Hero Wars Titan Guide (Leveling, Ranking, Best Teams)

hero wars titans guide

I know it’s a long journey to level titans in Hero Wars and I wanted to write this guide to give you my general rules that help me having a strong and sustanable titan squad available for the different game modes by also making sure that leveling works as fast as possible.

Hero Wars Titan Tier List - Mobile ...

My ranking below will help you deciding which titan you need to prioritize ranking and also my recommendations how you can even out the levels so you don#t have to keep all of them at the same level.

Titan Ranking

This ranking should be like a recommendation which titans you should invest your effort leveling up in, like a priority list and less like a tier list.

The titans on top are the ones that will have the most use to you in Hero Wars, so put your effort into them primarily.

Before we start, here’s an overview where to put your titans in teams:

Titan Guild War


Guild War


Sigurd ✅✅
Nova ✅✅
Angus ✅✅

Here’s also my recommendation on how you should keep your titan’s levels in Hero Wars:

  • Prio #1 & #2: Level as high as possible
  • Prio #3: Keep about 15 levels lower than Prio #1 & #2 titans
  • Prio #4: Keep about 50 levels lower than Prio #1 & #2 titans

This means you always try to keep them somewhat close, otherwise you will see them getting too far apart in usability and your team synergies can fall off quickly.

Prio #1 – Angus & Sigurd

These two titans are your bread-and-butter tanks in Hero Wars Guild Wars. The reason why I recommend both of them as the highest priority is that their use-case is slightly different.

Angus has a really strong skill that deals damage to all enemies at the same time. This makes him a perfect tank titan on defense where you can’t control the timing of the skill because it doesn’t matter when the skill happens. Your titan deals the damage and it is not required to come at the right time, the earlier the better.

Sigurd, however, is the best tank on offense where you have the ability to control the timing of the skill – in Sigurds case that’s a really strong shield that you can use just before enemy titans will use their strong offense abilities to protect your team.

Prio #2 – Hyperion, Araji & Eden

Those are very close to #1 spot in the priority list of titans, but slightly lower for me as having Angus and Sigurd is so important in Guild War. Those 3 titans here belong in each of your titan team, offense or defense in Guild War or Dungeon runs.

Hyperion is the only titan that provides heal so super useful in many runs as he also targets backline enemies so he finds a good spot in most teams. Great way to control the battle and get out of squishy situations.

Araji can speed up allies but his main use is the insane damage he deals with his fire beam that is devastating to enemies. Belongs in pretty much every team to put enemy teams under pressure.

Eden also useful for area damage and taking one enemy titan out of the battle for 6 seconds. Also super strong and useful in most setups as the skill targets randomly so you can also let him do the defensive work.

Prio #3 – Nova & Ignis

Ignis is a great support titan in Hero Wars with his team damage buff for 50% of his own attack for the whole team. Especially useful in Guild War offense and Dungeon but less on defense.

Nova works well for defense teams as she will target and stun the enemy’s backline, which is super helpful on defense and gives you a tactical advantage although you can’t control your team actively. Also really effective against teams that use 3 Super Titans.

Prio #4 – All Other Titans

All other titans are in this priority category, so you keep them about 50 levels lower than your max level titans in Hero Wars.

I hope this guide was useful to you and give you a good strategy for the future, if you have questions simply drop a quick comment below and I’ll happy to help you.


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    • Yea, I don’t either. I suppose everyone has their own way but I don’t think these are very good strategies.

  1. Thanks for the info! For Prio #2 you list Eden but I don’t see her ticked off in the chart above as being a defense titan (and I thought Eden was a girl and you refer to him so is the listing correct or the chart needs to be updated?)

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