Hero Wars Best Team Compositions & Synergies

best teams in hero wars guide

Building a good team in Hero Wars is about hero synergies, not about placing all your best heroes down into one team composition. The better your heroes synergize with each other, the more effective your team will be.

When looking for good teams, you often either get a list of the best heroes in Hero Wars (don’t get me wrong, we also have a very solid tier list for the individual heroes here), but often times they don’t take synergy into account or they use heroes that you don’t have so these fixed teams won’t help you much.

In our guide, I will show you the best synergies between heroes that you need to know about so you can build a team around those combos that fit your hero roaster, not vice versa. I also give you suggestions how to complete strong hero combinations into a team, but that’s more like a recommendation 🙂

Best Hero Wars Team Synergies For Good Team Building

In the first part you will now see good hero combinations that you can use and build a team around. If you’re looking for full team compositions (more related to end-game), please check the second section below.

Please mind that this is not a ranked list, rather a gathered list of heroes that have great synergy to use on your team. Their strength is based on the situation you use them, not how high they are listed here on the site.

krista lars comboKrista + Lars: One of the strongest team combinations you can have is Lars & Krista as they will boost their skills with mark of water that Krista will applies with her Frozen needles and Chain of Frost skill. This synergy is actually the strongest in Hero Wars, not other heroes have such a strong synergy. This team works essentially everywhere in the game, especially in Arena and Guild Wars.

K’arkh + Kai: make a great combination with Kai’s ultimate attack that makes K’arkh attack the whole enemy team.

Cleaver + Peppy: Let’s not get into the fact that Cleaver is really hard to get in Hero Wars, but if you have him you need to run him with Peppy. The synergy here is that Cleaver will damage himself when dealing damage to enemies with his Putrefaction skill and this will trigger Peppy’s Boldness skill that whenever that happens she will deal direct damage to the nearest enemies. So cleaver will deal damage to himself like he normally would and you get the bonus damage from Peppy along with it.

dorian orion keira comboDorian + Orion/Keira: While Keira and Orion can be really squishy to deal their massive damage, Dorian will add a lot of stability with his healing effect and making them a lot more stable.

dorian elmir comboDorian + Elmir: With Elmir in the front and Dorian in the back you have a great synergy in your team. As soon as Elmir uses his ability to jump in the back to regenerate, Dorian will provide healing and give Elmir a nice boost in health. The advantage is that you can run a damage dealing hero in the front line instead of a secondary tank and get more damage in without risking a hero going down too fast.

Nebula + Heidi: Nebula will give Heidi a huge boost and make the pure damage that Heidi deals go through the roof. Remember, true damage can’t be mitigated by armor or megic defense so the damage will really be a lot.

satori astaroth comboSatori + Astaroth: Satori already deals massive damage himself and Astaroth gives him one free extra life so he can use his ultimate ability once more.

rufus cornelius comboRufus + Cornelius: no special synergy here but both of them together work well against mage teams.

Jet + Sebastian: Jet will provide a nice critical hit buff for the whole team and Sebastian is a well-working support to take along.

End-Game Teams To Use

Here are finished team setups that I recommend for end-game in Hero Wars. Please mind that this is not a ranked list!

Team #1 – Helios/Faceless/Nebula/K’arkh/AstarothGreat control and also physical damage protection. Really viable unless you’re facing mage teams.

Team #2 – Martha/Lars/Orion/Krista/ZiriProbably my favorite team. Grat frontline with a lot of protectio  for the mages that can burn down pretty much any enemy team.

Team #3 – Thea/Jorgen/Maya/Satori/AstarothAll about protecting Satori long enough that he can reach his amaximum damage output. Astaroth gives him even a free extra resurrection

Team #4 – Helios/Dorian/Orion/Nebula/AstarothVery high level of synergy and every hero here plays along very well. Be careful if you match against Cleaver, he can reposition heroes and destroy synergies (like Helios losing Dorian’s aura).

Team #5 – Thea/Jorgen/Nebula/Jhu/AstarothJhu will slive his way through the enemy backline and the other heroes focus on surviving long enough for that to happen. Very effective team against mages.

