clan war upgrade priority and war weight

War Weight Calculator & Upgrade Priority for Clan Wars (Updated!)

Hello, everyone! I’m Doc Holliday from Clash Kings 2™ and I’m your huckleberry for all things Weight in Clash of Clans. Our understanding of Weight has allowed our Clan to win over 86% of all our Wars, with 300 wins and counting at the time of this writing.

Controlling your War Weight is how to get a good matchup in Clan Wars. Since Supercell just changed the way it calculates War Weight, it’s a good time to revisit the issue and share with you all the new data.

Up to date with the October 11th, 2017 Update (Air Sweeper & Bomb Tower)

War Weight and Clan War Matchmaking Basics

Weight is simply the number value assigned by Supercell to all Troops, Spells, Heroes, Traps, Walls, and Defenses in Clash of Clans. Upgrading any of these items increases their Weight.

All Weight is not assigned equally. Each type of item has a different Weight, and the Weight of upgrading each item can change at each level.

The added Weight of every Troop, Spell, Hero, Trap, Wall and Defense in your Base is your Base Weight.

During War Search, Supercell adds up the Base Weight of everyone in your Clan who is participating in the War. This total is the War Weight. Supercell matches Clans against others of similar overall War Weight. This means the lower your Clan War Weight, the easier your War opponents will be.

Clan War Matchmaking in detail and how to improve it
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Certain upgrades carry more added Weight than others. Upgrade a Freeze Spell once, and it will add more Weight than a possible 10 other upgrades combined.

Knowing the Weights allows us to choose which upgrades to make, and when, based off the added Weight of each item.

By choosing to upgrade items with lower Weight first, your Base continues to grow strong without adding too much Weight until it is absolutely needed. Keeping your War Weight down prevents you from getting harder opponents during Clan Wars.

There are hardcore ways to engineer a Base like MiniMax or Defenseless Bases, but Supercell has recently made changes to counteract their effect. For a full discussion on that subject, check out this page.

Item Weights and Base Weight Calculator

In the following tables, you will see how much additional War Weight each upgrade adds to your Village (and also the cumulative worth of a Defense).

Important! Please note that these numbers are extracted from the game files, but they are also getting calculated in the War matchmaking algorithm (not known by us how), so these numbers only give you an idea how the different things weigh.

read the war weight chart in clash of clans

The numbers in the chart below is the CUMULATIVE War Weight.

Defenses War Weight

Level 1 100 100 450 50 450 100
Level 2 199 199 885 99 870 199
Level 3 297 297 1290 147 1260 297
Level 4 395 395 1665 195 1550 395
Level 5 491 491 2021 241 1841 491
Level 6 587 587 2326 287 2131 587
Level 7 680 681 2612 331 2321 681
Level 8 772 775 2867 375 2511 775
Level 9 862 868 3093 418 2702 868
Level 10 950 960 3289 2892
Level 11 970 985
Level 12 989 1009
Level 13 1007 1031
Level 14 1024 1053
Level 15 1040 1075
Level  Click here for Walls
Level 1 20 400 900 2950 5200
Level 2 39 820 1300 3250 10200
Level 3 57 1260 1500 3550
Level 4 75 1720 1600 3850
Level 5 91 2201 1897 5145
Level 6 107 2741
Level 7 127

Traps War Weight

Level 1 25 150 25 100 150 80
Level 2 49 299 51 199 299 159
Level 3 72 447 78 297 447 237
Level 4 95 595 107 395
Level 5 116 136
Level 6 137


You can find the War Weight for the Heroes here:

(if you run into an error opening them, you can get the latest figures from the website of ClashKings2 here)

War Weight of Troops

Level 1 100 150 120 50 100 100
Level 2 200 300 240 100 200 200
Level 3 300 450 360 150 300 300
Level 4 390 590 510 195 399 420
Level 5 470 720 685 239 497 560
Level 6 541 840 886 283 595 760
Level 7 601 950 1111 325 691 1021
Level 8 1362
Level 1 150 180 170 120 150 225
Level 2 300 370 340 270 350 525
Level 3 450 570 510 450 600 900
Level 4 599 791 785 661 900 1350
Level 5 747 1031 1235 1011 1251 1800
Level 6 895 1715 1361
Level 7 1041
Level 8 1187
Level 1  120 120 100 170 1000 160 400
Level 2  240 250 230 340 2000 400 1000
Level 3  360 390 390 560 3000 750 1800
Level 4  475 540 580 830 1170
Level 5  585 740 791 1230
Level 6  690 990 1730
Level 7  791 1291

You can find a complete list of each item’s weight here.

We are also providing a Weight Calculator here that you can use to quickly enter your items and find out your total individual Base Weight.

Every item’s Weight is 100% accurate at the time of this writing. However, Supercell is constantly working to balance the game and the numbers may change unexpectedly. We will post any updates as soon as they are available.

Weighing Barracks and Spell Factories

Notice that the Spell Factory, Dark Spell Factory, Barracks, and Dark Barracks buildings carry no Weight.

However, any upgrade that unlocks a new Troop, Dark Troop, Spell, or Dark Spell will carry a Weight increase because of the new item unlocked.

The only time your Weight will not increase when you upgrade or add one of these items is when you don’t also unlock a new Troop, Dark Troop, Spell, or Dark Spell.

Quick Tips for Proper Upgrade Order in Clan Wars

  1. Your Army Camps, Laboratory, and Clan Castle have no Weight. Upgrading these as early as possible at each Town Hall level is common sense.
  2. The best value for the Weight added per upgrade is a tie between the Air Defense and the Air Sweeper. Bombs, Spring Traps, and Skeleton Traps are also superb values. Keep them all upgraded ASAP.
  3. Upgrade Point Defenses (Hidden Tesla, Archer Towers, etc.) over Splash Damage upgrades at all times. Often you can upgrade 6 or 7 Point Defenses for the same Weight added as 1 Splash Damage upgrade.
  4. The Freeze Spell, Witch, X-Bow, Inferno Towers, and Eagle Artillery are the 5 cautionary upgrades. Any purchase or upgrade of these 5 items will increase your Weight by a truly massive amount. They should never be purchased or upgraded until absolutely necessary.
The .5 Strategy & Base Designs TH8.5 TH9.5 TH10.5


Be smart about your upgrades! There is no point upgrading the Witch or the Freeze Spell if you don’t plan on using them yet. This is how you determine the upgrade priority for Clan Wars. Feel free to post any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer them promptly.

