Idle Heroes Best Heroes Tier List (May 2023) – with Mutated Fungus Geester

idle heroes best heroes tier list may 2023 with mutated fungus geester

Maxing out a hero in Idle Heroes is a long process and you only want to contribute that effort for the best heroes that are worth it in the long ring, right? We have developed a tier list here that will show you how viable and useful a hero is in Idle Heroes, both PvE (all the different game modes) and PvP.

The viability of a hero in PvE most circles around maximizing the damage you will deal with 3-4 damage dealers in your team and 2-3 support heroes that will boost the damage of your damage dealers by break/reduce armor as well as adding burn/bleed synergy and survivability.

In PvP there’s more a focus on disruption and preventing active skills of the enemy team as you want to shut them down as effectively as you can. Also support heroes that will help your team to stay alive effectively are rated high in the PvP section of the tier list.

The total rating is a mix of PvP and PvE and you will also find some additional ratings how a hero performs in the different PvE game modes to help you make your decisions.

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And a last note before we get into the list, if you’re not sure what monsters are worth running as pets, check out my updated ranking here.

The Best Heroes In Idle Heroes

All heroes are ranked from S (Superior) over A (strong) to D (worst).


  • Transendence Heroes

    Here you find all the Transendence heroes in Idle Heroes ranked in their own ranking. For th regular heroes please scroll down

  • Doom Terminator VulcanS+
    Absolutely universal and probably the first Transendence hero you should build in Idle Heroes right now - is simply great everywhere and so versatile that it will be worth it. Yes, some transendecen heroes are better at certain modes but none of them is as universally useful as Doom Terminator VulcanTransendence Hero: Aspen Dungeon: STower: SSeal Land: S+Vortex: SPvP: S
  • Lord of Fear AspenS
    Lord of Fear Aspen is a great pick to get you to Seal Land 25 in Dark and a lot of utility overall with a nice fear. Synergize well with Star Wing Jahra.Transendence Hero: Aspen Dungeon: STower: A+Seal Land: S+Vortex: SPvP: A
  • Mutated Fungus GeesterS
    Absolutely the best damage dealer in the game right now and a PvE god, I'm actually tempted to place him on top of the tier list but with a new hero I really want to wait a little to see how he resolves in the meta but it's safe to say that investing in him is nothing you will regret at the end of the day.Transendence Hero: Aspen Dungeon: STower: SSeal Land: SVortex: SPvP: A
  • Star Swordsman MockmanS
    Almost zero sustain and also the damage is quite questionale, there are just so much better transendence heroes available...Transendence Hero: Aspen Dungeon: A+Tower: S+Seal Land: SVortex: A+PvP: A+
  • Fairy Queen VesaA+
    Fairy Queen Vesa is right now the most well-rounded hero in Idle Heroes and shines in every game mode. Her shields paired with healing just make her so versatile that there is no discussion that she is the hero you want to run, also with Aspen Dungeon Purgatory.Transendence Hero: Aspen Dungeon: A+Tower: B+Seal Land: AVortex: APvP: S+
  • Star Wing JahraA
    Star Wing Jahra with her cc gives your team a lot of viability and one of the best PvE damage dealer and useful for many PvP teams as well. She can lock down an entire team all the way if used right but you need a lot of actives on her to make that happen. Not great at Seal Land compared to the other heroes in this tier.Transendence Hero: Aspen Dungeon: BTower: SSeal Land: BVortex: S+PvP: B
  • Hyperspace Hunter AylamakA
    Transendence Hero: Aspen Dungeon: ATower: ASeal Land: C+Vortex: B+PvP: S
  • Sword Flash XiaB+
    Sword Flash Xia is one of the top PvE solo damage dealers in Idle Heroes and strong with AoE, dodge, counterattacks etc. Can do Seal Land 25 and also top-notch viable in the other game modes. Should be your first transcendent hero to build!Transendence Hero: Aspen Dungeon: S+Tower: A+Seal Land: A+Vortex: BPvP: D
  • Scarlet Queen HaloraB+
    Scarlet Queen Halora along with the synergies is a great hero compared to all heroes in the game but in terms of the transendence heroes you will simply find a lot better options overallTransendence Hero: Aspen Dungeon: C+Tower: B+Seal Land: BVortex: APvP: B+
  • Mystic Fairy FreyaB
    Notable here is that her dodge effect is really making Seal Land 28+ a lot easier but not overly great in Aspen Dungeon Purgatory.Transendence Hero: Aspen Dungeon: C+Tower: C+Seal Land: B+Vortex: B+PvP: C+
  • Asmodal the DauntlessC+
    Asmodal the Dauntless is a very good PvE damage dealer and also good PvP burst damage dealer. Crazy crits. But ranked him lower now and should be one of the later transcendence heroes to build.Transendence Hero: Aspen Dungeon: B+Tower: C+Seal Land: AVortex: D+PvP: C
  • Phantom Defier ElenaC+
    Transendence Hero: Aspen Dungeon: D+Tower: BSeal Land: D+Vortex: CPvP: A
  • Sun Devourer EosC
    Sun Devourer Eos falls a little off at Seal Land 25+ but really shines when you have Melodic Strings on her and she really packs a punch and hits like a truck.Transendence Hero: Aspen Dungeon: B+Tower: D+Seal Land: CVortex: CPvP: D+
  • Bloodtide Queen AraneaD+
    Loads of burn applied with the team healing. The way the percentages and multipliers work here can be crazy and change her for op to mediocre so lets see where meta will drag here, but no early invest for sureTransendence Hero: Aspen Dungeon: D+Tower: D+Seal Land: D+Vortex: D+PvP: D+
  • Star Alchemist Holmes YoungD
    Transendence Hero: Aspen Dungeon: DTower: DSeal Land: DVortex: DPvP: D
  • Lord of Death AzraelD+
    Lord of Dying, Fan of Death, there are many nicknames this hero already got and the whole kit feels kind of weird and something is always missing to make him really great. Lackluster and shouldn't be any priority.Transendence Hero: Aspen Dungeon: DTower: DSeal Land: DVortex: DPvP: B
  • Regular Heroes

