Hero Wars Best Heroes Tier List (Mobile & Facebook)

Maxing out a hero in Hero Wars takes a lot of time and resources so picking the right ones early in the game you put your effort into is probably the smartes thing you can do long-term. Below I have a tier list for you that will show you what heroes are actually worth it in Hero Wars.

There are also several heroes that are great early in the game but will get worse later and you have still wasted your resources on them.

Please mind following things for the tier list:

  1. Some heroes in Hero Wars have different mechanics on Facebook and Mobile, so please check what platform you’re playing Hero Wars on. A good example is Aurora who is an awesome hero on Facebook but her mobile version misses her mechanics so she is a lot worse.
  2. Tiers are not ranked. A her that is higher on the list and is tier A+ is the same strength on the tier list as a hero with tier A+ lower on the list. Heroes within a tier are sorted alphabetically by name.
  3. Team synergies are not specifically here, the heroes are ranked on their own and how many synergies they have in general. Ranking specific synergies would overcomplicate this list and might become useless in a later update when I put specific combinations into account.
  4. My initial approach in trying to give heroes an individual ranking wasn’t the best way as you would normally pair them up in reality to get their biggest power. So, in this new version of the tier list is adapted to reflect that fact.

Hero Tier List

Hero(es) Role Tier Comment
Astaroth Tank & Support S A super tank in Hero Wars and useful in pretty much every game mode and with almost any team setup. Can also resurrect and is obtainable quite early in Hero Wars so no regret investing in him.
Aurora Tank S Nice tank with dodge against physical damage and magical reflection against magical damage. Can work well against Cleaver.

Lars & Krista (The Twins)

Damage S Will buff each other over and over until their damage will go straight through the roof. Counters Keira teams as well and can be combined with a lot of other heroes as Jorgen, Orion, hElios, Dorian, Martha, Arachne etc.
Sebastian Support S Fits pretty much into any team and can make almost any team better and is absolutely worth the investment.
Jorgen Support & Control S Great shielding. Combined with Martha an ever crazier combination that will make you team basically invulnerable.
K’arkh Damage S Insane damage dealer and able to take down multiple enemies at once. One of the most threatening heroes you can have in your team.
Yasmine Damage S Fast and lethal unless enemy team runs Helios and is capable of taking down the whole enemy team on her own.
Martha Tank & Support S Provides a ton of healing. Combined with Jorgen an ever crazier combination that will make you team basically invulnerable.
Celeste Healer & Control S Versatile because she’s a really strong healer and can also be a good magic damage dealer as well and does counter other healers quite well.
Dante Marksman S Great to debuff enemy stats and also provide a nice dodge buff for the whole team that can safe you in tricky spots.
Keira Damage A Very good damage dealer and can deal damage to multiple opposing side heroes with ricochet basic attack.