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  1. Timmy or Doc, please help! I am trying to place myself on the War Map in a position that suits my attacking skills. I am trying to move up, but not too far up so I have been upgrading.
    However it seems I have moved too far up and the base I was trying to stay below, I am now above. I realise there is nothing I can do about this, however I am trying to figure out why I am above my comrade on the War Map. I have used the Weight Calculator to try and shed some light but this has only confused me more, as these are our respective weights:

    Tokes (me) 8/20 on War Map: Rounded War Weight 104,000

    My Weights Difference between us
    Def Buildings: 42,535.8 -8,467.0
    Traps: 6,276.1 -3,253.3
    Misc Buildings: 16,950.0 0.0
    Heroes: 4,724.4 71.5
    Troops: 16,965.6 2,304.9
    Spells: 8,470.1 -931.3

    Omar 9/20 on War Map: Rounded War Weight 106,000

    If I have a lower weight overall then surely I should be below Omar? I know the War Map only went by defensive weight prior to the big update, but my defensive weight is 8,500 less than Omar anyway so even that doesnt make sense!

    Can anyone help?!

    Many thanks in advance!


    • Again, those are the figures from the game files and the matchmaking algorithm still has several unknown multiplicators or other stuff taken into the calculation that we don’t have access to… so this is nothing you can rely on for 100%…

  2. Hey Timmy I m th10 with th8 defense and 50+ royals. Still i m pulling max 9s. Well it doesn’t matter much “thnx to witchslap”. Bt still i wanna know how this new matchmaking algorithm works. It’s kinda ruin our warlog. Our 9.5 pulling th11/max 10s.

  3. The war weight info used to be great and I basically designed my base around the war weight calculator on the clash king 2 site. Many in our clan had too, and we won war after war, probably 80% win ratio, and would put up double digit win streaks from time to time.

    Since the new matchup algorithm came in, we’re barely 50%. When we win, it seems to be us overcoming lopsided matchups… it seems the real reward now is to clans sporting max level bases. For example our current matchup, our 8.5s are all against fully maxed 9s, our 9.5s against fully maxed 10s, and on the 11 front we’re about even. We’re on a 1 war win streak, vs their 8 war win streak, and it just looks like they’ve figured the algorithm out and SC is handing them easy victories.

    The .5 strategy is really just a smart way to start a new TH level… but if it means you’ll now draw an opponent of maximum strength at that TH level, you either won’t move up or you’ll opt out of wars until you’re max again. Either way, it’s no fun to play, so why bother? This war, I don’t see the point of wasting attacks… they have way more infernos, plus higher troops and way higher hero levels. It’s a joke.

  4. Thanks for the link to war Weights but is there a version past 5 of the calculator. It only has level 12 for cannons when they go up to 15 now and the same for the rest?

  5. Can you explain how I have 1 max inferno and 1 lvl 4. 1 max sweeper. 2 bomber tower lvl 5 and 1 sweeper lvl 5 and someone who is completely maxed has the same war weight as me if we still go buy the gold in storages during war.


  6. i am becoming better with this update. After this update i became th7 . Just 5 days before. now i have king,dragon,rage spell,hog,dark elixer storage and driller .. and now I am going to make king level two. just five days after becoming th7.. what fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hey tony..Thanks for helping us through this website.I’m goin to be a new TH10 in 2days.I wanted the upgrade priority guide.And secondly,i want to join your clan and be a part of it.Recently,im in the clan of ninjas irl which is of the famous youtuber ijacksparrow.Name’s WOLF SUQADRON.

  8. Hello dude,

    I think there’s a new update for matchmaking since wednesday. Are you guys on it ? When do you think we will have the new warweight stats here ?

    What are the main changes ?

    Thx buddy

    • The weights did not change, there was no update to the game client (on your phone aka game update through the app store), all that is changing is how the weights are processed in the matchmaking algorithm on the supercell server (which nobody has access to) 🙂

      • Ohhh thank you for your reactivity dude ! So now it’s becoming hazardous and difficult to control its matchmaking

      • Well it’s more complicated because troops levels will also be taken into account that’s true – if you now want to control you also need to not upgrade certain troops, well at least in theory… In reality the algorithm is far from being perfect and

  9. When calculating base weight for wars, is it the main base or war base that is calculated? Meaning if I lay my 1st inferno on my main base but not my war base, does it count against me in wars? Thanks.

  10. Hey Timmy I am having th8.75 right know so can you tell me if put x-bows in village base and not edit the war base then will the x-bows be counted? and will my war weight increase??
    Plz do help..! thnxx

  11. Hey, I wanna know if it’s ok if I build my 3rd xbow. I am th9.5 with couple of defense’s not maxed for th9. My 2 xbows are level 2, 2 mortars is level 6 and 2 wiz tower is level 6! New xbows adds up 900 points to war weight! Right now I am never being matched even to a maxed th9. Please let me know if I can add 3rd xbow or not??

    • First is when you already have 2 xbows then the 3rd wob’t add that extreme weight (compare to the inferno tower).
      Also the new matchmaking algorithm that was released last week takes your troops also much more into calculation so te benefit from not builing the 3rd xbow will be also even lower than before 🙂

  12. I tried the new Calculator (4.1). I am Town Hall 9. If I enter 250 walls with level 8 without other defense buildings, I already get a defensive ratio of 47%. That seems too much to me.
    And after entering all data in the flag classification, the offensive weight is much lower than the defensive weight, even if the offensive ratio is the same as the defensive ratio.

