TH7 War Base & Trophy Farming Base Layouts

Here you see the latest Town Hall 7 base layouts for Clan War, Trophy Pushing & Farming

If you’re looking for a new base layout for your TH7 village you will find these two bases here really helpful.

I have here one war base for Clan Wars that will prevent you getting 3-Starred and a Trophy/Hybrid base design that you can set up for your home village πŸ™Œ

Why you only find one war base and one trophy/hybrid base here?

Actually pretty simple – there are so many sources out there that only put together some bases and then leave you with the question which one to actually take instead of making a real review of the base and showing why it works. You also often don’t see if they are outdated or how old they are…

I will post here bases that I have tried myself and will give you also situations from replays that show how well the bases are working. Of course, I will update them from time ti time, especially after updates that change the meta πŸ˜‰

I think this is a much better approach to handle this.

The TH7 War Base Design

Let’s start off with the war base…

πŸ‘‡ Here’s the base layout πŸ‘‡

best th7 war base 2019

Why I Think It Is The Best

It works great against the attacks that you will see most – mass Dragons or DragLoon at Town Hall 7. Of course, there are still attackers that go GiBarch in war but let’s be honest, they normally just fail against a base like that, so I will present you some features of this base that will show you how well this base defends against them.

General Layout Of The Base

You normally don’t see many war bases at TH7 that us an asymmetrical design with the Town Hall not in the center – normally because there are not enough trash buildings available at Town Hall 7 to really make this work.

This base has one single mission and this is defending the 3-Star against mass Dragon attacks so it has chosen to rather sacrifice the Town Hall and give away the 2-Star more easily rather than giving away the 3-Stars.

The compartments are designed to stick out in the center of each side more than the corners and the trash buildings should simply make funneling the Dragons harder, something that really works well at Town Hall 7 where also less-experienced attackers try their luck and only know farming with mass Dragons that is often times a no-brainer.

The attacker willΒ  either use Lightning Spell to get (most of the times the top) Air Defense down and then send in the Dragons (normally into the Town Hall section) – this will send one Dragon straight to heaven with the Seeking Air Mine next to the Town Hall and while they are stillΒ  busy with all the storages and the Town Hall (and slow because all spells have been used to zap down the Air Defense), the other two Air Defenses will take down the Dragons one by one.

th7 war base mass dragons defense

Alternatively, they will use Rage Spells to speed up the Dragons, but then they need to take care of 3 Air Defenses at the same time that are hard to reach and will deal damage almost all the time.

Both are terrible ideas and will fail at a 60% 2-Star (or maybe even less).

Using Balloons along with the Dragons also won’t lead to any glory here, because the Balloons are too slow for this layout that uses a lot of empty spaces in between the buildings – the splash damage of the Balloons is simply not that useful here and their funneling is also not good enough, so they will simply go through the base and leave several buildings and defenses up thatΒ  the attacker will never clean the base in time.

th7 war base defending against dragloon

So, all in all this TH7 War Base will cost several attacks to 3-Star and ultimately a higher Town Hall player will have to approach to get the 3-Star.

The TH8 Trophy & Loot Base Design (Home Village)

Now let’s have a look at the base design that you should use in your home village to defend trophies and also your loot from greedy attackers.

πŸ‘‡ Here’s the base layout πŸ‘‡

best th7 trophy base 2019

Why I Think It Is The Best

It works effectively against all kinds of Giant attacks you see at Town Hall 7 – Giant/Healer,Β  GiWi (Giant Wizard) or GiBarch. Those are the most-frequent attacks and also the attacks you want to defend against.

It doesn’t work perfectly against mass Dragon, but to be honest no attacker will make profit using this strategy in regular attacks and defending this would require an Anti-3-Star base that will just give away your loot and 2-Stars too easily so just ignore them and remember that this attacker still, no matter how much loot he got, did not make any profit πŸ˜‰

General Layout Of The Base

Basically, this base has small compartments around the core that will slow down Giants, once they broke through a wall there’s another wall right after that – this is annoying to deal with and the Wall Breaker AI will never make Wall Breaker go straight into the inner joints and always open other compartments on the outside.

th7 trophy base giants replay

Also, the trash buildings on the outside will be annoying to clean with the Wizards or Barbarians/Archers and often times the attacker messes the funnel up and can watch his troops walk around the perimeter of the base with no real victory at the end πŸ˜‚

th7 replay giants go wrong

Also, even when I told you that this base isn’t that effective against Dragons it doesn’t mean that it’s useless against them – luckily many mass Dragon attacker are using the mass Dragon strategy for regular attacks at Town Hall 7 because they are bad attacker and this is the only attack that is quite easy to use (but terribly expensive).

th7 trophy base dragon attack

Of course some of them will also mess up and with the 3 Air Defenses in the center area you can still bully the dragons with this base enough to not make it an easy 3-Star πŸ™‚

What do you think?

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  2. Tim, can you please update these base designs? They have been here for three months. I would like to see some different designs to try out. Thanks

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