best hero tier list in hero wars december 2023 best hero tier list in hero wars december 2023

Hero Wars Best Heroes Tier List (Synergy + Hydra) 2024 – with Oya & Polaris

Maxing out a hero in Hero Wars takes a lot of time and resources so picking the right ones early in the game you put your effort into is probably the smartes thing you can do long-term. Below I have a tier list for you that will show you what heroes are actually worth it in Hero Wars.

There are also several heroes that are great early in the game but will get worse later and you have still wasted your resources on them.

Please also refer to my recently updated list of skins & glyps to level for each hero here, great hero synergies that makes great teams here and also useful, my guide for countering every hero in Hero Wars here.

What Are The Best Heroes in Hero Wars?

Before we jump into the tier list, please let me clarify something about the new ranking system.

The New Ranking System

So here’s the issue with many tier lists: they try to make sense of heroes individually. But individual strength means nothing in Hero Wars, it’s about who you counter and what heroes you form synergies with.

For that reason I chenged the ranking in my tier list for Hero Wars and I believe it makes a lot more sense for everyone looking what heroes are strong. The main new ranking criterias now are:

  • Synergy: basically how easily can I combine the hero with other heroes and how many good teams use the hero. Heroes that are found in many teams and are going with more other heroes get a higher score for that. The reason is those heroes will make it easier for you to form teams for whatever you need later in the game
  • Hydra: is becoming increasingly important in Hero Wars so the higher the ranking of a hero for that mode the more teams you can find that hero in that have proven to make great damage. Please refer to my top hydra teams guide here for more info.

So, this is how the total rank is calculated. Right now hydra makes 30% of the total rank but I might adjust that later on.

Hero Wars Tier List

Alright, let’s go directly to the list:


