hero wars adventure 8 guide hero wars adventure 8 guide

Hero Wars Adventure 8 Guide & Map – Fall of the Celestial City

Alright, Adventure 8 in Hero Wars… this is actually a really nice one that I always enjoyed as it’s not super hard and also quite flexible.

There are not many different strategies and paths you can take, what makes it easier to coordinate with other players. In fact, there’s only one effective route which is one player taking the middle route while the other two players take the outside routes to clear the buff towers. Then, in the last section of the adventure map, the middle path player clear the final buff towers to let the wing path players attack the boss. If the middle path player fails getting all buff towers down in the last section, one of the other path players can help out and the 3rd player can still attack the final boss.

Adventure 8 Walkthrough

Unlike other adventures in Hero Wars, Adventure 8 only has 1 reasonable path how you can solve it.

hero wars adventure 8 map

Alright, let’s start.

Copy this to the chat for your other players to know their route:




Important! In the first section, the player that takes the middle path has a camp that has 50% physical damage resists so only take this router if you can handle that with heroes that deal magical damage. Later, this player also gets a camp that has 50% magic damage resist, so you also need a team setup being able to handle that as well or you won’t be able to beat the boss of this adventure.

If the person doing the middle path fails towards the end, one of the side paths can jump in clearing the buff towers to still get the attacks in against the boss of Adventure 8.

#1 – In the first section, the player in the middle (red path) needs to wait for the two other players (yellow & blue path) to take out the buff towers first, don’t rush through the middle lane until they are defeated.

#2 – The player taking the yellow path should also be quick as he needs to clear the buff towers on his side first or the middle path needs to wait here as well. Also here, the player taking the red route needs to wait for the other paths to clear the buff towers so he can clear his route.

#3 – this is where you need to coordinate attacks quite well to get the boss. The red path waits intil the yellow path has removed the buff tower. Then the red path will clear all the way to remove the leftover buff towers. The blue path and the yellow path wait until that is done and all buff towers are removed before they can attack the boss.

hero wars adventure 8 boss fight

Now the yellow path gets 2 attacks on the boss and the blue player has 3 attacks on the boss to clear Adventure 8 in Hero Wars.

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