Team #6 – Dorian/Jorgen/Nebula/Elmir/CleverJorgen suppresses enemy energy generation, Cleaver disrupts their positions and dealing damage along with Elmir who will survive with the help of Dorian. Cool team but not that easy to build.

Team #7 – Thea/Orion/Nebula/Keira/AstarothProbably the craziest AoE team in Hero Wars! Keira and Orion use their explosion andNabula buffs them while Astaroth can resurrect. Super fun to play.

Team #8 – Martha/Celeste/Satori/Andvari/LutherVery well-balanced team and great to counter complicated teams with K’arkh.

Team #9 – Jet/Sebastian/Keira/Andvari/RufusMassively buffed for pure damage, this causes Sebastian to deal a lot of damage while Keira will trigger her skill multiple times and skyrocket damage.

Team #10 – Peppy/Faceless/Jorgen/Andvari/CleverThe stars of this team are Peppy and Cleaver while Cleaver will hurt himself and make Peppy deal extra damage to all enemies over and over again. The other heroes use their control abilities and mek this team extremly pwoerful.

Team #11 – Cornelius/Jorgen/Santori/Andvari/Rufus

Great team to counter Keira + Lars combos and other mage combos.

Team #12 – Dorian/Heidi/Nebula/Dante/AuroraExtreme dodge team to cheese success. Very effectiev against physical damage team setups.

Team #13 – Dorian/Sebastian/Qing Mao/Andvari/IshmaelCrazy damage output for fast takedown. Not always the best choice but if you need the quick kill, take this team in Hero Wars.

Team #14 – Faceless/Orian/Nebula/Arachne/Aurora

Team #15 – Thea/Peppy/Jorgen/Maya/Clever


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  1. why no suggestions for Osh teams?
    also, i’ve heard that ODH is a good combo but i don’t think i see it up there.

    • You know , there is not a strongest team as well worst team. But you can build many strong powerful teams. This needs a lot of time and many years to take. For me, build the team with the heroes you like. Here you mention to Jude teams. He is powerful, and good at both attack or defence. I will note him. And I think you make your teams yourself.

  2. Hi… thanks a lot for the information

    But… i can’t find Galahad team.

    How about
    Galahad satori nebula orion dorian

    • most likely thats because galahad isnt a very good endgame/when your heroes are more developed tank to use. he’s a great starter tank, but not too good later on. about your team though, i’m not sure

      • Galahad isn’t very good at taking damage especially not in the later levels, though he is pretty good in the start of the game (when he is your only tank), but once you get Astaroth or Aurora you should switch to them, since they have skills that reduce damage, lots of control, and Asta even has a free resurrection for any ally.

    • No gal in satori. Astaroth and andvari is nice with that lineup. You can msg me in discord to talk more. EvilGummies#1958 .

    • Generally, Galahad isn’t the best at tanking, since all his skills are mostly damage and some control. There are a lot of better tanks in the game that are easy to get such as Astaroth and Aurora, although is is pretty good at dealing his damage if that’s what your team lacks.

  3. Oh my gosh these actually work! I like using Yasmie, Astoroth, Thea, Ginger, and Aurora

    *I don’t really know how they synergize but they work really well with each other. Yasmine pumps out cray damage with the chance of being resuructed by Astoroth. Ginger provides armor penetration so yasmine doesn’t need to worry about armor. Thea provides great healing and her second wind can speed up Yasmine like crazy. Last but not least, Aurora is a good tank that helps protects Yasmine from harm.

    • This team is pretty good but also note that after the tanks die, the rest of the heroes are very easy to pick off, even with Thea’s heal, especially against teams with lots of control. But if Astaroth stays alive, he can provide a free resurrection to any ally if the enemies have backline divers or AOE.

  4. Astaroth, Yasmine, Quing Mao, Celest, and Martha is a great team Oliver, Axel, and Cain work so well for pets to go along with this team.

    • Really bad team, you are goingbfor survivability but for what? You would be way better of with helios amira jorgen faceless astaroth. This has a stall purpose that works !

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