Hero Wars Best Heroes Tier List (Mobile & Facebook) – Reworked 2022

hero wars best heroes tier list 2022

Maxing out a hero in Hero Wars takes a lot of time and resources so picking the right ones early in the game you put your effort into is probably the smartes thing you can do long-term. Below I have a tier list for you that will show you what heroes are actually worth it in Hero Wars.

There are also several heroes that are great early in the game but will get worse later and you have still wasted your resources on them.

Changes in the recent update of this tier list in 2022:

Mobile & Facebook Version are now divided into own lists! It was not possible to have a list that fits both versions anymore so make sure to check the correct tier list! Mobile is the first one, below that you find the Wecebook list!!!

Jump here to the Tier List for Mobile or here to the Tier List for Facebook

Spring Skins and Factions for mobiel have been taken into account so this is by far the most updated tier list you will find

Hero Wars Mobile Tier List

Hero(es) Role Tier Comment
Phobos Tank & Support S+ Toughest hero to deal with for any magic hero in Hero Wars Mobile. He devours the energy of the next magic hero and using paralysis one by one. He’s basically one step before them so it can become almost impossible to stop him when used in a setup that let him ultimate over and over again.
Lilith Damage S+ Really devastating for the enemy team and attacks the middle line and leaves nothing than disaster and burning everything in her path. Especially devastating against physical heroes and she can strike numbers that nobody can survive in the right circumstances. Her high health also make her sustainable.

Lars & Krista

Damage S+ Up high in the tier list for the past 5 years and no signs that this will change anytime soon as they can challenge basically any setup and hero in Hero Wars Mobile.

Storm, Chain and Upper Lightning, Icy Vengeance and Frozen Needles under water marks constantly keep the attackers in suspense, because predicting the outcome of the battle against them for sure is not an easy task.

