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best teams in hero wars guide

Building a good team in Hero Wars is about hero synergies, not about placing all your best heroes down into one team composition. The better your heroes synergize with each other, the more effective your team will be.

When looking for good teams, you often either get a list of the best heroes in Hero Wars (don’t get me wrong, we also have a very solid tier list for the individual heroes here), but often times they don’t take synergy into account or they use heroes that you don’t have so these fixed teams won’t help you much.

In our guide, I will show you the best synergies between heroes that you need to know about so you can build a team around those combos that fit your hero roaster, not vice versa. I also give you suggestions how to complete strong hero combinations into a team, but that’s more like a recommendation 🙂

Best Hero Wars Team Synergies For Good Team Building

Let’s now jump into the best combos I’ll recommend.

Please mind that this is not a ranked list, rather a gathered list of heroes that have great synergy to use on your team. Their strength is based on the situation you use them, not how high they are listed here on the site.

Lars & Krista

One of the strongest team combinations you can have is Lars & Krista as they will boost their skills with mark of water that Krista will applies with her Frozen needles and Chain of Frost skill. This synergy is actually the strongest in Hero Wars, not other heroes have such a strong synergy.

This team works essentially everywhere in the game, especially in Arena and Guild Wars.

If you want to get them in a team, the strongest way would be adding Astaroth as tank (alternatively any other tank) and Jorgen (because he just fits any team super well) and Celeste for great healing and support. This team will crush your enemies hard.

Cleaver & Peppy

cleaver peppy team synergy hero wars

Let’s not get into the fact that Cleaver is really hard to get in Hero Wars, but if you have him you need to run him with Peppy. The synergy here is that Cleaver will damage himself when dealing damage to enemies with his Putrefaction skill and this will trigger Peppy’s Boldness skill that whenever that happens she will deal direct damage to the nearest enemies. So cleaver will deal damage to himself like he normally would and you get the bonus damage from Peppy along with it.

If you run Cleaver, run Peppy as well!

Martha + Jorgen

This is a great combo for defensive teams in Arena or situations where you need to stand against heavy impact damage and you can easily fit both of them into pretty much any team composition for a huge defensive win.

With Martha you have a lot of healing and with the high HP she has she will not go down easily. Now Jorgen comes in with his shield for your team giving you a lot of defensive power as the enemy team has to overcome shield plus healing which can restore so much that you simply become invincible for the enemy.

So, if you’re running against a team where you see that your team is going down in the blink of an eye, fit both of them in.

Karkh & Faceless

This is also a classic synergy team combination in Hero Wars with Karkh dealing damage whenever a enemy hero is thrown into the air. Faceless has skills that will throw enemies into the air and directly trigger Karkhs Deadly Tendrils skill to deal a nice amount of damage.

Also, Faceless can copy Karkhs skill as well so every time an enemy is thrown into the air, he will get double the damage of karkh’s skill which is huge. A great damage dealing combo for almost every team.

If you want to build a team around that combo, I’d recommend using Astaroth as a tank (or any other tank hero), Jorgen for the reason that he synergizes well with quite every team and Martha for healing.

Corvus + Morrigan + Keira

undead team composition

Corvus and Morrigan work great together simply because their skills buff undead heroes only so they will buff each other by a lot.

Now when Morrigan summons her skeletons, Corvus will also treat them as undead type heroes and get the extra attack in for them, which multiply his damage output by an instant.

Now add in a hero like Keira, she will get buffed by Corcus and Morrigan by a lot in attack and defense and with the armor debuff of Curvus against enemies and magic penetration buff for Keira, he will give her a lot more damage that she can deal.

Nebula + Jet + Keira

nebula jet keira

This is the team synergy that will boost damage dealers like crazy. Nebula and Jet together work amazing.

Now adding in a very good damage dealer like Keira will give you such a strong damage output that you can combine with a solid tank and healing and you will smash enemy teams like crazy in Hero Wars.

Nebula will boost Keira’s damage directly and also increase Jet’s magic attack. So this means that Jet gets 3 out of his 4 skills boosted and this also increases the crit chance of Keira by a lot as well as her attack speed and armor penetration. It’s like supercharging and once you’ve run them together in a team you will understand how crazy they are.

Of course you can also use any other damage dealer instead of Keira, but I found that these 3 run best along with each other when it comes to damage.

Orion + Dorian + Helios

This is also a really sweet combination with Dorian standing in between Orion and Helios to heal them up.

In this setup you then have Orion dealing nice area damage and add magic penetration buff as well. This will buff Helios so when Orion uses his ability, Helios will gain a ton of extra damage that really stands out.

Dorian + Elmir

With Elmir in the front and Dorian in the back you have a great synergy in your team. As soon as Elmir uses his ability to jump in the back to regenerate, Dorian will provide healing and give Elmir a nice boost in health.

The advantage is that you can run a damage dealing hero in the front line instead of a secondary tank and get more damage in without risking a hero going down too fast.

Aurora + Cain + Yasmine/Dante (Facebook Only)

Aurora is a great tank and Cain will stack her skill up a lot faster by adding more energy to her energy bar frequently. This will make her even more powerful and give her a huge boost.

Now bringing in Dante will give her even more dodge or let Yasmine benefit from the extra dodge of Aurora.

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