  13. Timmy, whats the deal with the new matchmaking? My clan has been screwed over three times in a row, how to read what COC’s new formula is doing????

    • The formula is not public, all I can tell you that it takes offensive power much more into account where it has been defensive strength primarily in the past.
      Also, this new algorithm now has a plenty of new hooks where Supercell can adjust matchmaking more easily in the future when they see that things don’t work as planned.
      How effective the new matchmaking algorithm works in terms of preventing mismatches (intended or un-intended) is something only the future weeks/months can tell as it is only released for 4 days now and there needs much more data being collected.
      As far as I can tell is that the war weight figures above hasn’t been updated so they are still accurate 🙂

  14. As Iong as this formula is used to calculate wars there will never be a way to match wars fairly. It has actually gotten worse than better. In a 10 v10 war Our last war had a th9 with no walls. I lv cannon and minimal buildings along with lv 5 king and lv6 queen at number 10. Number 9 was a th8 with 3 lv1 cannons and archer towers. How do you match that? I am a th10 that maxed its th9. I have upgraded all my defenses except 1 cannon one lv. My queen is 35 and king is 30. I am currently matched up with a th11 at #3 with max lv10 defenses. Lv 5 xbows. Lv 9 AD. Lv 39 queen. Lv 37 king. And lv 14 GW. He has no eagle and 1 lv 1 inferno tower.

  15. Good day. I would like to know one thing which our clan has different opinions about. In clan wars. Is the total war weight of the clan taken into consideration or is it only the war weight of the members talking part in the war?
    Thank you.

    • Of course only the people who take into the war will be calculated, everyone else who is not taken into the war will not be calculated. Hope this can help you:)

  16. Since I read supercell changed a few things to better balance the matchmaking, I check the warweight on this page and found out they were exactly the same as what I screenshoted 4 months.

    So has everything changed so far ?
    Somes talk of weight penalty for TH level, can we have more details about it ?
    Even I try to control my warweight, I always, always, always match against stronger opponent in terms of warweight.

    By the way, can’t see the WW for walls 🙂

    • War Weight is still the same and the changes in MATCHMAKING will be that offensive weight will be taken more into account. Please note that this update has not been released yet (state August 16th).
      The wall weights are linked in the table 🙂

    • They did some changes im noticing that but they are doing a crapy job.
      For example on builders base. im th6 70% full. At least for last 60 attacks i did i always get th7 has opponent.From these, 2 or 3 were th7 almost full. To me at least they are doing a crapy job. Opponents at same level has me. right right. Stop Smoking weed when coding..

  17. The Dropbox link for Hero Weights is currently 404’ing. Can you post the file on the hosted site and simply have a link there instead of using Dropbox? or fix the Dropbox issue? Thank you.

  18. Hi,
    What a shetti decision! It is not a fair, that supercell put restriction on the game and changes game law at any time that they want !! , because anyone have already taken a vision for upgrading his own map in any game regular ways that they want. BUT now , suddenly S.C comes and changes the rules of the game only for his love! And say because i don’t like kind of lopsided or engineered maps ! Oh, are u crazy, ?! It is not a fair at all. When you comeing and changing the rules of the game only for your love! Make and take any decisions that i like ! It is ridiculously. It is your designed game with some main base lines which are fixed. THEN After a long time , About 3years or even more , S.C suddenly makes a decision to change game plan rules which are actually can effected on a plenty of players strategies! S.C like a child who crying and changing his own quotes moment by moment! THEN how can we trust it after now!? Maybe they put some other restrictions on the game in future ! However,There isn’t any guarantees that they will keep our hard work values and won’t waste our time.

    • Learn grammar before you insult a million dollar company. They are doing what they can man no AI or Tech is perfect in this age. That goes for everyone. We all have to chill. Deal with it, we don’t always win wars. We got 30 stars went against an engineered clan. Rip us we lost by one star, but not a huge deal. Calm down lol. ( we lost by a star bc they had 3 no engineered bases)

  19. i have an easy fix for engineered bases. all supercell needs to do is add the town hall into the algorithm they use to calculate the war weight. so for example each defensive structure and each troop count towards your war weight. give the town halls a war weight as well. a town hall 9 would count as a maxed town hall 8 base, then add on the individual defenses and troop weight. a town hall 10 would have the war weight of a maxed out town hall 9 and so on. this would solve the problem once an for all. easy fix and the coding would be easy to add to the game.

  20. Possible solution on engineered clans – what’s your opinion about this?

    what if we can get a 4star instead of 3s if a player attack a townhall higher than his.

    sample scenario:

    in a 5 vs 5 match game.

    A team is 5 th9 and B team is 5 th11 engineered acct.

    A team can get a total of 20 war star while B team can only have 15.

    I believe this will stop the players from engineering their acct due to war stars.

    This will also encourage the lower lvl players to challenge townhall higher than them.
    – th7 vs th8, th8 vs th9, th9 vs th10(good/rush/engineered), etc.

    War games will become competitive again.

  21. hi, I just want to thank you a lot for your all work and your help. im a small player in a small clan (only th9 maxed). daily waiting for a new post, reading what i missed during this time. Your advices reached me to the champion’s league. thx again for helping players like me to increase.

  22. A’ight….I know many of You hate engineering but do you realize how hard is it? I have engineered bases I admit and I can tell you how hard is it to do something like that. The thing I still don’t get is – Does the game have a rule ‘Engineering is forbidden’? Because if yes I haven’t found it yet. But if no, why is Supercell trying to stop it? In the end it’s your choice to play properly or engineer, isn’t it? I just don’t get the whole drama around it… you hate engineering? Make some bases as well gosh.

    • And, people who are just rushed get the disadvantage because the MM counts them like engineered base they get really hard opponents which is just not fair.