Celeste Healer & Control S+ No doubt that Celeste is the go-to support for all magic heroes in Hero Wars Mobile as she will ultimate twice as fast and can apply the effect faster than any other hero. This will give your team a huge advantage.
Satori Mage S+ Counter to energy manipulators and can deal massive damage from marks and if there’s nothing stopping his ultimates, the enemy is lost. Got a great boost when added to Mystics heroes.
Amira Mage & Support S+ Relatively new hero and can reduce crits against physical damage heroes, burns half of the energy of strength heroes and blocks magic defense for intelligence heroes. Her ultimate can be a disaster for those heroes that can’t get rid of her mark and still effective after death. For me one of the hottest heroes this year.
Yasmine Damage S+ Super dangerous damage dealer with her ultimate and layering of poison that deals pure damage with her auto attacks. Crits like a truck and leaving opponents kind of chanceless and without a counter hero facing her there’s no way to deal with her.
Judge Mage & Support S+ A support mage with the strongest shield in Hero Wars Mobile so this opens a lot of options who you can use in the position in front of him as tank. Also has nice stun what makes him nasty to deal with and synergizes well with many magical heroes.
Martha Tank & Support S+ She’s the best healer without doubt for most setups. She can restore her own health in a few basic attacks and is really effective to keep your team alive. So hard to kill her and she will make sure it’s hard to kill any hero of her party.
Faceless Control S+ Can copy enemy skills, has one of the best control skills that will throw the enemy in the first line into the enemy pack and stun the rest will make him a hero you will enjoy using a lot.
Jorgen Support & Control S+ Great energy manipulator. Can ban enemies from gaining energy, make the lowest health ally gain more energy and also temporarily transferring all damage to the last opponent’s hero and energy theft from basic attacks. TL;DR that’s a lot and make him one of the most outstanding support heroes and his huge health pool makes him sustain a good amount of time as well.
Nebula Support S+ Great support for magical and physical heroes at the same time with her 4th skill that skyrockets physical or magical damage to next attacks. Also has energy-burning and removes negative effects as a bonus.
Astaroth Tank & Support S+ On paper the most versatile tank in the game and useful in almost all setups with his burning energy and resurrection. Also decent armor and magic protection but lacks a little in health. STill, undoubtfully, one of the heroes in Hero Wars Mobile you will enjoy using a lot.
Aurora Tank S+ She tanks really well but based on dodge and not on armor and can block 80% of magic damage with her halo. Also with lot of health she can be really unpredictable with her team for opponents so one of the most versatile tank in Hero Wars Mobile
Ziri Tank S Insane armor making her the strongest protective tank in terms what she can withstand plus a lot of health. Makes it hard for the attacker to break through her. Can also deal all physical damage suffered back to the attacker with her 2nd skill.
Andvari Support S Half tank and half warrior, Andvari will work well against heroes like Cleaver or K’arkh as he resists being pulled and moved. Also can deal good physical damage in the right setup with his 2nd skill. Plus provides a shield.
Luther *Tank & Control S Extraordinary tank with good health and armor and protection from magic damage. Distracts the enemy setup by jumping into them from time to time. Vulnerable against direct counters like Faceless, Dark Star or Lars but without them really devastating for the enemy team.
Markus Tank & Healer S Can heal the key heroes in your team at the right moment and shields the most.injured hero. Usually your position #2 hero that protects the physical damage dealers. After death, his spirit will still activate his 2nd and 3rd skill and keep on healing.
Galahad Tank S The reason you find Galahad that low in other tier lists is for the fact that his primary role is tanking in a really offensive team. His physical orientation and VAmpirism makes him aggressive and inflict a good amount of damage. Great synergy with any physical hero from Keira over Dante to Ginger.
Helios Control S Works great against heroes that use crit because he can absorb incoming physical damage, receiving huge retaliatory damage. Also solid health and great magic attack base stat.
Xe’Sha Support S She is one of the most powerful mages in Hero Wars Mobile and can decide battles in a matter of seconds. Ruthlessly destroy weakes opponent and provides magic defense for allies. Hinders physics heroes, especially at the beginning of the battle as well. Reason enough to be here on the upper part of the list.
K’arkh Damage S Incflicts catastrophically damage and although the release of Andvari let him lose some of his merciless power, he’s still quite on top of the tier list for a reason. Factions made him stronger as well.
Ishmael Tank S With the right penetration and Sebastian on the side can crack up any pack and cutting through opponent lines with his 1st skill. His Vampirism can get him recovered in seconds. One of the physical damage dealer in Hero Wars Mobile that you really want to run.
Tristan Warrior S Very versatile physical penetrator with a lot of health and accumulates additional energy as well from attacks and suffering damage. Vital to enable most physical teams when he gets his artifact armor penetration in and buffs them with his 2nd skill.
Cornelius Mage & Support S Great anti-mage and will destroy them easily. All of them. He even prioritizes the one with the highest intelligence index. Also has a protective dome with good recharge and duration.
Dante Marksman S Thorws repulsive spears with huge turning potential. 1st and 3rd skill will cause significant damage and can be used along with crit heroes against protective opponent setups. Great synergy with Aurora.
Sebastian Support S Support hero for true crit?! Yes, and this makes SEbastian, especially combined with Jet, gain your whole team gain pure damage crits and Sebastian one of the most valuable support heroes in Hero Wars Mobile.
Jet Support S The go-to key support hero for those heroes that need to have more crit so he can make heroes really go past their limits.

