Idle Heroes Best Heroes Tier List (PvE & PvP)

idle heroes best heroes tier list

Maxing out a hero in Idle Heroes is a long process and you only want to contribute that effort for the best heroes that are worth it in the long ring, right?

We have developed a tier list here that will show you how viable and useful a hero is in Idle Heroes, both PvE (boss fights, Broken Spaces, Flame Shrine) and PvP.

The viability of a hero in PvE most circles around maximizing the damage you will deal with 3-4 damage dealers in your team and 2-3 support heroes that will boost the damage of your damage dealers by break/reduce armor as well as adding burn/bleed synergy and survivability.

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In PvP there’s more a focus on disruption and preventing active skills of the enemy team as you want to shut them down as effectively as you can. Also support heroes that will help your team to stay alive effectively are rated high in the PvP section of the tier list.

The total rating is a mix of PvP and PvE. Please mind that you should check out what your focus is – if you don’t do PvP at all you only want to look at the PvE column and vice versa 🙂

The Best Heroes In Idle Heroes

Hero Faction Overall PVP PVE Role
Scarlet Queen idle heroes transendence faction S SS A Damage + Support
Sword Flash idle heroes transendence faction S SS A Damage
Drake S A SS Damage
Russell S S S Damage
Caruda S S S Damage
Rogan S S S Damage + Support
Carrie A+ S A Support
Amen-Ra A+ S A Support
Elyvia A+ A S Support
Tix A A A Damage + Control
Horus A S B Damage
Penny A S B Damage
Ignis A A A Support
Inosuke B+ B A Damage + Tank
Ithaque B+ C S Damage
Aspen B+ B A Damage
Nakia B+ B A Damage + Support
Gustin B+ B A Support
Cthugha B+ S C Damage
Belrain B+ C S Support
Gerke B+ C S Support
Morax B C A Damage + Tank
Flora B C A Damage
Tara B B B Damage
Delacium B D S Damage
Asmodel B B B Damage
Emily B C A Support
Ormus B C A Support
Kroos B C A Support
Aida C+ B C Damage
Sherlock C+ S E Damage
Heart Watcher C+ E SS Support
Beirain C+ S E
Mihm C+ A D Damage
Faithblade C+ B C Damage
Amuvor C+ C B Damage
Unimax-3000 C C C Damage
Dark Arthindol C C C Damage
Das Moge C E A Damage
Sigmund C E A Damage + Support
Skrei C E A Damage
Rosa C D B Support
Vesa C D B Damage + Support
Michelle D+ C D Damage
Xia D+ D C Damage
Barea D+ E B Damage
Deathsworn D+ E B Support
Jahra D D D Damage
Aidan D D D Damage
King Barton D D D Damage
Starlight D D D Damage
Valkyrie D D D Damage
Oberon E+ D E Damage
Valentino E+ E D Damage
Corpsedemon E E E Damage
Kamath E E E Damage
Baade E E D Damage



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