    • No there’s no rule againts engineering but Supercell is not happy about it as it does two things:
      1) It will make them “earn” less because you upgrade less
      2) It will make many casual players rage quit at some point when they always get outmatched against clans with engineered bases and don’t win. 80% of all players are so casual they don’t even heared about war weight so they also don’t understand why they are losing.
      -> For this reason Supercell will do something about engineering IMO

    • Yes, Please answer to us, does the game has a rule which named “lopsided map forbidden”?
      Certainly never .
      so that is a false game and won’t be continued. This decision is ridiculously!

  23. Why does the Witch hold so much more weight than all other troops?
    Now it looks like a lvl 1 witch is 10 times more valuable than a Valkyrie lvl 1.

  24. Very nice article! My clan and I now keep our weights in the spreadsheet. To make it easier, I created a website that uses the COC API and the weights listed in this article to calculate offensive war weights using a player or clan tag. LINK

      • There is currently no way to automate the calculation of defensive weight. The COC API only provides levels for troops, spells, and heroes. So since I can’t get the levels of defensive structures, I can’t calculate defensive weight. There is currently no word on if SuperCell will update the API to provide defensive structure levels.

  25. How does the May 2017 Shipwreck Update affect all of this? Does the new Builder Base and Gearing Up of Home Village Defenses affect War Weight???

  26. When did the weight of an inferno DRAMATICALLY change..!?!?! and why wasn’t this broadcasted in a huge way.. per prev calcs a lvl3 inferno was 7900 in weight with almost 2500 a lvl… now your listing above the weight of a lvl3 is 3550.. where a majority of the weight is on the lvl1.. and small 200-300 bumps on lvl2 and 3.. this is crazy.. and wrecks a large portion of my clan repping lvl1 Infernos.. as now it seems like 9.5 or nothing.. as if your going with lvl1 you might as well max out

  27. I am a max TH9 with a small casual clan and 2 TH 10s that show for war but are not on much. My roommate has a max TH7 used only for war. In order for me to get a regular supply of bowlers and max lavas for practicing the latest attacks, She is going to upgrade to TH10 and only upgrade offensively, for the purpose of donating. Where would the base land on the map? Against TH8s…or higher? I really dont want to resort to this, but need donations without having to wait 8 hours.

  28. So I have an almost max TH10 (King only 35). If I upgrade to TH11, I have a penalty so my weight shows 135,000. But if I build 25 more walls my weight drops to 120,000. Doesn’t seem right.

    • In other words, are the calculations wrong? Why would my war weight shown drop in the Excel sheet when I build more things in the above scenario?

  29. I’ve just downloaded the weight calculator version 1.6 and ive noticed that the max level for buildings and defenses the maximum level for each th is not correct. It is way below the max level for each th. Like cannon where max level for th10 is 13 but in calculator its only lvl 6. Am i missing a patch or an updated version of the calculator?
    Anyway thanks for the very informative article.

  30. It’s been proven time and time again that offensive weight has no bearing on matchmaking and is probably only used to establish what your target shold be.

    • Dev Q&A from February. Yes Offensive weight matters.

      Does Supercell see lopsided bases as a fair and equitable playing style?

      “Engineering” is a heated topic and opinions about it are divided.

      Are lopsided bases anything we can prevent? If we could, should we do drastic changes? Would players put up with strict restrictions on upgrades to mandate offense-defense balance? Say we put in a restriction, could the restrictions be balanced to be somewhat more lenient? Where would we draw the line? And if this is a complex line, would we need tools to help players manage their upgrades and understand their restrictions better?

      Some cases cannot be prevented even with restrictions. For instance, thinking about launching a new troop, spell, defense or extra buildings at lower Town Hall levels. Doing balancing becomes more difficult, as any bigger rebalance could allow people to break the restrictions.

      Without a restriction, what can we do? Keep in mind that we are already doing a lot. As mentioned in the previous Dev Q&A, there is a huge amount of code behind the CW matchmaking that specifically looks for lopsided bases and is designed to mitigate any unfair advantage they might have. This isn’t always obvious to players, because the war map is sorted by defense strength only. However, attack strength is ALWAYS taken into account, and CW matchmaking does all it can to make sure the “books are balanced” overall from top to bottom of a war map, both in terms of attack and defense strength. Of course we can always do better and we will continue to improve this matchmaking very often.

      We can’t really prevent them without making extremely complex restrictions that will adversely impact some players and that would require a lot of time and development effort to do right – and even then they might not even work that well in the long term. Instead, we try to improve our matchmaking algorithms to reduce unfair advantages from things like lopsided bases, and we will continue to do so regularly!

  31. So wondering what is happening now the to the .1 accounts to avoid penalties?

    Are they adding defense buildings and fences? If so what kind and how many at say th8?

  32. I think the war weight calculator is NOT ACCURATE. i have a Th10 which is a .5 and a max def th9. when i entered all the data in the calculator it appears that they have the same weight but in actual clan war my th10 is 3 step lower than my th9.

  33. If you upgrade everything, but do not upgrade troops like dragons and witches, how would this affect the weight of your base? Would you incur any penalty?

  34. Hey doc very informative tks for posting this info- I got one question: the storage weight where u r in a war is just ur defensive weight but not ur total weight? This is what I gathered from some of the other posts

  35. Hey doc,

    Great article, but you did not mention anything about hero’s? Do you know what there weight is per upgrade?

      • No. The Weights listed are 100% accurate. The storage value that you are referring to is not a Weight; it’s a value. This is why the storage values do not match with the Weights. The storage values only represent where you appear on the War Map. Please read the comments below for more explanation.

  36. They haven’t fixed the loophole of defenceless bases with maxed troops and heroes, were currently matched where a th11 with 38 aq is matched against our th6’s, oh and it has lava walls, just no def. there should be a balance that matches th lvl too somehow to stop this nonsense. There’s no way a 38 queen is equal to having maxed th6 lvl defences lol. And yes I understand it’s a weird whole clan algorithm but this scam has to be changed.