    Here are the regular heroes that are relevant for end-game in Idle Heroes ranked

  • EloiseA
    Eloise is one of the best solo Seal Land hero, one of the best E5 heroes to build first and you will use her from first day to end game. Also viable for the newer PvE game modes.
  • Holmes YoungA
    Holmes Young is ranked higher than the transcendence one?! Yes, because he can do so great in Seal Land 20 as he is a real damage dealer while Star Alchemist Holmes Young turns more into some crowd control type of her.
  • DrakeA
    Drake gained a lot value recently. and will bump out insane damage numbers, synergizes well with Sword Flash Xia, has great dodge and performs great in PvP as well. Rating now lower due to Star Expedition and Aspen Dungeon Purgatory where he does not perform that well.
  • RoganA
    Rogan is one of the best support heroes with the beginning buffs and is useful in almost any game mode. Assassins are getting more and more powerful in the current meta so he deserves this tier for sure. Rating now lower due to Star Expedition and Aspen Dungeon Purgatory where he does not perform that well.
  • TixB+
    Tix is really hard to rank. In the current snapshot of Idle Heroes when only looking at the latest versions of all game modes, Tix is not that great anymore and for that reason I dropped him in tiers in the previous updates of the tier list already. Still, one of the craziest early-game heroes and long-term heroes in Idle Hero.
  • SherlockB+
    Sherlock is making a comeback in PvE meta and can solo Seal Land 25 and I believe he will be a hero you want to have in your account for a long time to come.
  • PennyB+
    Penny is a very solid PvE damage and can do Aspen Dungeon Death 100 on her own and solo Seal Land 20 and annihilates in the early game big time. Still, needed to rank her lower now compared to other heroes as she drops off quite fast compared to them nowadays.
  • CarrieB+
    Carrie is somewhat useful in most game modes and a good support hero. Great anti-energy tool. Has been rising in tiers in recent updates on my list but she's not that viable now that she once was with the way her revives work now so I ranked her a little lower. Still a relevant hero for PvP.
  • XiahouB+
    Xiahou has to be always used as 2x in your team, never run only one in your team or this rating here is not correct!
  • WaldeckB+
    Waldeck can do Seal Land 20 done and okay synergy in end-game PvP meta right now but lacks other PvE uses.
  • FreyaB
    Freya in the normal version has some versatilities and I wouldn't call her bad at all but nothing where she really sticks out.
  • ElyviaB
    Elyvia with her aura and shrink is helpful as 5-Star support but really only late-game use is Tower and Seal Land 21+.
  • AspenB
    Aspen works great for Seal Land with enough support and good in Aspen Dungeon. Solid mid-game hero overall.
  • EosB
    Eos is super average everywhere with no real mode where Eos is shining.
  • Amen--RaB
    Amen-Ra is a really nice support hero and always comes into meta setups with her Guardian Shadows and Healing Curse are super strong. I think she'll be having some relevance in the coming years in Idle Heroes.
  • InosukeB
    Inosuke is a good PvE damage dealer and solo Seal Land 20 hero, but the main reason I have him up in this tier again is that he's really mandatory for the Tenant Spot on Sword Flash Xia.
  • RussellB
    Russell is a Good early-game hero and a hero you will really find useful when you start and very good PvE with decent PvP abilities mid-game in Idle Heroes. Unfortunately, and that's the reason I ranked him lower, is that he falls off late game pretty hard and is less versatile than other heroes when looking at the long-term perspective. Still useful to build if you're not 12+ months into the game.
  • VulcanB
    Pretty much Russel 2.0 and clear Seal Land 20 and then only use for transendence version.
