Hero Wars Best Heroes Tier List (Mobile & Facebook)

hero wars best heroes tier list

Maxing out a hero in Hero Wars takes a lot of time and resources so picking the right ones early in the game you put your effort into is probably the smartes thing you can do long-term. Below I have a tier list for you that will show you what heroes are actually worth it in Hero Wars.

There are also several heroes that are great early in the game but will get worse later and you have still wasted your resources on them.

Please mind following things for the tier list:

  1. Some heroes in Hero Wars have different mechanics on Facebook and Mobile, so please check what platform you’re playing Hero Wars on. A good example is Aurora who is an awesome hero on Facebook but her mobile version misses her mechanics so she is a lot worse.
  2. Tiers are not ranked. A her that is higher on the list and is tier A+ is the same strength on the tier list as a hero with tier A+ lower on the list. Heroes within a tier are sorted alphabetically by name.
  3. Team synergies are not specifically here, the heroes are ranked on their own and how many synergies they have in general. Ranking specific synergies would overcomplicate this list and might become useless in a later update when I put specific combinations into account.
  4. My initial approach in trying to give heroes an individual ranking wasn’t the best way as you would normally pair them up in reality to get their biggest power. So, in this new version of the tier list is adapted to reflect that fact.

Hero Tier List

Hero(es) Role Tier Comment
Aurora Tank S Amazing dodge mechanics
Ziri Tank S
Martha Tank & Support S Provides a ton of healing. Combined with Jorgen an ever crazier combination that will make you team basically invulnerable.
Jorgen Support & Control S Great shielding. Combined with Martha an ever crazier combination that will make you team basically invulnerable.

K’arkh & Faceless

Synergy S Faceless will throw enemies into the air and trigger K’arkh ability and even copy his skill. It’s like a neverending circle of dealing damage to the enemy and super powerful.

Lars & Krista (The Twins)

Damage S Will buff each other over and over until their damage will go straight through the roof.
Satori Mage S Serious damage dealer

Jhu, Nebula & Thea

Synergy S Nabula buffs Jhu’s attack by more than double the value and Thea’s passive skill makes Jhu use his skill a lot more frequently when in lower health.

Keira & Andvari

Synergy S Andvari provides extra stuns and protection for Keira. For Keira that’s a perfect surrounding condition to kill the enemy tank quick.

Cleaver & Peppy

Synergy S Crazy combination, Cleaver will damage himself and trigger Peppy’s skill that will deal direct damage. Just insane.

Sebastian & Jet

Synergy S Jet will add a lot of critical hit stats to every hero so they will deal a lot more damage and Sebastian adds a lot of viablility to them. Great backup combo.

Elmir, Dorian & Daredevil

Synergy S Elmir will jump in the backline to regenerate with his ability and Dorian will provide healing and give Elmir a health buff. Running them like this give you the option to run a damage dealing hero like Daredevil as well instead of a secondary tank.

Arachne, Nebula & Heidi

Synergy S Arachne will teleport in front of Nebula and leave the spot next to her empty. This will force Nebula to buff herself. As her buff will basically buff herself, Heidi will directly benefit a lot.
Dante Marksman A+
Cleaver Tank & Control A+ Also a viable tank on his own. Would always recommend running with peppy but also does really well without her.
Astaroth Tank & Support A+ A super tank in Hero Wars and useful in pretty much every game mode and with almost any team setup. Can also resurrect.
Luther Tank & Control A+ good tank, easy to get and can counter several strong heroes well
Markus Healer & Support A Good healer. Nothing else. But a good healer is nothing bad.
Orion Mage A Very solid damage dealer, good synergies.
Dark Star Marksman & Control A Solid damage dealer
Astrid Warrior & Marksman A Serious damage but can be squishy sometimes.
Qing Mao Warrior A Percentage damage great against bosses and good synergy with Keira
Kai Mage A
Rufus Tank & Support B+ Good against magical affinity teams. Better in a defense team
Lilith Tank & Control B+ Defense teams
Chabba Tank & Control B+ Offense Team
Galahad Tank B+ good survivability, lifesteal. Solid damage (but less than Astroth). Works better in offense Team
Corvus Tank B+ Use in offense team. Good tank, boost Keira really well
Celeste Healer & Control B+ Good enemy healing control and ally support
Maya Support B+
Helios Mage & Support B+
Fox Marksman B+ Niche role to counter. Blind ability useful against Keira.
Phobos Mage & Control (Niche) B
Ginger Marksman (Niche) B Strong damage early game but falls back later
Artemis Marksman (Niche) B
Ishmael Warrior (Niche) B actually really strong but easy to counter by many teams
Cornelius Mage & Support (Niche) C useful against magic enemies and super useful in campaign with one-shot kills
Lian Mage & Control (Niche) C Useful charm against Keira, but not that useful in general
Judge Mage & Support (Niche) C solid niche role countering later in the game
Morrigan C boost Keira really well
Mojo Mage & Support (Niche) C hard to max out and not really viable
Maya Healer & Mage D healer and poison is useful, but needs the right team
Yasmine D