  • MarthaS+Best Build
    One great healer that goes well with pretty much any team and any heroHydra: The base for pretty much all top teams, can't think of any other hero that is more important thereSynergy: S+Hydra: S+Best BuildBest Teams
  • SebastianS+Best Build
    Incredibly synergy with his control protection make him great with pretty much any hero in the gameHydra: Almost every second top team or great team uses himSynergy: S+Hydra: S+Best BuildBest Teams
  • FafnirSBest Build
    Works in so many teams and along so many heroes well that he deserves a high rankingHydra: Used in some top teams against some headsSynergy: SHydra: A+Best BuildBest Teams
  • CelesteSBest Build
    Incredibly versatile as healer and damage dealer and support as well and basically fits everywhereHydra: Some teams use her but none of the top teams right nowSynergy: S+Hydra: BBest BuildBest Teams
  • NebulaA+Best Build
    Crazy enabler and goes well with so many different damage dealers but can also boost tanks that deal damage or healersHydra: Several follow-up teams have her and although no top team I think of but she can do fine there and has some relevanceSynergy: SHydra: B+Best BuildBest Teams
  • Xe'ShaA+Best Build
    She is coming more and more up and there are quite a couple of great teams she is good inHydra: Used in many top teams and mandatory for end-game hereSynergy: AHydra: S+Best BuildBest Teams
  • KeiraA+Best Build
    A good damage dealer and if you're not against a magic counter team she fits any teamHydra: Occasionally in some niche teams, but in no top teamSynergy: SHydra: BBest BuildBest Teams
  • FacelessA+Best Build
    His ability to steal abilities make him versatile in many team archetypesHydra: Used in several popular teams or decent teamsSynergy: A+Hydra: ABest BuildBest Teams
  • GalahadA+Best Build
    Great tank and can deal damage and can tank for most team archetypesHydra: Used in many good teams and a good performer against several hydra headsSynergy: A+Hydra: ABest BuildBest Teams
  • TristanA+Best Build
    Crazy good with so many heroes, really good utility in many team archetypes in Hero WarsHydra: Some good teams need himSynergy: A+Hydra: ABest BuildBest Teams
  • DorianA+Best Build
    Goes well with a lot of heroes due to his auraHydra: Very valuable and useful in many top teams or 2nd top teamsSynergy: AHydra: SBest BuildBest Teams
  • MorriganA+Best Build
    Versatile in so many teams, not just with CorvusHydra: Very rarely usedSynergy: SHydra: C+Best BuildBest Teams
  • AuroraABest Build
    Solid tank, not incredible and can work with many teams and heroesHydra: Can work in some teams where you swap her in but can also be replacedSynergy: A+Hydra: B+Best BuildBest Teams
  • JorgenABest Build
    His energy control goes with any team and any situationHydra: Not used in relevant teams in hydra right nowSynergy: S+Hydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • LilithABest Build
    Works well with many heroes and is a pretty good universal hero to useHydra: Used in several top teams and really useful thereSynergy: AHydra: A+Best BuildBest Teams
  • Mushy & ShroomABest Build
    Not as universal as other heroes of her class but she made some good synergies so far and is a hero you can build several teams aroundHydra: Found in nearly all top teams in hydraSynergy: B+Hydra: S+Best BuildBest Teams
  • AstarothABest Build
    With his revive a good secondary tank and compatible to a lot of team setupsHydra: Can be used in several hydra setups and has some relevance thereSynergy: A+Hydra: BBest BuildBest Teams
  • JuliusABest Build
    Can be combined with almost all heroes and works well in so many teams it's crazyHydra: Very rarely seen in teams that perform wellSynergy: SHydra: D+Best BuildBest Teams
  • KristaABest Build
    Great synergy in the twins synergy and that also goes well with many teamsHydra: Only found in basic or teams that don't deal the most damageSynergy: A+Hydra: C+Best BuildBest Teams
  • LarsABest Build
    Great synergy in the twins synergy and that also goes well with many teamsHydra: Only found in basic or teams that don't deal the most damageSynergy: A+Hydra: C+Best BuildBest Teams
  • AidanABest Build
    Not crazy universal and has some synergy requests but overall goes well with a lot of heroes in Hero WarsHydra: Can be found in some Hydra teams although is not neccessary in every single team. As a newer hero more of an end-game investSynergy: AHydra: B+Best BuildBest Teams
  • OrionABest Build
    Pretty good synergy with several heroesHydra: Some good teams use Orion and although he is not mandatory for the top teams I see him relevant in hydraSynergy: AHydra: B+Best BuildBest Teams
  • OctaviaB+Best Build
    Finds her teams slowly but steady and I guess this will turn for the better as she simply has several archetypes she can go well withHydra: Too early to tell, right not not too relevant but we'll see how meta evolves hereSynergy: AHydra: -Best BuildBest Teams
  • SatoriB+Best Build
    Can work well in several teamsHydra: Some good teams for some heads use himSynergy: AHydra: BBest BuildBest Teams
  • TheaB+Best Build
    Solid healer but also many other healers can do well. Still no mistake to have and useHydra: Can be a swap in for some teams but no top team needs her mandatorilySynergy: AHydra: BBest BuildBest Teams
  • OyaB+Best Build
    Doesn't have too many heroes she can work with due to her kit and her role as a shield breaker but when you need her she does a spendid job.Hydra: Too new to predict the real power but with the heroes she has synergy it is kind-of predicatable where the road is going, espcially as she works well with Mojo and Mushy & Shroom I guess we will start seing her in good teams for Hydra soonSynergy: B+Hydra: ABest BuildBest Teams
  • MojoB+Best Build
    Has his teams and archetypes that he can jump around in but not as universally great in any teamHydra: Found in many good or top teams in hydraSynergy: BHydra: SBest BuildBest Teams
  • YasmineB+Best Build
    Can work great but also needs somewhat her team tailored around her abilityHydra: Is useful in some teams against some headsSynergy: B+Hydra: B+Best BuildBest Teams
  • AndvariB+Best Build
    High synergy in many teams also as he can off tank with another tank and also protect heroes from getting pulledHydra: Not relevant for hydra right nowSynergy: A+Hydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • K'arkhB+Best Build
    Works well in so many teams and has so many heroes you can combine him with that he absolutely belongs up hereHydra: Not used in relevant teams in hydra right nowSynergy: A+Hydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • ArtemisB+Best Build
    Not too universal but can work in quite an amount of teamsHydra: Can be found in some basic hydra teams but overall not mandatory there and more a swap in if you're missing some heroSynergy: B+Hydra: BBest BuildBest Teams
  • JhuB+Best Build
    Has his niche cases and setups where you will use him, but not a universally easy hero to synergizeHydra: Frequently in good or top teams and a good hero against some hydra headsSynergy: BHydra: ABest BuildBest Teams
  • HeliosB+Best Build
    Works in quite a number of good teams and is a hero that belons in the upper third of this tier list.Hydra: Very rarely in hydra basic teams, but overall none of the good or top teams use himSynergy: AHydra: D+Best BuildBest Teams
  • ElmirBBest Build
