marvel snap pool 1 destruct deck guide marvel snap pool 1 destruct deck guide

Pool 1 Destroy (MARVEL SNAP Deck Guide)

There are many Destroy Decks out there for MARVEL SNAP and they are really successful, especially with Pool 2 and Pool 3 cards – but this is a version with only Pool 1 cards and it’s crazy effective and working so well right now that I have written this guide here for you.

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Deck Overview

Here’s the deck:

Why this deck works well – you have 3 different setups here in this deck, some 1-cost cards that will serve as food for the destroyer cards like Carnage and Deathlock to gain advantage from (with Colossus being immune makes it a great combination with Deathlock with high value for little energy). Then you have Enchantress that counters all strong meta Pool 1 that rely on Iron Man, Kazar or Blue Marvel (she will cancel their effect entirely).

Win condition you will play only 2 lanes with this deck. One land is your end-move with Iron Man and Hulk with whopping 24 power. Then you use the destructive cards to ramp up power – either by Carnage eating 1-cost cards or Deathlock on a free location or on Colossus.

Problems – none actually, this deck will rather cause problems to many people playing Pool 1 decks like Strong Guy Jebait or Kazar Zoo that are really popular right now.

Substitutions – basically none, all cards are available early in MARVEL SNAP.

Deck Copy Link (Copy-Paste directly into the game):


How To Play

As I mentioned above, this deck is played in lonely two lanes and you either use 1-cost cards that you consume with Carnage or or revive/immune with Deathlok on one lane. The other lane is then a strong push in the end with Hulk and Iron Man.

Early Phase (Turn 1-3)

Play your 1-cost cards on the first location you’re going to occupy and look out if you pull Carnage or Deathlok. Now your strategy is either to flood one location with cheap cards and use Carnage there or play immune to destruction cards like Colossus, Nova or Angel when you have Deathlok.

Mid Phase (Turn 4)

This is the phase where you get your first location done in a way that the opponent basically gives up and focus somewhere else as you will make your big Iron Man/Hulk push in the last two turns.

Enchantress is also important here so you can nullify cards like Kazar, Iron Man or Blue Marvel on the board.

marvel snap pool 1 destruct deck gameplay

End Phase (Turn 5-6)

Time for the big push with Iron Man to double a location and Hulk to get in those strong power. You can combine them on a fresh location to get the 24 power done or use them separately. With the destruct deck you normally don’t have one location completely filled so you have plenty of options here and it’s hard for the opponent to predict your end-move. Don’t get intimidated by a snap as many opponents tend to snap as you don#t appear too strong here. If there’s a snap before the final turn, I never escape and this will tune up your cube win ratio a lot!


Not just a really strong deck here, also one that makes so much fun to play as you almost always have a move and can make a comeback, especially as 1-cost decks are so popular you have also the strong meta counter with Enchantress that can turn matches in the last turn easily.

  1. This isn’t just a powerful deck; it’s also a lot of fun to play because you’re never stuck and can always make a comeback, which is especially useful given the prevalence of 1-cost decks. Plus, you have Enchantress, a powerful meta counter, which can easily swing a match in the final game.

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