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  1. Whatever hero you use, make sure to max out glyphs and artifact FIRST. These boost your hero’s stat at the least cost to you. I never used Aurora because I started in mobile and she was terrible in mobile. Thought Galahad was really good though… The reason I said glyphs and artifacts because they use resources that you should have plenty of and it boosts the hero by at LEAST 20,000-40,000 points if you have them maxed out. It’s much easier than trying to increase rank or skins. A hero at violet +3 with maxed out artifact and glyphs will be more powerful than a hero at Orange +4 without any artifacts or glyphs.

  2. Maya saves my team again and again with her healing. D? Not at all, she’s rated A or B on other sites. Damn. And Astorath is sooooo overrated in all of these. He dies in a blink of an eye even with resurrection. Horrible hero. And damn, Aurora? She needs all resources devoted to dodge. Qing Mao, Maya, and Alvanor paired with Aurora (Alvanor, who you don’t bother to list) are A to S heroes 100%.

    • Yeah. Maya saves my full team in Compagion but nowhere else. Definitely not D tier. About A-B tier. Yasmine is pretty deadly and kills my team in a blink of an eye. S-A tier. And Astaroth? He’s killed right after I left to take a drink of water. ( even with resurrection) Aurora is good enough when she’s very upgraded( violet rank, dodge high, Cain protanged…) Also, here’s what’s funny: WHY IS CELESTE B+ TIER?!? She’s the second-best healer in the game in all guides that I know except for this one. Definitely an S- tier.

  3. EXACTLY! She’s a GREAT hero. I’ve been trying to beat her in the tower for months, and I always failed. She is a great hero, in my opinion, her attacks are super strong. For example, my sister’s heroes are at violet rank. She’s been fighting in the tower. And for her, Yasmine is at violet rank too, whenever she fights in the tower. My sister always loses her at least 3 out of 5 heroes because of Yasmine. Yasmine is an awesome hero. I LOVE Yasmine. She is very deadly, just like you said

  4. really? you got Yasmine as the worst hero in the game??? she is deadly, constant poison and nearly unstoppable. she destroys teams like mad. this list is invalid

    • Same, I agree she’s been making my team fail from the tower, always leaves 3 out of 5 heroes dead and the remaining at low health. I recently summoned Yasmine and she’s been great. In my opinion she is a very strong hero.

  5. Luther is fairly good but he looses health too quickly so I have to wait until I can hit the opposing team really hard so he doesn’t die. If you use Astroath’s attack and his at the same time it can reduce some of the attack.

    • Markus’s ultimate skill will help Luther survive longer. You can put another healer for better support cause Markus can die too quickly.

  6. The list misses Thea (solo) and mentions Maya twice: D and B+.
    Also, why is Yasmine ranked D? I think she can be quite powerful to clear opponents’ weak spots.

    • imo luther is a good tank, however he is vulnerable to magic damage and cant compare to tanks such as asteroth who will survive much better overall. he is good to pair with asteroth since they both have good health pools and luther will benefit from asteroth’s blue skill.

    • he is good at distracting the other team but his health is really bad so when he teleports to the other team you are gonna have to end the battle really quick or you’ll lose him

  7. I play on my computer, not on facebook and not on a moble device. My guess is that I play the facebook version, but I can’t confirm that. Can anyone help me out with this?

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