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Hero Wars All Puzzles & How To Find Them

Who did start playing Hero Wars because of the puzzles ads? I think most of us. The good news is, the puzzles are now actually in the game (both, mobile and Facebook version) and in this guide I will show you where exactly you will find them and also how to solve them if you have problems with one of them.

Where To Find Hero Wars Puzzles?

First things first, you probably have found out that the ads with the puzzles aren’t the main game and they are only mini games inside of Hero Wars.

Within each chapter of the campaign of Hero Wars you will see a bar at the bottom that loads up with the stars you earned in each mission. Once you have fully finished all quests and have 45 Stars, you are able to play the mini-game puzzles for some nice extra rewards, primarily gear and hero shards.

hero wars where are the puzzles

All Puzzles & How To Solve Them

Now here are the puzzles and how to solve them:

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 offers two bonus mini puzzles in Hero Wars and they are not that hard to beat but give decent rewards.

The first one is already unlocked after 6 Stars:

hero wars mini puzzle solved chapter 1

The key that separates you from the treasure here is blocked by the key that will get you shot by the arrows. The solution is to rotate the plate (1) and then use key (2) to release the arrows. The barrel will block the arrows and then you can pull (3) to get the treasure. Puzzle solved.

The next puzzle is unlocked at 30 stars:

hero wars mini puzzle solved chapter 1-2

To solve this puzzle jump on the box (1) and then let the lava in. The lava will not burn you because you’re high enough on the box. Now use (3) to cool off the lava with the water, otherwise the rope will burn. When the lava is cold, use (4) to let the rope down so Galahed can climp up and get the trasure and solve this puzzle as well.

Chapter 2

In this chapter we also have 2 puzzles. The first one unlocks at 15 Stars:

hero wars mini puzzle solved chapter 2

This one looks a little bit weird at the first look but is actually really easy. Pull the key (1) and the water will cool off the lava without destroying the treasure. Now pull (2) to get the rest of the treasure down before using (3) so Galahed can take the treasure. Easy.

The other puzzle in Chapter 2 is unlocked at 45 Stars:

hero wars mini puzzle solved chapter 2-2

First lower down the lava by pulling key (1), otherwise you will have the cooled off lava block you. Once the lava is down, open door (2) to release the lava into the lake to the right. Now you can use key (3) to get Galahed down, the water will also go into the lake and you only need to open door (4) to get the treasure.

Chapter 3

In this chapter you will have only one mini puzzle:

hero wars mini puzzle solved chapter 3

Use key (1) to cool off the lava with the water, then use key (2) to make Galahed walk to the left. Then you only need to use key (3) to get the treasure to Galahed.

Chapter 4

The puzzle in this chapter unlocks at 45 Stars as well:

hero wars mini puzzle solved chapter 4

Another one that is not so obvious with the mechanics. Pull key (1) first and then you can pull (2) to unblock the final key. The path to Galahed for the poison is still blocked, so no worries here. Finally use key (3) to get the healing towards Galahed.

Chapter 5

Again, the puzzle unlocks at 45 Stars in this chapter:

hero wars mini puzzle solved chapter 5

Here you need to move the plugs 1-3 to the other position before you change the last one (4) and the lava will burn the Goblin.

Chapter 6

hero wars mini puzzle solved chapter 6

If you don’t want to blow up GAlahed along with the Goblin you have to remove the keys 1-3 as shown in the image, one the one in the middle needs to stay to point the gas only in the chamber with the Goblin.

Chapter 7

hero wars mini puzzle solved chapter 7

If you remove the valves 1+2, you let the lava go down straight when you pull valve 3, so only the goblin will die and Galahed and Artemis will survive. This is the way to solve this puzzle.

Chapter 8+

No puzzles available in these chapters…

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