    His self sustain is alright and he can theoretically go well with many heroes but also they can have better optionsHydra: In occasional basic or niche teams he has a role aginast some headsSynergy: B+Hydra: C+Best BuildBest Teams
  • IsaacBBest Build
    Is a hero you find quite a bunch of heroes to combine with and teams that work wellHydra: Not used in relevant teams in hydra right nowSynergy: AHydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • JetBBest Build
    Works in many good teams well.Hydra: Not used in relevant teams in hydra right nowSynergy: AHydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • JudgeBBest Build
    Useful in many different teamsHydra: Not used in relevant teams in hydra right nowSynergy: AHydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • PhobosBBest Build
    Great control and useful in several setupsHydra: Not used in relevant teams in hydra right nowSynergy: AHydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • CorvusBBest Build
    Only with undead and in particular Morrigan a strong synergy. This work well but overall the only way to make him work wellHydra: Very rarely you see a basic team using himSynergy: B+Hydra: CBest BuildBest Teams
  • PolarisBBest Build
    Has some synergies with magic but not overly easy to combine in too many setups due to her kit and what she provides and needsHydra: Too new to predict the real power but looking at the heroes and setups she works best with, they all are rather niche fits against hydra so I don't think she will excel there too muchSynergy: BHydra: BBest BuildBest Teams
  • IshmaelBBest Build
    Not crazy many teams form good synergies with Ishmael but the ones that do work wellHydra: Extremely rarely in niche teams, not that relevantSynergy: B+Hydra: D+Best BuildBest Teams
  • AlvanorBBest Build
    Not too easy to synergize well. What I mean with that is that the heroes that work with him make him work well but he is not a plug-and-play hero in Hero WarsHydra: Not really that important and only useful for very basic hydra teams as swap inSynergy: BHydra: C+Best BuildBest Teams
  • LianBBest Build
    Has several teams she works well in but not too crazy much compared to other heroesHydra: Found in some niche setups but overall you can do hydra without herSynergy: BHydra: C+Best BuildBest Teams
  • AmiraBBest Build
    Has settled well in the meta, without being too overpowered but has several setups where she can work inHydra: Not relevant for hydra right nowSynergy: B+Hydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • IrisBBest Build
    Has some teams that will work well with her but is not really a hero you will call plug-and-play with any hero or archetype of teamHydra: Not used in relevant teams in hydra right nowSynergy: B+Hydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • KaylaBBest Build
    Has been silently finding some good teams since her release and is working well in themHydra: Not used in relevant teams in hydra right nowSynergy: B+Hydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • LutherBBest Build
    Can work well in multiple archetypesHydra: Not used in relevant teams in hydra right nowSynergy: B+Hydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • RufusBBest Build
    For anti-mage teams great but otherwise not too universal with synergiesHydra: Not used in relevant teams in hydra right nowSynergy: B+Hydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • MarkusC+Best Build
    Not really that much synergy overall in the broad spectrum of good teamsHydra: Has some appearances in some solid follow up teams but no top team I can think of uses him right nowSynergy: CHydra: ABest BuildBest Teams
  • MayaC+Best Build
    Not a bad hero in Hero Wars but most of the time she can be replaced by other heroes and only has a handful of teams where she really shinesHydra: Some teams use her and she has some relevance against some headsSynergy: CHydra: B+Best BuildBest Teams
  • CascadeC+Best Build
    Relatively new but already has some synergies she work well in, although it's probably too early to give her a final rank so please take this tier rank here with the grain of saltHydra: Not relevant for hydra right nowSynergy: BHydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • CleaverC+Best Build
    Hard to get and also very particular about the heroes you can combine him to really work wellHydra: Not relevant for hydra right nowSynergy: BHydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • DanteC+Best Build
    Works well in several teamsHydra: Not relevant for hydra right nowSynergy: BHydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • GingerC+Best Build
    Has some teams that utilize her well but can't form synergies with too many heroesHydra: Not used in relevant teams in hydra right nowSynergy: BHydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • ArachneCBest Build
    Super specific and can't run with most heroes that wellHydra: Not relevant for hydra right nowSynergy: C+Hydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • ChabbaCBest Build
    More of a specific counter and not a hero that is know to have a lot of synergies or works with many team archetypes in hero WarsHydra: Not relevant for hydra right nowSynergy: C+Hydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • CorneliusCBest Build
    Alright in several setups but also not too universally usefulHydra: Not relevant for hydra right nowSynergy: C+Hydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • HeidiCBest Build
    Even after her rework not that strong and easy to synergize wellHydra: Not used in relevant teams in hydra right nowSynergy: C+Hydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • KaiCBest Build
    Very little teams demand him and he can nnormally replaced there as wellHydra: Not used in relevant teams in hydra right nowSynergy: C+Hydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • ZiriCBest Build
    Not really helpful espcially as tank that burrows herself from time to timeHydra: Not used in relevant teams in hydra right nowSynergy: C+Hydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • DaredevilCBest Build
    Very little cases to form synergies with and overall most of the time can be swapped out there as wellHydra: In some teams you can see her value but normally not in top teamsSynergy: CHydra: CBest BuildBest Teams
  • Astrid and LucasD+Best Build
    Not really great, still and also not really versatile and most heroes have better options than herHydra: Not relevant for hydra right nowSynergy: CHydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • Dark StarD+Best Build
    Works in some setups but the way her kit works the meta right now let her fall under the table for most casesHydra: Not relevant for hydra right nowSynergy: CHydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • PeppyD+Best Build
    Very particular compatibility, primarily with CleaverHydra: Not used in relevant teams in hydra right nowSynergy: CHydra: DBest BuildBest Teams
  • Qing MaoD+Best Build
    Only very little setups really demand her presence in Hero WarsHydra: Some good teams for some heads use herSynergy: DHydra: BBest BuildBest Teams
  • FoxDBest Build
    Very rare cases where you need her in a team and very little heroes out there that really form good ssynergy with herHydra: Sometimes in teams she pops up but overall not really that relevantSynergy: DHydra: D+Best Build