Corvus & Morrigan

A The undead dream team. Corvus targets crit damage dealers and Morrigan can summon minions and heals. Extreme synergy and fit around multiple team setups.
Andvari Support A Great ability to counter K’arkh or Lars/Krista setups.
Nebula Support A Really good and can negate negative status effects, can heal and buff with attack.
Faceless * A Low health but can directly copy another hero and be basically him.
Isaac Support A Can stop a lot of magic attackers so brings a lot of versatile benefits to your teams.
Orion Damage A Major damage dealer for magic damage and is strong with his attacks.
Helios Control A Basically a backline Corvus who can target crit damage enemy heroes very well
Dorian Support A Can counter Cleaver very well and heals with his vampirism.
Lian Mage & Control A Not working in any setup, but Lian can put enemies to sleep for a long time. Combined with a charm this can make enemy teams go down really effective when used right.
Cleaver Tank & Control A Hard to get, I admit. But he’s such a powerful physical damage tank.
Maya Healer & Mage B Great healer but there are better healers higher in this tier list.
Peppy Control B Insane with Cleaver but her stuns, blinding and shielding also make her useful in several other setups.
Satori Mage B Powerful mage against and counters heroes like Jorgen, Orion or Andvari quite well. Can be paired with many heroes as he’s the main damage dealer and the rest of the team won’t need to rely on abilities that much.
Luther Tank & Control B Great combined with markus but also on his own really nice if you need to disrupt the enemy backline.
Daredevil Damage (Niche) B With the recent adaptions she became a really strong damage dealer but still requires the right support setup or she will go down too easily to make a difference – and a dead hero can’t deal any damage.
Jhu Damage B Actually solid damage dealer who targets the enemy backline with good damage. Ideally add Martha or Thea as he will spend a lot of time with low health.
Ishmael Tank B His demonic evolution with strong critical hits make him a powerhouse.
Rufus Tank & Support B Not that great of a tank but his ability to shut down teams with magical affinity makes him useful, but you need to invest enough in him that he can absorb the magical damage or the rest of your team will die too fast.
Galahad Tank B You get him early in the game and he’s a solid physical damage tank. Wouldn’t recommend the investment to use him end-game, but it’s possible.
Qing Mao Damage B Has the ability to deal percentage damage so she can become higher ranked in the future
Jet Support B Lower defense for enemy heroes to skyrocket your damage
Chabba Tank & Control (Niche) C Lacks common utility and can’t be more than a solid niche hero.
Thea Healer C Solid healer and the fact that you can get her and soul stones for her quite easy is great. Great area heals and can be combined with multiple setups.
Astrid Tank (Niche) C Kind of a backline tank but no real situation where she really shines.
Elmir Damage (Niche) C His ability to tackle the enemy backline with his high damage that make him also gain more attack bonus makes him a great option in certain situations.
Cornelius Mage & Support C Good against magical affinity teams with his magic defense buff and his ability to stop enemies to perform a magical attack.
Markus C Useful invincibility cast
Heidi C Useful poison over time attacks but lacks suvivability.
Arachne Control (Niche) C With her recent adaptions she has a great stun with her abilities and can be useful in the right team setup. Not top of the list but overall a solid hero in Hero Wars.
Dark Star Marksman (Niche) C On paper powerful with the right support heroes but that requires a ton of investment that is better placed in the heroes higher here in the tier list. Doesn’t hit very hard.
Tristan Warrior C Useful with Luther but overall needs to gain additional energy to make a good appearance. Too niche right now.
Phobos C Limit damage dealing abilities
Ginger Marksman (Niche) C Strong damage early game but falls back later, slow charging attacks.
Mojo Mage & Support (Niche) D Hard to get the skill going and low defense.
Fox Marksman (Niche) D Counter Keira or K’arkh with blind ability. Not that much overall but with the viability that means in the current meta in Hero Wars this definitely deserves some attention.
Ziri D Great staller but doesn’t do much more than that.
Kai Marksman D Can have some synergy with K’arkh but overall no hero that is worth investing in.
Alvanor Mage & Support (Niche) D Can sometimes block a Yasmine team, otherwise useless in pretty much all situations.
Lilith Tank & Control (Niche) F Lacks common utility, don’t invest in her
Judge Mage & Support (Niche) F Lacks common utility, don’t invest in him
Artemis Marksman (Niche) F On paper powerful with the right support heroes but that requires a ton of investment


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  1. Wait… tf? Bruh, ya’ll REALLY need to move Nebula WAY UP. She is arguably the best support hero in the game. I won’t say best, because if u get Ast. up to the right level, he is nearly invincible. (Seriously, u just run out of time). Also, DORIAN MUST GO UP TOO. Amongst one of the best healers, amazing paired with Galahad (especially when he boosts the heroes’ vampirism.

  2. I can also make a full S tier team and it will be shit. (Astaroth, Celeste, Martha, Jorgen, and Nebula) I’m gonna do a maxed out battle against them and my current team or one that I’m trying to make.

  3. Why the fuck is Dante in B+ tier, he is so fucking strong and has gotten me out of the toughest spots. He has 1v5’d teams at level 100+ orange tier since the rest of the team died (used Astaroth, Celeste, Dante, Martha, and Jhu). I mean I’ve used alot of my resources on him I had his glyphs maxed out til’ they were upgraded from max being 40/40 to 50/50, his gift of the elements is maxed, his Solar skin is almost maxed(current skin I’m using for him), artifacts are all 5 stars one is purple the others are blue and that’s all. STILL MAD THOUGH. He deserves an A+ ranking or S tier.

  4. Dude, what!?!? Yasmine, D tier? Seriously? I am at level 82 and i have defeated a level 128 team of galahad, cornelius, jorgen, dante and thea easily with asta, yasmine, celeste, morrigan and faceless. True, I have invested heavily in her but see the point! There is a 46 level gap between our team! She is TOTALLY underrated. In other website, she is at S or A+ teir, and you rated her D?

    • I’ve heavily invested in Dante(currently my strongest) who has gotten me out of the toughest spots ever in higher ranked people (currently level 111). He 1v5’d a team of 100+ levels at level 90+.