  • GarudaB
    Garuda can do Seal Land 20 all by herself with imprints, good early PvP but not that good later. Overall good PvE damage dealer. Unfortunately, she falls off later in the game quite a bit.
  • AidaB
    Aida is good for Aspen Dungeon and Tower but not viable somewhere else. For that reason, I also adjusted her tier a little lower in the recent update.
  • IthaquaB
    Ithaqua is, although the best PvE damage dealer and useful, there are better Shadow Faction alternative heroes that are just more viable in multiple game modes so I needed to rank Ithaqua lower.
  • DelaciumB
    Delacium is great as 5-Star hero and can clear Void Vortex great and also Seal Land 20 by himself. Paired with Ithaqua good PvE damage dealer but you need to run multiple of him. Hard to rank but I'm okay with this ranking here.
  • AylamaxB
    Aylamac has potential but with one very bad downside - when he recieves cc, he loses all damage and survivability from not counter attacking and becomes pretty much worthless
  • IgnisC+
    Ignis Great for Seal Land 21-30 pushes even at 9- or 10-Star for your main carry and E5 for Seal Land 25 pushes. Also viable in Vortex.
  • AndreaC+
    Andrea Good support hero and good in what he does. The problem is that this is not needed in every game mode so I ranked him a little lower compared to his previous position. Good in PvP.
  • MoraxC+
    Morax is pretty okay everywhere but doesn't shine anywhere, I think this describes him well enough. Still Seal Land 20 no problem for him.
  • NatashaC+
    Natasha deals pretty good damage but after having her in the game for quite some time I don't see her shine anywhere big-time tbh.
  • FloraC+
    Flora is basically okay everywhere but good in Aspen Dungeon getting to Death 100. Can do solo Seal Land but requires a ton of investment in imprinting. Decent cc.
  • Unimax-3000C+
    Unimax-3000 not outstanding and okay in Tower. Okay utility support hero.
  • Faith BladeC+
    Faith Blade used to be really strong but has been falling off. Can get you through Aspen Dungeon Death 100 and also Seal Land 20 is possible with upgraded staff but is squishy like crazy
  • FionaC+
    Fiona is a solid support hero and useful in all cheese setups but as Inosuke, her mechanics got changed so her shields are not that strong anymore. Still okay PvE damage and a tenant for Sword Flash Xia.
  • GloriaC+
    Gloria has some viability but actually nothing where she stands out. Still, her cc is good and her damage is solid.
  • CthugaC
    Cthuga is good at clearing Seal Land 20 and Aspen Dungeon. Not useful later in Idle Heroes.
  • HorusC
    Horus is good earlier and mid-game of Idle Heroes and can do Seal Land 20 quite well and is a solid PvE damage dealer and also can do some tanking. Falls off later in the game more and more compared to other heroes so I also lowered his tier.
  • PhorcysC
    Phorcys can do solo Seal Land 25 but outside of that there's not much about him. Used to be nice at removing buffs and doing great damage and viable in PvP, but he's super squishy to play and there are so much more useful in Idle Heroes and for that reason now here low on the tier list
  • AraneaC
    Pretty much the early access for introducing her transendence version, don't mind too much here
  • OnkirimaruC
    Onkirimaru has a weird revive with the requisite not hitting often, not recommend investing much.
  • AzraelC
    Pretty much the early access for introducing his transendence version, don't mind too much here. A little Onikirimaru/Carrie vibe here....
  • MockmanC
  • GeesterC
    Probably one of the weakest E5 heroes and while the Awakened Geester dominates, the regular is just lackluster all the way
  • KroosC
    Kroos is actually kind of solid in some cases. Cool stun, useful in early/mid game in Idle Heroes PvP.
  • NakiaC