I hope you find the tier list useful and check out my other guides in Hero Wars. If you have further questions, just leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer.

More tier lists for similar games:

  1. Hi, my name is Michael Nunes, you can call me just Michael! I’m guessing that you could make a tier list for the heroes to use against hydras, but I’m also guessing that you need to see a tier list that you haven’t seen yet perhaps and that it will shed some light on the heroes to use against the different hydras for each turn because there’s 3 turns against them. So in this case or scenario, I would like to know which hero teams to use in each turn against one hydra at a time similar to a tier list that I got about two or three years ago, is there some way I can attach a picture of this tier list to this message?

    84.91 Water
    57.98 Earth
    Top 2nd
    §a (A)
    346 (0)
    galahad aurora markus astaroth galahad celeste galahad andvari sebastian ging mao maya simir satori lihy simit yasmine
    mojo daredevil celeste celeste sebastian nebula molo daradeni maya xe’sha fox nebula hu daredevil orion lorion fox sebastian martha dorian cornelius mojo dorian martha martha dorian
    10 64
    15 89
    39 46
    15.25 22.39
    31 83
    91.36 wind
    3rd (A)
    markus andvart astaroth markus marks elmir alvano
    mojo daredevil ging mao ihu sebastian satori mojo
    ke’sha fox
    alvanor mojo daredevil alvanor xe’sha daredevil orion
    dorian nebula xe’sha fox orion
    Lith fox phobos
    martha tha
    cornelius martha dorian phobos martha dorian
    52 22

    Maybe this won’t be attached as a real picture I meant to send to you but can you contact to me by email so that I can send the picture attached to the message I will send, because this way, this tier list will be useful to me, I hope you’ll understand me, thanks!