Corvus & Morrigan

Damage A This combo was the foundation to the new factions in Hero Wars Mobile. Corvus can be one of the most dangerous tanks with his altar that will deal damage to every enemy that deals damage to your team. Morrigan can block ressurection, buffs and all skeletons so they play together well and there’s no reason to run them apart from each other. The bonus they gain from each other is just insane and no other setup has that so that’s why they are listed together here.
Alvanor A Anti-physics mage who distributes an aura that reduces incoming physical damage. Great against crit heroes and can multiply healing from any source. In the right setup a really strong hero.
Dark Star Marksman (Niche) A For me the most interesting marksman hero in Hero Wars Mobile. Luring heroes to her side, double arrows and prohibition of of buffs and marks that increase damage is a nice arsenal.
Qing Mao Damage A A nightmare for tanks who gets through any armor and blinds/pushes them. The piercing path is super hard to come by and she can only be stopped by heroes with effective control abilities.
Ginger Marksman (Niche) A With native armor penetration and best physical damage indicator make her inflict mass of damage. Also good synergy with repulsive heroes due to her 2nd skill and a hero that you want to run on aggressive team setups.
Daredevil Damage (Niche) A Good Hydra-tamer and increases her physical damage from crit to crit. Viable for Guild Bosses. Can be also really strong in regular battles when provided with armor penetration and support.
Elmir Damage (Niche) A High dodging and physical penetrator and his jumping-back ability when he switches melee to ranged with the clones and increasing damage make him a good choice. So, unless there’s a counter hero in the opponent team that stops him the battle will go in your favor.
Dorian Support A Can provide a high health pool for your backline heroes and the investment to make him good is actually not that much. His 3rd and 4th Vampire skills do not depend on his pumping and Initiations stays active after he dies.
Orion Damage A Can be hard to stop with his countless shells nad when not countered well, he can get the enemy team into trouble all by himself. I’d rank him higher but there are a lot of heroes that are able to stop him effectively.
Lian Mage & Control A Will charm attackers that come too close so your team can take them down. Will work good with heroes that have area effects and also useful if you need to win as much time as possible.
Peppy Control A Amazing synergy with Cleaver and good control as well as damage that you will see (but a little random). Great synergy with heroes that use repulsing effects as well but struggles against heroes like Yasmine or heroes that deal high crit or burst damage due to her weak armor.
Cleaver Tank & Control A Cleaver is the strongest tank in Hero Wars Mobile, no doubt on that! His 4th skill make him a strong defender and also good health donor. Attracting opponents to go after him and possibly breaking the enemy setup make the full kit great. The reason I have him that low on the list is that I think there are more interesting tanks above. If you have him, use him. But don’t chase getting him.
Isaac Support B Distributing buffs through his drones, Isaac will give a nice boost to his faction and that lacks synergy with other heroes in Hero Wars Mobile. Has his use-cases but overall not the best support hero after all.
Arachne Control (Niche) B One of the best control heroes with numerous stuns and combined with other control heroes you can run a powerful pack – and with her Vampirism she can withstand somewhat good in the backline as well. Her strength is also her downside, there’s nothing else than control she will provide to your team, otherwise i’d rank her higher in no-time.
Fox Marksman (Niche) B Deals considerable physical damage and can bring a lot of trouble for opponents. That combined with blinding, repulsion and stunning makes her really useful. But there’s the downside, Fox is not really useful outside her faction.
Maya Healer & Mage B Long-term control from her flower as well as treating equally at the beginning, pure damage from Pollen and Bonds as well as ignoring magic protection make it tempting to use her. Unfortunatelly she has no chance against several heroes like Cornelius and Phobos.
Keira Damage B I know that many expect her higher on the list, but Keira is gradually falling into oblivion with the rapid development of magic packs and against other heroes as well as her mass damage from her basic attack more charges the opponents at once. She’s a mighty damage dealer after all, but she can backfire easily.
Rufus Tank & Support B He has the highest health of all heroes in Hero Wars Mobile and a focus against mages with shield and immortality against magical and pure damage. So far so good, But he is so low in attack and his defensive abilities lack as well too much to make him worthwhile using as main tank. Can be useful if there’s no resurrection-blocker opponent.
Mojo Mage & Support (Niche) C Similar to Jhu this hero is effective against Hydra since the percentage-based damage dealt and with only one opponent that is the boss, there’s no randomness what target gets the damage. Other than that, really situational and his 2nd and 3rd skill are just shortcoming.
Chabba Tank & Control (Niche) C Although he can absorb his direct opposing enemy hero and reveals the backline of the opponent (in theory that would make him really useful and synergize with physical or other high-damage heroes). In reality there are only a few situations and his tanking abilities are not existing and all the other abilities he has don’t really make an impact.
Thea Healer C Healer and in the last position which is already a problem. Her average percentage indicator of magic attack negates her potential to be a decent healer altogether. Her healing skills are not viable, her 3rd skill silences too short and takes really long to recharge. Her health-boosting 4th skill also doesn’t make any significant difference. You could theoretically bump her up to be somewhat decent but there are so many other healer options available in Hero Wars Mobile.
Kai Marksman D Although Tornado can get the opponent team into trouble and stun them, Kai’s other 3 skills are really debatable. Vampirism is not really needed and the 2nd and 3rd skill deal practically no damage. Can be used in setups with nature heroes but overall not worth the hustle.
Jhu Damage D His unique way to apply basic attacks to the last opponent hero in the round can make him stick out but is not required a lot, afaik really rarely. His only use-case is tied to Hydra with the percentage-based damage from the target health. Other than that, not really viable.
Heidi Tank & Control (Niche) D Although Heidi already got a buff in the past, you won’t actually notice it at all. The 4th skill is practically useless and general all abilities aren’t working well. Also demands direction, delays damage for valuable seconds… I think you got the impression.
Astrid & Lucas Tank (Niche) F Accumulates rage instead of energy. The whole mechanics are quite odd with the armor as a marksman and releasing Lucas to fight on the frontline. The other problem is that no matter how it looks damage-wise, the rage accumulation isn’t higher like it would be with energy. Just don’t touch her. Oh also forgot to mention, she is not durable at all!
Artemis Marksman (Niche) F Absolutely horrible and incapable of dealing any significant damage, which should be her role. Also looses her HP so rapidly. The only good news is that if she dies, your team won’t be any weaker… Also you only get her in Chapter 8 and 11. I’m writing too long here for how unimportant she is.