    • This is exactly the type of Base that Supercell is targeting by creating the new Weight Penalty, along with targeting MiniMax and .5 accounts as well. Basically, Supercell is promoting even upgrades and giving a penalty to those found to be upgrading unevenly or engineering… in most cases.

      However, be aware Supercell has even said that they see no way to completely stop the extreme engineered Bases such as Defenseless Bases… All they can do is take away some of the benefits such accts provide; exactly what they are doing.

      Minimax and .5 followers have been hit hard; Defenseless Bases, not quite as hard… But changes are happening. Be patient if you wish to see more changes or you can always go by the old adage, “if you can’t beat em, join em!”

  37. I just finished my TH10 upgrade, and was offered a “TH 10 Starter Pack”, which was gems, gold, and a level 2 inferno tower. I purchased it and really regret it now as my war weight jumped so much, my base is a liability to the clan as I can’t possibly match the guys I am matched up against. Avoid this offer if you see it

  38. Well well after reading the full article n some commwnts im still confused about one thing,right now im a th9 max n will put my th on upgrade tommorow hopefully,so if i dont add any th10 buildings in my war base will i get th9s as my mirror in war?thnz in advance

    • Your mirror does not depend on only you, it is the overall war strength that finds another clan. You mirror could easily be higher or lower than you in strength dependent on his relative position in the opponent clan

    • I think what Player means is will he still get the same mirrors he got before upgrading to a th10. The answer is yes. Upgrading your th will have little to no effect on the ranking system used to place you on the warmap. Once you start upgrading your defensive buildings, thats when you will start sering a difference in your mirrors and youll move up the rankings.

      Hope that helps

  39. Hi Doc Holliday,

    Thanks for taking the time for answering all my remarks/questions. Fruitful and honest reactions. Really like the approach and thanks for all the work you have put in this calculator.

    • Always glad to help; though I only provide the info… Axys did all the leg work on the calculator. Just two like-minded people trying to help others.

      In fact, much like you. I see you have answered several questions here with quality answers just to help others…

      So thank you….Glad to see that happen.

  40. Good article I think but wasn’t the popular belief that defense, not offence, determines match? So why are troop factored in the equation? Please clear this up! Thanks

    • Well I was also having that believe (based on the web BTW) but It would make sense to take your offensive strength into the equation to make war match making fair. And using the penalty to avoid engineered bases makes sense for me too. Still you would like to have some proof that clashkings2 is correct in this, otherwise it is again another web story, although a very nice one, and it sounds pretty convincing what they made. But before upgrading defenses to avoid the penalty gaps you would like to know if it is really true. I mean there is no way back…

      • Indeed a fair statement! However, we welcome anyone to come see the results for themselves. With over 300 wins and an 86% winning percentage, not to mention the almost identical results with our sister Clan and alliance Clans, I assure you it works.

        But remember, while the actual Weights and these penalties are accurate (and have have been confirmed by every source that knows) this not everything. There are still parts to the algorithm we don’t understand. All we are doing is trying to provide everyone with all the information available so they can make he best decision for themselves and their Clan’s.

        And in simple terms, our “CK2 Brew” Weight control plan listed on our website is simply a modified version of the old, now dead .5 plan. It forces you to max your Town Hall, then purchase 1 new item from your Store at your new Town Hall level (thus eliminating the penalty). THEN it works like the old .5 plan where you only upgrade all you own (Troops and Spells included) before buying anything new or upgrading either type of Barracks.

        Thank you for your comment!

    • We cannot speak as to why Supercell has chosen to set their values, Weights, or algorithms they have. All we can report is that indeed they are included in the matchmaking algorithm. Quite extensively. Sorry for the delayed response.

  41. Hi guys and thank you Doc Holiday for this calculator! Its very impressive! However… I have a problem with it… I’m a co-leader in my clan and have started using it to work out why certain Chiefs are placed in certain places on the War Map and I was hoping this calculator would help me understand. Unfortunately its only confused things more… Let me explain.
    I am a 9.5 wanting to slowly creep up the map. I am number 19/30, below a th9 named Marcus who is obviously 18/30. I have worked out both our weights using your calculator and it is telling me the following weights:

    Name Townhall Level Rounded War Weight Median Weight Rounded War Weight After Penalties
    Tokes 10 44,000 103,000 73,999
    Marcus 9 38,000 74,000 67,999

    How can I be below Marcus on the map but be heavier than him by 6,000? I have double checked the entries and I cant see any incorrect inputs

    Your help would be much obliged!

    • Well that is pretty simple. The supercell list is using just defensive strength for listing and clashkings2 uses both offensive and defensive. Having just 44k/38k as rounded war weight tells me your defense is far from max for th9/th10 respectively. Just compare the defensive strength of both your bases and you will see that the Marcus probably has his def buildings at a higher level than you.

      • Thanks for your reply barelsky, but youll have to excuse my ignorance here… I was under the impression that this war weight calculator will help me understand the map rankings and exactly why my cheifs are ranked the way they are? You mention Supercell use just defensive strength for the rankings, so to find out what I need to know should I just enter the defensive structures for myself and Marcus onto the calculator, to find out why he is above me?

        Thanks again, loving the info provided here!

  42. another thing that bothers me: I fully understand you are saying that the “gold storage algorithm” does not define the war weight and that the offensive strength should be part of this calculation too. You say the calculated defensive strength is used for the position in the war table, can also agree on that. Still this defensive strength calculation does not come from nowhere and it is a bit hard to believe that sc does not use this value as a part of the final war weight. You suggest that sc uses 2 complete different models for this (just the defensive strength part), why would they do that? Asking this because if I take away troop weight, hero weight, spell weight it comes not exactly at the defensive strength value (from sc), but it is also not that far off. Would you know the difference between the model for the sc gold storage figure, and your defensive strength value.

    • Another great question! I love these kind of questions!

      You asked why the Gold Storage value is not the same as the Weights because they are indeed very similar. But yes, this is a separate step in the algorithm. In fact, this is the very first step in the matchmaking process, before the algorithm even starts.