    Michael Nunes

  2. Hi, nice guide here! Just want to point out that the “BEST SKINS & GLYPHS PRIORITY” link under each hero goes to AFK Arena artifacts page.

  3. Thank you for the lists you provide. I just wanted to point out Jhu’s photo is under both B and D. Heidi’s photo is under both C and F. Lilith, Alvanor, and Amira are missing.

    1. Comments like yours are completely useless to someone who took a lot of time to create this. Did he hurt your feelings because your KSJ team isn’t S+. Grow up and provide useful criticism. As far as I could tell everything was pretty close other than his Artemis facts which are way off since she is undoubtedly the strongest physical attacker in the game and her GTF combo is a doozy. Still try to not be an obnoxious tool and instead provide helpful info to make the site better. The biggest problem with HW community is people like you. There is an adage as old as time that still rings with truth. Talk to people like you want to be spoken to.

  4. Whatever hero you use, make sure to max out glyphs and artifact FIRST. These boost your hero’s stat at the least cost to you. I never used Aurora because I started in mobile and she was terrible in mobile. Thought Galahad was really good though… The reason I said glyphs and artifacts because they use resources that you should have plenty of and it boosts the hero by at LEAST 20,000-40,000 points if you have them maxed out. It’s much easier than trying to increase rank or skins. A hero at violet +3 with maxed out artifact and glyphs will be more powerful than a hero at Orange +4 without any artifacts or glyphs.

  5. Maya saves my team again and again with her healing. D? Not at all, she’s rated A or B on other sites. Damn. And Astorath is sooooo overrated in all of these. He dies in a blink of an eye even with resurrection. Horrible hero. And damn, Aurora? She needs all resources devoted to dodge. Qing Mao, Maya, and Alvanor paired with Aurora (Alvanor, who you don’t bother to list) are A to S heroes 100%.

    1. Yeah. Maya saves my full team in Compagion but nowhere else. Definitely not D tier. About A-B tier. Yasmine is pretty deadly and kills my team in a blink of an eye. S-A tier. And Astaroth? He’s killed right after I left to take a drink of water. ( even with resurrection) Aurora is good enough when she’s very upgraded( violet rank, dodge high, Cain protanged…) Also, here’s what’s funny: WHY IS CELESTE B+ TIER?!? She’s the second-best healer in the game in all guides that I know except for this one. Definitely an S- tier.

  6. EXACTLY! She’s a GREAT hero. I’ve been trying to beat her in the tower for months, and I always failed. She is a great hero, in my opinion, her attacks are super strong. For example, my sister’s heroes are at violet rank. She’s been fighting in the tower. And for her, Yasmine is at violet rank too, whenever she fights in the tower. My sister always loses her at least 3 out of 5 heroes because of Yasmine. Yasmine is an awesome hero. I LOVE Yasmine. She is very deadly, just like you said

  7. Luther is fairly good but he looses health too quickly so I have to wait until I can hit the opposing team really hard so he doesn’t die. If you use Astroath’s attack and his at the same time it can reduce some of the attack.

    1. Markus’s ultimate skill will help Luther survive longer. You can put another healer for better support cause Markus can die too quickly.

  8. No your playing the web version, I play both and the FB version i think is much harder because so many more play it

  9. The list misses Thea (solo) and mentions Maya twice: D and B+.
    Also, why is Yasmine ranked D? I think she can be quite powerful to clear opponents’ weak spots.

    1. imo luther is a good tank, however he is vulnerable to magic damage and cant compare to tanks such as asteroth who will survive much better overall. he is good to pair with asteroth since they both have good health pools and luther will benefit from asteroth’s blue skill.

    2. he is good at distracting the other team but his health is really bad so when he teleports to the other team you are gonna have to end the battle really quick or you’ll lose him

  10. I play on my computer, not on facebook and not on a moble device. My guess is that I play the facebook version, but I can’t confirm that. Can anyone help me out with this?

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