Hero Wars Facebook Tier List

Hero(es) Role Tier Comment
Astaroth Tank & Support S A super tank in Hero Wars and useful in pretty much every game mode and with almost any team setup. Can also resurrect and is obtainable quite early in Hero Wars so no regret investing in him.
Aurora Tank S Nice tank with dodge against physical damage and magical reflection against magical damage. Can work well against Cleaver.

Lars & Krista (The Twins)

Damage S Will buff each other over and over until their damage will go straight through the roof. Counters Keira teams as well and can be combined with a lot of other heroes as Jorgen, Orion, hElios, Dorian, Martha, Arachne etc.
Sebastian Support S Fits pretty much into any team and can make almost any team better and is absolutely worth the investment.
Jorgen Support & Control S Great shielding. Combined with Martha an ever crazier combination that will make you team basically invulnerable.
K’arkh Damage S Insane damage dealer and able to take down multiple enemies at once. One of the most threatening heroes you can have in your team.
Yasmine Damage S Fast and lethal unless enemy team runs Helios and is capable of taking down the whole enemy team on her own.
Martha Tank & Support S Provides a ton of healing. Combined with Jorgen an ever crazier combination that will make you team basically invulnerable.
Celeste Healer & Control S Versatile because she’s a really strong healer and can also be a good magic damage dealer as well and does counter other healers quite well.
Dante Marksman S Great to debuff enemy stats and also provide a nice dodge buff for the whole team that can safe you in tricky spots.
Keira Damage A Very good damage dealer and can deal damage to multiple opposing side heroes with ricochet basic attack.

