Best Discard Decks in MARVEL SNAP (mid July 2023)

marvel snap best discard decks

Discard Decks in MARVEL SNAP build synergies between cards that gain benefits when being discarded and cards that will are strong but have the ‘downside’ of discarding cards from your hand. So you basically have cards that are strong and discard to make other cards stronger to get a lot of power and viability on the board that have such a great energy-to-power ratio that it will be hard for your opponent to beat you.

In this guide I have several decks for all pools in Marvel Snap that use these synergies and I can tell you, discard decks are not only viable, they are also very strong in the current meta of decks in Marvel Snap.

The Elements of Discard Decks

There are 3 key elements of any good discard deck in Marvel Snap – on one side cards that will discard cards from your hand as kind of a ‘negative’ effect but have great power in return for lower cost and you want those discard effects to happen on cards that get stronger when getting discarded to snowball into very strong win conditions in the last turns.

What makes discard decks so strong? Unlike other decks (like destruct decks), discard decks play into your hand and not on cards on the board, so there’s not that much your opponent can do about it. Your cards will discard and there’s no counter and you have full control of what’s in your hand.


  • Hela TribunalA
    Discard everything and bring it back with Hela hidden behind Invisible Woman and use The Living Tribunal to sprad the insane power you have to immediately take over all locations is your main plan with this deck.Future Prediction: With the big buff to The Living Tribunal and the way this can develop insane power that you can spread accross the board, this deck can overwhelm many decks if you draw into your Hela line well enough.How to play this deck
  • Discard DraculaB
    Discard like crazy is the mantra of this deck in hope to grow as many 0-cost Swarm copies as possible, grow up Morbius and increase Apocalpye's power at the end for a big push through Dracula.Future Prediction: Not too viable right now anymore looking at the decks above that can develop so much more power.How to play this deckMore Discard Decks
  • Hela Discard
    The mother of all discard decks and super viable. You discard with Lady Sif, Sword Master and Hell Cow and then try to get Ghost Rider and Hela on the board to bring (hopefully powerful cards you discarded) back on the board.Future Prediction: Can build amazing power but the only way to really gain cubes with it when you can max out the snap and snap-back cube gains as you will have to retreat a lot with this deckHow to play this deckMore Discard Decks
  • Basic Discard
    this deck here resolve around the cards that gain power when getting discarded, like Apocalypse that will gain extra power so you can get a big comeback at the end. You have several cards in your deck that have nice cost/power ratio with the ability to discard a card in your deck. Can be a little rng as you want this effect to take place on your Apocalypse so sometimes it just doesn't run well - but if it does, you can throw in a 20-power card at the end and take over a tile effortlessly or even snowball through the full board.Future Prediction: As a very basic Discard Deck this will do fine and you have easy access to the cards. Still, there are some very powerful advanced discard cards like Hell Cow or Hela missing so you can get far but not to the very top with this deckHow to play this deck
  • Discard Lockjaw
    Great discard deck and probably one of the classic ones out there. You basically discard as much as possible and most cards gain value and then you will have your Apocalypse at the end that can easily have 20 or more power for a final push at the end.Future Prediction: A little declining recently also since Cosmo became so much more freuqently used in so many decks that discarding can be difficult.How to play this deckMore Discard Decks
  • Greedy Lockjaw
    This deck can turn out so much power when you draw into the right cards with either creating numerous free copies of Swarm or then using Dracula and/or Hela to draw into one of the many high-power cardsFuture Prediction: Stable build and one of the decks that can turn out so much power but also sometimes has frustrating lines you draw intoHow to play this deck
  • Hela Absorbing Man
    Hela along with Ghost Rider and Absorbing Man to bring back discarded cards like crazy and leaving the opponent often times no chance to overcome a crazy power push towards the end. This deck can snowball so strong, it's simply crazy!Future Prediction: Interesting where this deck will go towards as we have two new discard cards in this new Season so stay tunedHow to play this deck
  • Helapocalypse
    One of the most 'discardy' decks in marvel Snap, using all cards that have to do something with discard effects so less depending on drawing specific cards to find your win vonditionFuture Prediction: Discard decks are a little declining as control decks are so powerful right now and can be countered more frequently these days. Still a solid deck worth playingHow to play this deck
  • MODOK Swarm
    MODOK gives a lot of viability here, scaling Morbius a lot higher, draw into Lockjaw and with Hela as a backdoor you can have a ton of fun with this deck.Future Prediction: MODOK is real fun card to play and it feels like he will put discard decks right back into the meta. We'll see where this is going in the next days and weeks, but this is a great deck to start playing him.How to play this deck
  • P2 Discard
    This deck here is the evolution of the Pool 1 Discard deck below with the new cards that become available in Pool 2 with discard effects, and cards like Morbius and Swarm give this deck a lot more viability and the synergies are a lot stronger since you have less 'filler' cards. Apocalypse is still your primary goal but you just have better benefits from discard effects overall.Future Prediction: It's not useing the advanced Pool 3 Discard cards and with all the control decks around discard decks have a hard time these days anyways, more a beginning or classic deck to play around with than a deck that will get you too far on the ladder.How to play this deck
  • Pool 2 MODOK
    This deck is a Pool 2 deck using MODOK and you're trying to buff up Swarm and discard as much as possible. With Chavez and Strong Guy you still have options if that doesn't play along.How to play this deck
  • MODOK Lockjaw
    A pure discard deck that will scale Mobius through all the discarding, ultimately clearing your whole hand to make Apocalypse insenly powerful and make Dracule switch into him at the very end. many plays and a solid deck for MODOK.Future Prediction: Works well and seems like MODOK is getting more and more into the meta and I rather see that kind of decks rise in the next week than anything else.How to play this deckMore Discard Decks
  • MODOK Hela Discard
    Can also be called greedy Hela as the ability when all synergies work with this deck are incredible and crush everything - but there's much that can go wrong and probably a deck that you can only play when you cleary identify when you're behind and retreat continuously and snap at the right times.Meta Dependency: Works well and is a lot of fun to play, but the dependency on the win condition lines make it sometimes frustrating, too.How to play this deckMore Discard Decks


Discard decks are quite popular as there are many cards available that use these synergies, even in the lower pools and once you get some experience and practice, you will see how powerful a discard deck can be.

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