that point you might want to swap in Armor to protect them.

Substitutions – basically none, all cards are available early in MARVEL SNAP.

Deck Copy Link (Copy-Paste directly into the game):


How To Play

Your starting setup is always very variable but with the many 1-cost cards in that deck, you can get great value here already and play the locations to prepare for the later turns.

Early Phase (Turn 1-3)

Ant Man can get additional energy later, Uatu let’s you see locations before they reveal so you can place cards there before your opponent knows what’s going on, Korg shuffles the extra rock into your opponents deck, Nightcrawler is great to spread your points around later or occupy a location where cards can’t be played at, Elektra removes enemy 1-cost cards with high value, etc… you will need to play a couple rounds to get familiar with the cards and then you can make a great start when some opponents maybe have placed 2 cards on the board. Important! Don’t play Blade before turn 4! He’s there to wipe your deck for your strategy at the end of the battle.

Mid Phase (Turn 4-5)

Here’s where you get either super broad value on the board with Kazar who will basically buff all your 1-cost cards so you gain some extra power everywhere, or you can use Strong Guy who will get so much power at the end as your hand will always be empty at the end. Here’s also where you play Blade to make sure your hand gets empty.

marvel snap strong guy jebait deck gameplay

End Phase (Turn 6)

You will always draw Chavez at this point so she’s your win condition in most cases where you need to take over a location. You can also move Nightcrawler for extra value. Also mind, Strong Guy will gain 6 power here as your hand will get empty so place your cards wisely and see what your opponent is up to!


One of the easiest beginner decks I have played so far and also, for me, the most powerful deck for Pool 1. There’s not many issues as you will empty your deck in most cases (unless weird locations show up) and as you can turn from many low-cost cards to high power fast, you can also pick up many opponents that like to snap in the mid-phase turns to gain more energy cubes.

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