Corvus & Morrigan

A The undead dream team. Corvus targets crit damage dealers and Morrigan can summon minions and heals. Extreme synergy and fit around multiple team setups.
Andvari Support A Great ability to counter K’arkh or Lars/Krista setups.
Nebula Support A Really good and can negate negative status effects, can heal and buff with attack.
Faceless * A Low health but can directly copy another hero and be basically him.
Isaac Support A Can stop a lot of magic attackers so brings a lot of versatile benefits to your teams.
Orion Damage A Major damage dealer for magic damage and is strong with his attacks.
Helios Control A Basically a backline Corvus who can target crit damage enemy heroes very well
Dorian Support A Can counter Cleaver very well and heals with his vampirism.
Lian Mage & Control A Not working in any setup, but Lian can put enemies to sleep for a long time. Combined with a charm this can make enemy teams go down really effective when used right.
Cleaver Tank & Control A Hard to get, I admit. But he’s such a powerful physical damage tank.
Maya Healer & Mage B Great healer but there are better healers higher in this tier list.
Peppy Control B Insane with Cleaver but her stuns, blinding and shielding also make her useful in several other setups.
Satori Mage B Powerful mage against and counters heroes like Jorgen, Orion or Andvari quite well. Can be paired with many heroes as he’s the main damage dealer and the rest of the team won’t need to rely on abilities that much.
Luther Tank & Control B Great combined with markus but also on his own really nice if you need to disrupt the enemy backline.
Daredevil Damage (Niche) B With the recent adaptions she became a really strong damage dealer but still requires the right support setup or she will go down too easily to make a difference – and a dead hero can’t deal any damage.
Jhu Damage B Actually solid damage dealer who targets the enemy backline with good damage. Ideally add Martha or Thea as he will spend a lot of time with low health.
Ishmael Tank B His demonic evolution with strong critical hits make him a powerhouse.
Rufus Tank & Support B Not that great of a tank but his ability to shut down teams with magical affinity makes him useful, but you need to invest enough in him that he can absorb the magical damage or the rest of your team will die too fast.
Galahad Tank B You get him early in the game and he’s a solid physical damage tank. Wouldn’t recommend the investment to use him end-game, but it’s possible.
Qing Mao Damage B Has the ability to deal percentage damage so she can become higher ranked in the future
Jet Support B Lower defense for enemy heroes to skyrocket your damage
Chabba Tank & Control (Niche) C Lacks common utility and can’t be more than a solid niche hero.
Thea Healer C Solid healer and the fact that you can get her and soul stones for her quite easy is great. Great area heals and can be combined with multiple setups.
Astrid Tank (Niche) C Kind of a backline tank but no real situation where she really shines.
Elmir Damage (Niche) C His ability to tackle the enemy backline with his high damage that make him also gain more attack bonus makes him a great option in certain situations.
Cornelius Mage & Support C Good against magical affinity teams with his magic defense buff and his ability to stop enemies to perform a magical attack.
Markus C Useful invincibility cast
Heidi C Useful poison over time attacks but lacks suvivability.
Arachne Control (Niche) C With her recent adaptions she has a great stun with her abilities and can be useful in the right team setup. Not top of the list but overall a solid hero in Hero Wars.
Dark Star Marksman (Niche) C On paper powerful with the right support heroes but that requires a ton of investment that is better placed in the heroes higher here in the tier list. Doesn’t hit very hard.
Tristan Warrior C Useful with Luther but overall needs to gain additional energy to make a good appearance. Too niche right now.
Phobos C Limit damage dealing abilities
Ginger Marksman (Niche) C Strong damage early game but falls back later, slow charging attacks.
Mojo Mage & Support (Niche) D Hard to get the skill going and low defense.
Fox Marksman (Niche) D Counter Keira or K’arkh with blind ability. Not that much overall but with the viability that means in the current meta in Hero Wars this definitely deserves some attention.
Ziri D Great staller but doesn’t do much more than that.
Kai Marksman D Can have some synergy with K’arkh but overall no hero that is worth investing in.
Jhu Damage D His unique way to apply basic attacks to the last opponent hero in the round can make him stick out but is not required a lot, afaik really rarely. His only use-case is tied to Hydra with the percentage-based damage
Heidi Tank & Control (Niche) F Lacks common utility, don’t invest in her
Judge Mage & Support (Niche) F Lacks common utility, don’t invest in him
Artemis Marksman (Niche) F On paper powerful with the right support heroes but that requires a ton of investment