      And it’s done this way because long ago Supercell actually handled Weight in the opposite way they do now. Long ago, offense counted much more than defense so you had engineering done by only upgrading certain Troops or Spells and keeping your DEFENSES low. That is when Supercell established the Storage Value based off of defensive Weight and it has never changed.

      Remember, the Storage×4 + TH Value only represents your place on the War Map. It does not reflect your actual Base Weight.

      Glad to share a little trivia with you!

  43. Thanks for your nice guide, very helpful. What bothers me is that we have some members with kind of rushed bases who we stopped from doing that and dropping ITs or eagles on th11. Their other defenses are on th8/th9 level. Now these guys tell me that placing the ITs and the eagle will help them them fastest to overcome the punishment gap. A bit weird, but according to your xls this advise is actually positive.
    Further it seems that if you have a certain max th level and you move to the next level you’re immediately punished as you are too far from the median of the next level. Isn’t this strange. e.g. max th10 is 120k while median of th11 is 135k, so effectively you will be immediately punished once you enter th11. (which can be solved by a few minor upgrades, when you come from max previous th, but still that you’re punished as a first step entering next th seems odd)

    • Great questions and I apologize for the delayed response. First, keep up what you are doing! Dropping an EA or a couple of Infernos to clear the Weight Penalty to erase any penalty is not recommended. It’s best to keep telling your guys to catch up the natural way so the penalty decreases as you upgrade. This will serve you all better in the long run.

      Second, yes unfortunately someone who is new to a Town Hall level, will immediately receive a penalty up to the median Weight until they are 6 Weight over the total previous max Town Hall Weight. This is because Supercell is looking to penalize lopsided Bases in an effort to promote even upgrades… basically killing the old MiniMax and .5 plan. Now, to avoid this penatly, you must max your Town Hall level and purchase 1 new Item at a minimum at the newest Town Hall level to weigh 6 over your previous Town Hall max Weight. How long this will last? We have no clue. All we know is this is how the penalty is assesed.

      For a detailed explanation of each penatly, click the link beside my name in the article above and read the CoC Weight: Explained! tab.

      Hope this helps,

  44. I WANT to know my war weight since by mistake i added 3 more cannons my base is consist of th7 with 3 level 1 cannons , 2 level 8 cannons, 1 level 8 archer tower,56 level 7 walls,level 3 spell factory,4 barracks level 9 and 1 dark barrack level 1 so i wanna know should i upgrade those 3 cannons to leve 8 or not since by mistake i added them and can i know my war weight nd what kind of traps i can add to my base so that my war weight wont change a lot

  45. There are conflicting opinions about walls Right in this thread!! I was upgrading my walls and now in war I’m way out matched. Could someone compare one level 7 wall piece with a level 7 cannon. Thanks. I like upgrading my wall but have stopped for war purposes. Thanks Doc for all your hard work!!

    • One level 7 Wall at 27.4 Weight, multiplied by 175 total Walls, equals 4,795 total Weight for Walls at TH7.

      Once level 7 Cannon at 680.1 Weight, multiplied by 4 total Cannons, equals 2,720.4 Total weight for Cannons at TH7.

      As you can see, Walls are well worth the Weight added so keep them upgrading!

  46. Just put in the details on your spreadsheet for 2 of my bases. The first was a fully maxed TH9 in the early stages of TH10, new traps and wall pieces addedand currently levelling them off to TH9 levels. Rounded war weight is 90000 with no penalty incurred. The second is slightly further along the path of th10, but has no xbows walls about 50/50 lvl 9/10 and didnt add new walls but have levelled off all the new traps. This is showing a rounded war weight of 86000 with a penalty incurred of 103000 so by your method ranks higher than the first base.

    Based on the war finished yesterday my actual war weight for base 1 is 70000, base 2 is 62000. What your spreadsheet is telling me is, I could add 2 xbows and upgrade to lvl 3 and have the same weight as base 1. Very confusing, so would like some clarification please.

    • A few quick words: Remember, the Storage plus Town Hall method your are referring to is not a Weight. It is a value used simply to determine your ranking on the War Map. It has nothing to do with the matchmaking. The Weights provided here DO influence matchmaking. In the example you listed above, Base no. 2 is getting assesed a penalty for uneven upgrading (This is how Supercell is combating engineered Bases) So as crazy as it sounds, yes you can buy those new items and be at same weight. For a detailed explanation about the Weight penalty, plz see our COC Weight: Explained! Tab on our website found by clicking the link beside my name in the article above.

  47. This is a great article. Thank tou for all this usefull info. It would be great if we had also the data for spells. I do jot see them in the article bit in amy case this is really an awesome guide. Thank you for posting

    • Spell Weights are available by clicking the link in the article above or downloading the War Weight Calculator. And thx!

  48. This must be an old list, as it looks like that Air Defence only goes to level 9, yet in the latest update, one of the updates was level 11… :-\

  49. Maybe its just me, but I find these war weight/war base manipulations as cheating. You have TH11’s creating simple bases and leaving out certain things like infernos out of their war base even though they have them and then end up getting matches against a TH8 because of it. Thats not right.

    • That’s not quite how it works. For example, your Weight is determined by what you own overall, not what is on your War Base. That old loop-hole was closed. Also, by leaving off your Inferno Towers at TH11 will not drop your Weight to that of a TH8, nor anywhere even close.

      By using the information provided here, which is available to everyone who wishes to read it, you can simply choose the best upgrade available to you based off the values provided. This is simply strategy. You don’t have to do extreme engineering such as Defenseless Bases.

      However, I will say many share your opinion. I always respond with 2 statements. The definition of cheating is, “to act dishonestly or unfairly to gain an advantage, especially in a game.”

      What is unfair or dishonest about sharing this info with everyone, for free, or choosing to upgrade in a manner that is available to everyone? Everyone can do this! After all, it is not against any rules. Remember, just because you don’t like it, doesn’t make it cheating.

