Master the Earthquake Spell

Master the Earthquake Spell

The second Spell of the Dark Spell Factory is the Earthquake Spell. In this post I want to show you how it can best be used and how it works. Some people claim the Earthquake Spell is only for people who aren’t able to use a Jump Spell, but it has a lot more to offer!

How the Earthquake Spell works

The Earthquake Spell works on buildings (except Storages of course) and takes away, depending on the Level, 14% to 25% of the remaining (NOT original) Hitpoints.

This means the effective damage caused decreases more and more when the building loses Hitpoints and when the Earthquake Spell was used to damage this specific building before. For this reason it’s perfect to use against buildings that have less than 25% of their full Hitpoints left.

A very effective method is using 2 Lightning Spells on an Air Defense and then completely destroy it with an Earthquake Spell (instead of using a 3rd Lightning Spell considering the Earthquake Spell only takes 1 Housing Space).earthquake spell stats after september update

Also, the Earthquake Spell does 4 times the damage on Walls and it will destroy buildings if they’re near to destruction.

Earthquake Spell vs. Jump Spell

The Earthquake Spell and the Jump Spell aren’t competing against each other – it always depends on which base you will attack.

Compact Villages like this require Earthquake Spells:hybrid TH9 farming Base layout with bombtower

Wide spread Bases require Jump Spells (as you can have 2 of them instead of the 4 Earthquake Spells):th8.5 war base anti 3 star with bomb tower

I have written a whole section about the whole Jump Spell vs. Earthquake Spell discussion, including the ranges (which will surprise you that they have in reality the same radius) here:

Spell Ranges & Effectivity
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Deployment of the Earthquake Spell

When I first read that the Earthquake Spell damage will be calculated on the remaining Hitpoints of a structure I wondered if it makes a difference to drop all of them directly together and they get affected to a higher Hitpoints Base taking away more Hitpoints.

In theory, this has to be the case, but hard to tell if it works that way in the game. Long story short, I invested some trophies to check this out myself. 🙂

Here’s the result of dropping 2 Earthquake Spells one by one (the second one was dropped after the first stopped shaking):

dropping an Earthquake spell

Here I dropped them almost together at the very same moment:


You can see it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. My guess is that the final Hitpoints are calculated at the very moment the Spell is dropped and everything you see is just animation.

Pro Tip! When you want to take down walls with 4 Earthquake Spells there’s sometimes a little miss – you can prevent that by zooming in as much as you can and deploy the 4 Earthquake Spell by placing your finger down (not “single” deployment)

This owers the chances of missing or placing one spell a little off the other ones.

How To Master Spells

What to use the Earthquake Spell for?

What do you need an Earthquake Spell for when you have a Lightning Spell? Well, the Earthquake Spell:

  • deals more damage on higher Hitpoint buildings because it uses percentages.
  • it needs only half the Housing Space.
  • it deals equal damage within the area unlike the Lightning Spell.
  • it’s very effective against Walls.

Here’s what you can use the Earthquake Spell for.

Destroy Walls with the Earthquake Spell

This is the most obvious use of the Earthquake Spell. You need 4 Earthquake Spells of any level to destroy any level of Wall you want (Yes, 4, Level 1 Earthquake Spells can destroy Level 11 Walls!).

The nice thing is that you can open a big part of the base, especially when the defender has a 6×6 tile compartment in a central position like this:

earthquake destruction radius


If you see a layout of Walls like this, you can even destroy both layers at once with the Earthquake Spells:

wall layer earthquake spell

Destroy Air Defenses

The Earthquake Spell is able to take out a maxed Air Defense together with 2 Lightning Spells.

Never use more than 1 Earthquake Spell on the same building! The damage decreases each time! If you dropped 7 Earthquake Spells on an Air Defense, this would be the result:

use earthquake spell to destroy air defense

So, if you’re looking to destroy a specific defense, always combine it with Lightning Spells.

When you use it, don’t place the Earthquake Spell in the middle of the Air Defense. You should take a look around which other buildings and Walls you can damage:

zap quake tutorial

Here’s a great overview how many spells you need to do it (Thanks to ClashTrack for this overview):

earthquake and lightning against air defense calculator

Core Support

A common thing to do is dropping a single Earthquake Spell on the core with the Town Hall and other high Hitpoint buildings – setups like this:

You will take away 25% of the Hitpoints of all of these buildings, which can be a lot. This can easily add up to a couple thousand Hitpoints that your troops won’t need to destroy later during your attack.

Destroy a Town Hall with Spells (Lightning Spells and Earthquake Spells) is not possible

I know some of you have been doing the math for quite a while now in order to find out if there’s a combination to destroy a Town Hall only with Spells. Long story short, it’s not possible. Here is my math on this:

On a Town Hall 10 (5,500 Hitpoints) with Level 4 Earthquake Spells (25% of remaining Hitpoints) and Level 6 Lightning Spells (450 damage):

  1. Earthquake Spell takes 1,375 Hitpoints, 4,125 left.
  2. – 11. takes fewer Hitpoints (not calculatable because the damage decrease is not know exactly)

In the end, the Town Hall was still standing in quite a good condition (about 30%).

You think smaller Town Halls make it better? Not really because the Earthquake Spell does less damage (percentage). To be honest, this would be very stupid if it was possible – imagine Supercell removes the possibility that Storages can get zapped, but adds the feature that Town Halls could… 🙂

You can, however, destroy a Town Hall with less than 25% Hitpoints with a single Earthquake Spell. That happened to me quite a few times lately, so I always have an Earthquake Spell in my Clan Castle that I drop in the core on the Town Hall before my troops get there. 🙂

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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  1. One point not mentioned here is the permanence of earthquake spells. That is, they don’t expire. If I’m farming with barbs and archers, I don’t have to worry about getting all my units through the earthquake zone before it runs out.

    I personally find this very useful! I just wish there was more of a reason to upgrade them. If max EQ could 3-shot walls, that would be something worth working for.

  2. Timmy, I usually love your articles, but this was the first time that I read one and saw blatantly wrong information. First, as far as the damage is concerned, it does deal damage based on the original HP of the building. If it didn’t it would not be possible to drop two lighting followed by a quake on an air defense and have it be destroyed. You would need to drop the quake first. However, we all know it works. Secondly, it might be important to make a distinction between using quake vs. jump at th11 and the lower th levels because the two spell housing space makes a earthquake highly uneconomical for a ground attack. And finally, in my experience there has very rarely been a time when a base design called for quake over jump considering the fact that troops treat them identically in terms of AI response to them, and bringing a jump saves you two spell slots. Unless you have level one jump, are th8, or are doing an air attack I firmly believe quake has very few legitimate uses.

  3. Quake can do 8 tiles if you drop it on the seam between the fourth and fifth tile. 7 is automatic, but with precision 8 is doable. In fact, you said as much with the 6 tile box which would make the walls 8 tiles. The reason that is referenced is because you literally have a perfect target to make the 8quake work where the four structures meet.

    As for defending against the quake, avoid the six tile box or in moat-style bases avoid placing 2 stacked structures between your wall rings. The stacked structures highlights the seam and the 8quake target line.

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