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  1. Thank you for the lists you provide. I just wanted to point out Jhu’s photo is under both B and D. Heidi’s photo is under both C and F. Lilith, Alvanor, and Amira are missing.

  2. Whatever hero you use, make sure to max out glyphs and artifact FIRST. These boost your hero’s stat at the least cost to you. I never used Aurora because I started in mobile and she was terrible in mobile. Thought Galahad was really good though… The reason I said glyphs and artifacts because they use resources that you should have plenty of and it boosts the hero by at LEAST 20,000-40,000 points if you have them maxed out. It’s much easier than trying to increase rank or skins. A hero at violet +3 with maxed out artifact and glyphs will be more powerful than a hero at Orange +4 without any artifacts or glyphs.

  3. Maya saves my team again and again with her healing. D? Not at all, she’s rated A or B on other sites. Damn. And Astorath is sooooo overrated in all of these. He dies in a blink of an eye even with resurrection. Horrible hero. And damn, Aurora? She needs all resources devoted to dodge. Qing Mao, Maya, and Alvanor paired with Aurora (Alvanor, who you don’t bother to list) are A to S heroes 100%.

    • Yeah. Maya saves my full team in Compagion but nowhere else. Definitely not D tier. About A-B tier. Yasmine is pretty deadly and kills my team in a blink of an eye. S-A tier. And Astaroth? He’s killed right after I left to take a drink of water. ( even with resurrection) Aurora is good enough when she’s very upgraded( violet rank, dodge high, Cain protanged…) Also, here’s what’s funny: WHY IS CELESTE B+ TIER?!? She’s the second-best healer in the game in all guides that I know except for this one. Definitely an S- tier.

  4. EXACTLY! She’s a GREAT hero. I’ve been trying to beat her in the tower for months, and I always failed. She is a great hero, in my opinion, her attacks are super strong. For example, my sister’s heroes are at violet rank. She’s been fighting in the tower. And for her, Yasmine is at violet rank too, whenever she fights in the tower. My sister always loses her at least 3 out of 5 heroes because of Yasmine. Yasmine is an awesome hero. I LOVE Yasmine. She is very deadly, just like you said

  5. really? you got Yasmine as the worst hero in the game??? she is deadly, constant poison and nearly unstoppable. she destroys teams like mad. this list is invalid

    • Same, I agree she’s been making my team fail from the tower, always leaves 3 out of 5 heroes dead and the remaining at low health. I recently summoned Yasmine and she’s been great. In my opinion she is a very strong hero.

  6. Luther is fairly good but he looses health too quickly so I have to wait until I can hit the opposing team really hard so he doesn’t die. If you use Astroath’s attack and his at the same time it can reduce some of the attack.

    • Markus’s ultimate skill will help Luther survive longer. You can put another healer for better support cause Markus can die too quickly.

  7. The list misses Thea (solo) and mentions Maya twice: D and B+.
    Also, why is Yasmine ranked D? I think she can be quite powerful to clear opponents’ weak spots.

    • imo luther is a good tank, however he is vulnerable to magic damage and cant compare to tanks such as asteroth who will survive much better overall. he is good to pair with asteroth since they both have good health pools and luther will benefit from asteroth’s blue skill.

    • he is good at distracting the other team but his health is really bad so when he teleports to the other team you are gonna have to end the battle really quick or you’ll lose him

  8. I play on my computer, not on facebook and not on a moble device. My guess is that I play the facebook version, but I can’t confirm that. Can anyone help me out with this?

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