      This is simply a strategy that is available to everyone, so choosing to employ it as such is a strategic decision, not cheating.

  50. I have a 100% max th9 and I thought that was weight of 70. When you add up available gold for weight calculator it comes out to 70. In your spreadsheet, it comes to 86. However, if i remove all the misc building from your spreadsheet, it shows war weight is 70. Why do misc buildings count for weight and why is in not the same as adding up all available gold method?

    • I cannot speak as to WHY Supercell has chosen to set the Weights as they have or as to why they set up their matchmaking algorithm the way that they have. I can only speak for what is in the code. The adding Gold Storages + Town Hall method is ONLY used to determine where you rank on the War Map. It is COMPLETELY separate from the matchmaking algorithm. The matchmaking algorithm uses all buildings and items. This is the most common misunderstanding about Weight. The Gold Storages + Town Hall method has NOTHING to do with the Clan War matchmaking algorithm!

  51. Indeed, I do know who you are. As you no doubt remember, I stand by what I said then: people place value differently. Not all treasure is silver and gold mate. For example, you could be rich, but if you don’t have love… well, to me, that’s worse than being poor. I would rather show my appreciation for all those who helped me early in my Clash days by paying it forward and helping others… and that is exactly what I, and everyone I choose to associate with, will continue to do! So… Enjoy!

  52. I created the spreadsheet and offered it to Doc for free because I was more interested in helping others rather than making a profit. I love this game, and I saw a way to help others enjoy it more as well. I am thrilled many have benefited from it, and I’ll continue making updates and enhancements — for free — as long as needed.

    Clash on!

  53. Why would you reveal all the info for free @Doc? I have asked you this before through your contact page so you know who I am. Now anyone who really checks will know your Weights are accurate. You have lost all chance at a profit now that it’s public knowledge and I could have helped you sell it!!! What a shame! And you don’t even advertise on your website? Are you not at ALL interested in making a profit?

    • Have you ever contributed anything to the community without minding profit?
      Are you aware that using Supercell assets on anything that costs money is clearly against their Fan Licence Agreement and they will demand a takedown / take legal actions immediately (believe me, there’s a reason why I stopped the eBook I wrote a year ago, and I did only sell it to cover up for the whole costs…)
      What do you think will happen when you try to SELL a part of their code?!

  54. What is the ’rounded war weight’ and ’penalty incurred’? How to calculate these values?

    Why considering weight values for mines, storages, etc if they are not considered in the war weight calculation (matchmaking)?

    • Your rounded War Weight is the number used to determine your total War Weight. The possible penalty incurred is from part of the Clan War matchmaking algorithm designed to penalize engineered accounts. All parts of the matchmaking algorithm that are 100% confirmed have already been added into the War Weight Calculator’s formulas for your benefit. This makes our Calculator as accurate as possible. For a detailed explanation about the Weight “penalty” and more about the Clan War matchmaking process, visit our site and then select the COC Weight Explained tab. Find us by clicking the link in the article above.

  55. Hi-
    The xbow has 900 war weight for level 1?
    Wasn’t it at 300-350?
    I would like to also thank you timmy for bringing all clashers the best possible information on clash of clans on the entire web.

    • Yes, the balancing update on 3/7 brought some changes. The info provided here is 100% up-to-date. Note that the X-Bow doesn’t necessarily weigh much more now at max level than before, but how the Weight has been assigned at each level has been changed. Just further proof of how knowing this info can help you upgrade in the most efficient and most beneficial way possible.

  56. Please note that the calculator mentioned above has just been revised based on the recent Clash of Clans update. Some other enhancements added in: On the “Chief” sheets, entry varies based on Townhall level; when you max an item, it will be highlighted green so that you can see at a glance just how close you are to maxing out at that Th level. On the “Clan” sheet, the Base Strength Reduction Qualifier was incorporated in, which is a qualifier used during the matchmaking process so that the heavier-weighted bases are counted at full weight, while the lighter bases are counted at a lower percentage. Enjoy!!

  57. Hi allclash, love the articles. Can you tell me, did xbow Weight change? Because when I look at it in your chart it looks like getting an xbow is no different then a wizard tower or a mortar. But in your conclusions you say to use caution when getting them. I would love to raise the level on my xbows but I’m a little concerned about its impact on my war weight. I thought they had a much higher impact. Thanks

    • Like I wrote, there’s a multiplier inside the matchmaking algorithm that will weight the X-Bow higher than the Wizard Tower (but nobody except a few developer at supercell know the exact amount). The table is, as stated above it, only a indication and not the final weight that the defense will have…

  58. 1. The value obtained by adding up the value in gold/Elixir storages + Townhall value of same resources gives us war weight of that particular base right? For Eg. 50,000.
    2. The information is inaccurate or the supercell has made some changes (which is unlikely in this short span, the post is only few days old)
    I have a defenseless account, unlocked till wizard, almost every troop is maxed at Townhall 6. Done the calculations, the war weight according to the chart & in real is very much different.
    Kindly reply Doc, J, Timmy or someone..

  59. I’m having trouble getting my question to post, so sorry if it posts more than once. I’m confused about upgrading barracks. All mine are at level 10 right now. Can I upgrade all 4 to 11 for 150 OR does each barrack increase war weight?

    • If you build a new level of Barracj, you will unlock a new troop (this adds weight). If you only upgrade them (the other ones) without unlocking new troops this won’t add weight 🙂

    • Yes, Walls add Weight. See the chart referenced in the article above for the exact Weight or check the comments below for a bit more explanation about Wall Weight.

  60. This is by far been the most helpful for me when building my base, to help keep my war weight level down in order to give me superior strength over are opponents. We recently got a match up in which it looked like we where out match and out gunned but, to this post and understanding the way that weight bearing works we were victorious. That and the player within the clan did awesome. Looking forward to moving on to TH 10 or shall I say 9.5 and using this strategy to be superior thanks for the post “Doc”.