    Nakia with her slow ability, not good at Tower, Seal Land or Aspen Dungeon and not much damage, potentially can do Seal Land 20 with the right setup and artifacts.
  • SajaD+
    Saja has stun capabilities but I haven't found one thing that she's good at.
  • TaraD+
    Tara can now get Seal Land 20 done with enough imprints and seals can be somewhat powerful. Anyway, still not a hero you want to give much attention to.
  • JahraD+
    Jahra is, unlike her Transcendence version, absolutely not worth building.
  • XiaD+
    Xia is not really good at anything, medium damage, not great support but can do Seal Land 20 and useful for conversion later
  • OberonD+
    Oberon is useless in PvP and squishy crowd control abilities you can't rely on. You can, theoretically, use him in Aspen Dungeon but there are so many other options...
  • ValentinoD+
    Valentino can have some rare niche uses in PvP or in Vortex but you have so many other options there so don't mind him right now.
  • AnnabelleD+
    Annabelle is a Good supporter for Seal Land and not specifically bad but also not needed.
  • TussilagoD+
    Tussilago is really bad in PvP and not good in PvE either. Don't touch her. Can't think of any more disappointing hero released in Idle Heroes or any other game.
  • King BartonD+
    King Barton is just not relevant anymore.
  • AmuvorD+
    Amuvor is, sorry to say it like that, absolutely awful.
  • GustinD+
    Gustin is nice support with removing debuffs and can do crazy things with multiple Gustin setups in PvP. Can do Seal Land 25 in a multi-setup but not a huge fan of that.
  • BelrainD+
    Belrain used to be really strong but falls off more and more with each update of the list. She has been useful in Seal Land 25 pushes but right now there are so much better options support-wise that I really can't recommend her right now. Not worth any invest.
  • MichelleD+
    Michelle has some uses with stuns and revives and healing/support.
  • Heart WatcherD+
    Heart Watcher doesn't have Void Imprints but you want to use her in the early/mid-game and even at the beginning of the end-game you'll appreciate her but in the long run not the hero you will be using too much in Idle Heroes.
  • MihmD+
    Mihm was useful in Mihm-Cheese setups but nobody uses that anymore for obvious reasons so she's basically useless right now.


Well, that’s the current tier list for Idle Heroes as I see it but, of course, some positioning are debatable. I’d love to discuss in the comments but before you drop angry comments, please mind that the positioning is not just on the different game modes and the ranking inside a tier is not that crazy different when it comes to the priority they heroes have.

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  1. The fact you’ve got DTV in at S+ and say he should be first transcendence shows you don’t play this game lol. DTV is like 8th on the optimal transcendence build route. Bad tenants. Doesn’t do anything unless 8m+ plus.

    • Fat Mu would probably be an “E” or “F” for both PVE and PVP

      (not fast food….but moreso perhaps gourmet food…he’s definitely food though)

  2. Really useful information! Thank you for publishing this, I’m hoping it will help my game a lot! Just curious, Valk not even making the list anymore? She used to be top tier, I know she’s not that great anymore but damn lol

    • You’re not missing out. Most current tier lists don’t include Valkyrie anymore, however, I have seen her on 3 lists today. They each rated her as “C”.

  3. Thank you for this tier list. It is really informative and is helping to build a good team from the beginning. I’ve only just now built my first E5 Inosuke so I’m planning my second.

  4. The heroes mentioned are elite heroes only – anything less than that is not worth mentioning because you really should not be using them.

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