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Best Discard Decks in MARVEL SNAP (January 2024)

Discard Decks in MARVEL SNAP build synergies between cards that gain benefits when being discarded and cards that will are strong but have the ‘downside’ of discarding cards from your hand. So you basically have cards that are strong and discard to make other cards stronger to get a lot of power and viability on the board that have such a great energy-to-power ratio that it will be hard for your opponent to beat you.

In this guide I have several decks for all pools in Marvel Snap that use these synergies and I can tell you, discard decks are not only viable, they are also very strong in the current meta of decks in Marvel Snap.

The Elements of Discard Decks

There are 3 key elements of any good discard deck in Marvel Snap – on one side cards that will discard cards from your hand as kind of a ‘negative’ effect but have great power in return for lower cost and you want those discard effects to happen on cards that get stronger when getting discarded to snowball into very strong win conditions in the last turns.

What makes discard decks so strong? Unlike other decks (like destruct decks), discard decks play into your hand and not on cards on the board, so there’s not that much your opponent can do about it. Your cards will discard and there’s no counter and you have full control of what’s in your hand.

Auto Skaar – Tier B

You might have encountered this deck in the previous season in Marvel Snap and this season this deck still works with the discard line along the other cards that make it less predicatble and give you more flexibility


Discard decks are quite popular as there are many cards available that use these synergies, even in the lower pools and once you get some experience and practice, you will see how powerful a discard deck can be.

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