    • That’s probably the biggest misconception about Weight. The Gold Storage Value ×5 DOES influence your War Map ranking; however, it is NOT Weight. It is a value only. As such the Gold Storage (or Elixer Storage) Values have absolutely NO bearing on Clan War matchmaking. This is why the Weights don’t match with the Gold Storage values. Only the Weights affect matchmaking. Hope this helps!

  61. what if you just want to ” have a better base or be ranked higher than some one ” what would you upgrade. Im a TH9 and so far ive done xbows and wizard towers , teslas to max.

    • In order to rank higher on the War Map, you would upgrade the heaviest of any possible item. This is not recommended as this doesn’t make your Base better than anyone else, just heavier; thus, resulting in a harder opponent during Clan Wars. Plus, the only benefit of doing so is seeing your name listed above someone else in the War Map. Be forewarned, serious War Clans will not be welcoming to such upgrading tactics so I would be sure to confirm your decision with your Leaders. Hope this helps!

  62. so u say that 3 wall pcs hase arouns same warweight as a canon upgrade? cant be!. previus war weight artikel sad less than 1 warweight a pc! someone pls check this

    • As Wall Weight can vary from 8 to 31 per Wall piece, yes, depending on the circumstance, 3 Wall upgrades can Weight almost as much as a Cannon. But be aware, 3 level 1 Walls only Weigh around 24, whereas 3 level 11 Walls weigh around 93… So, it’s all relative. Also, please note that due to the constantly changing Weights, any prior numbers are out of date so that is the reason for the discrepancy. Hope this helps!

  63. Note: all dark spells carry little weight. Except for the SKELETON SPELL, which adds around 1000 to your war weight per level so its in the same bag as freeze and witches

  64. I’m in love with this calculator it’s a very helpful tool to have to balance out your wars 10/10 stars !!!!!

  65. The calculator is a very useful tool to choose what members to include in war and identify those who carry a lot of weight.
    I was looking for an updated version with current values as the ones I found were outdated making them useless.
    Also the website the author of the article points to seems to contain other interesting information. Could he be the Edward Snowden of Supercell??

    Nice article, hope this one is updated regularly.

    • Always glad to help and share any info we have. Special thanks to AllClash for allowing me to post this info here for you all to enjoy.

  66. lovin’ this calculator,made it easy to calculate the exact weight of one’s base , also making upgrade scneraios there helps on knowing what to upgrade first in terms of value/ weight, i’m sharing it with all CoC friends.

  67. This is great info! I love how easy the calculator is to use. You simply input your item levels and boom you have your ear weight! It’s made it a lot easier to prioritize my upgrades!

  68. Alexandre, the Weight of each Wall upgrade can be found by clicking the link in the article above where directed. But to answer your question, Wall Weight is right in the middle of the two extremes you mentioned. They can range from a very low Weight of 8 per wall piece at TH1 all the way up to 31 per Wall piece at TH11. Hope this helps!

  69. I’d like to know more about the walls? No one seems to agree some say they weigt heavily some say their weight is so small we don’t even have to consider… what’s your opinion?

    • Here are the weights for the wall pieces. Just like above, these are the cumulative weights: Lvl1-8, Lvl2-16, Lvl3-20, Lvl4-22.7, Lvl5-24.7, Lvl6-26.3, Lvl7-27.4, Lvl8-28.3, Lvl9-29.1, Lvl10-29.9, Lvl11-30.6, Lvl12-31.3. So, if you have 10 Lvl3 walls, that would weigh 200. You can find this on Clash King 2’s website linked above. Hope that helps!

  70. Love the website for this group. Lots of great info and advice. The calculator is superb now that it is up, and I have been able to better help my clan in wars.

  71. The Clash Kings 2 website has helped me out so much, it’s nice to just go to one website and find all the info you need, and even extra info that I didn’t know I needed. Plus calculating war weight with the war weight calculator? So cool, my clan is LOVING it

  72. I love this calculator! It’s easy to use and is accurate! Our clan just started using it and I think it is going to advance us into places we have never been.

  73. The information just posted is accurate and has been confirmed by a number of sources. We had to disable the link for a bit to add the weighting penalty that’s been recently introduced, but now the spreadsheet is up and ready to download. Enjoy!!

  74. What does warden weigh as its a defensive building I get mainly maxed th11s but no where near maxed defensively but hereos 45/43/20 ! Any ideas anyone?

  75. Much of this information is inaccurate. I have run a number of simulations and this does not correctly determine weight. As far as I know the only clan to successfully crack the matchmaking algorithm is #6ayMartians.

    From my data though I can tell you much of what other people already know. Dont build xbows, infernos or eagles.

  76. Why can war weight not just go on th ? That would end all this .5 and engineered bases with the swipe of a pen.
    Ok so when you 1st upgrade your th war would be tough but this would encourage people to upgrade there defences and as they do wars would become easier.

  77. Hey Timmy! Does unlocking units increase war weight. It says increasing barracks doesn’t increase the war weight, but increasing barracks = new units hence increase weight?

      • Yes, if you unlock it, you get added the war weight of the level 1 troop – but upgrading additional (dark) barracks won’t increase the war weight when it doesn’t unlock a new troop

      • I did some testing with my second account. Before i bought x-bows my war weight was 57000 (close to 58000). When I bought my first xbow it was 58000, which was right according to this guide. But when I bought my second xbow, my weight went right up to 60000 and my third xbow brought it up to 62000. I will add my fourth xbow soon and I’ll let you know how that adds up to my total weight.

      • Just bought the fourth xbow. My war weight is now 63000. No other (troop) upgrades were done within my posts. Good luck with the guide!

  78. Schedule is not correct. Our maxed th11 has ww of 109, another th 11 with lvl 3 infernos, lvl 9 wt, lvl 4 xbows, and 2 lvl 9 morfars had ww of 106, so something has changed since scedule was made…

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