  5. Astaroth è fantastico, mi ha salvato Peppy, Lian, Quing Mao e Ginger almeno una decina di volte con l’abilità blu. Poi può resuscitare! è un tank fortissimo. Anche Jasmine, ma ce l’ho in “intermedio”. La seccatura è che non importa il livello, la danza della morte si attiverà sempre. Prima che la prendessi, era un suicidio combattere con lei… 4 eroi andati in meno di un minuto. E restava solo Thea, un guaritore che contro 5 è innocuo. Ma Martha è sopravvalutata. Non fa un fico secco! Lian è fantastica.
    Incanta gli avversari mentre Thea guarisce. Poi quando si risvegliano ad attenderli ci sono Quing Mao e Ginger rango viola. Avevano già salute bassa, perchè Lian non colpisce subito. Fatti fuori tutti e 5 n un sol colpo. Fantastico! Ma la classifica che c’è lì è falsa, lo dimostra Jasmine come ultimo posto. Ho raccolto per voi i pareri di alcuni miei amici:


    Lo so, può sembrare folle che Mannaia, il supereroe leggendario, sia ultimo, ma sta così:

    comunque, mi hanno consigliato Ziri+Jasmine. Mentre Ziri recupera salute sotto la sabbia, Jasmine fa fuori un mare di nemici, e facilita il lavoro dell’alleata che li ucciderà.

    NON usate Fenris MAI!
    Nella torre ho imparato che ucciderà il Tank alleato… o meglio può farlo.


  6. Whatever hero you use, make sure to max out glyphs and artifact FIRST. These boost your hero’s stat at the least cost to you. I never used Aurora because I started in mobile and she was terrible in mobile. Thought Galahad was really good though… The reason I said glyphs and artifacts because they use resources that you should have plenty of and it boosts the hero by at LEAST 20,000-40,000 points if you have them maxed out. It’s much easier than trying to increase rank or skins. A hero at violet +3 with maxed out artifact and glyphs will be more powerful than a hero at Orange +4 without any artifacts or glyphs.

  7. Maya saves my team again and again with her healing. D? Not at all, she’s rated A or B on other sites. Damn. And Astorath is sooooo overrated in all of these. He dies in a blink of an eye even with resurrection. Horrible hero. And damn, Aurora? She needs all resources devoted to dodge. Qing Mao, Maya, and Alvanor paired with Aurora (Alvanor, who you don’t bother to list) are A to S heroes 100%.

    • Yeah. Maya saves my full team in Compagion but nowhere else. Definitely not D tier. About A-B tier. Yasmine is pretty deadly and kills my team in a blink of an eye. S-A tier. And Astaroth? He’s killed right after I left to take a drink of water. ( even with resurrection) Aurora is good enough when she’s very upgraded( violet rank, dodge high, Cain protanged…) Also, here’s what’s funny: WHY IS CELESTE B+ TIER?!? She’s the second-best healer in the game in all guides that I know except for this one. Definitely an S- tier.

  8. EXACTLY! She’s a GREAT hero. I’ve been trying to beat her in the tower for months, and I always failed. She is a great hero, in my opinion, her attacks are super strong. For example, my sister’s heroes are at violet rank. She’s been fighting in the tower. And for her, Yasmine is at violet rank too, whenever she fights in the tower. My sister always loses her at least 3 out of 5 heroes because of Yasmine. Yasmine is an awesome hero. I LOVE Yasmine. She is very deadly, just like you said

  9. really? you got Yasmine as the worst hero in the game??? she is deadly, constant poison and nearly unstoppable. she destroys teams like mad. this list is invalid

    • Same, I agree she’s been making my team fail from the tower, always leaves 3 out of 5 heroes dead and the remaining at low health. I recently summoned Yasmine and she’s been great. In my opinion she is a very strong hero.

  10. Luther is fairly good but he looses health too quickly so I have to wait until I can hit the opposing team really hard so he doesn’t die. If you use Astroath’s attack and his at the same time it can reduce some of the attack.

    • Markus’s ultimate skill will help Luther survive longer. You can put another healer for better support cause Markus can die too quickly.

  11. The list misses Thea (solo) and mentions Maya twice: D and B+.
    Also, why is Yasmine ranked D? I think she can be quite powerful to clear opponents’ weak spots.

    • imo luther is a good tank, however he is vulnerable to magic damage and cant compare to tanks such as asteroth who will survive much better overall. he is good to pair with asteroth since they both have good health pools and luther will benefit from asteroth’s blue skill.

    • he is good at distracting the other team but his health is really bad so when he teleports to the other team you are gonna have to end the battle really quick or you’ll lose him

  12. I play on my computer, not on facebook and not on a moble device. My guess is that I play the facebook version, but I can’t confirm that. Can anyone help me out with this?

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