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Attacking Strategies for BH7

Attacking at Builder Hall 7 is getting more delicate than you are used to from the prior Builder Hall level – the reason is that with the Giant Cannon you have an extremely deadly new defense to counter along to the other ones like Roaster & Multi Mortar.

I will show you the two most popular and well-working attacking strategies for BH7 here in this guide that will make you able to win every Versus Battle.

But before we jump into the strategies and how you should execute them, I’d like to give you some general attacking tips for BH7.

Builder Hall 7 Attacking Guide

Builder Hall 7 is, as far as of today, the highest you can get and you will face the maximum on defensive power you can possibly face. At the lower Builder Hall Level, you have been seeing 3-Star attacks quite frequently, but at BH7 you will only get 3-Star attacks when one of the important defenses of your opponent (Roaster, Double Cannon, etc.) is upgrading or he uses a horrible base layout you can exploit easily.

So, I don’t want to kill your excitement here, but just make you understand that solid, high-percentage 2-Star attacks will win you Versus Battles at BH7.

Upgrading Tips BH7

If you’re new at BH7, you will see that you have a ton of expensive upgrades that take all 2-4 days ahead of you – that’s why I think some tips regarding the upgrading priority will be important:

  • Do upgrade your troops to your primary attacking strategy first (Night Witches/Beta Minions or Raged Barbarians/Bomber)
  • Battle Machine Level 10 is ok, higher levels don’t get you such a high benefit anymore. BM lvl 20 is only 20% stronger than BM lvl 10 and a hell of a grind to get – so focus on troops first!
  • Get the Giant Cannon as fast as possible to a high level. You will se a Value Pack, but even without the Giant Cannon to Level 5 or 6 is mandatory.
  • Clock Tower & Collectors! The sooner you upgrade them, the sooner they will pay it back to you. The Collectors have quite low upgarde times and costs with 200,000 and 12 hours and the Clock Tower will help you get more attacks in and also take more time off the clock for upgrades.
  • For maxing out the other defenses, I recommend going Roaster>Multi Mortar>Archer Towers>Hidden Teslas>Double Cannons>Cannons>Firecracker>Crusher>Air Bombs>Traps. This is for those of you having their defenses on Level 6 already – I have also the Crusher at the end because he either one-hit kills Barbarians or have to take multiple hits against the Battle Machine.

This is how I did max out my Builder Hall 7 because I felt it to be the most reasonable way, but of course you can do it differently 🙂

Trophy Range

The is no alternative to get to at least 4,000 Trophies at BH7! That’s where you can get the maximum of daily rewards (500,000) and with the loot you will need to max out BH7 you will need every small thing you can get.

Timing Attacks at Builder Hall 7

At BH7, small differences make the difference between victory or defeat and you will learn that the hard way. I tried a couple of times to do Versus Battles with by Battle Machine being upgraded and dropped 800 trophies for winning just 1 battle.

When your important defenses (Roaster, Giant Cannon, Multi Mortar, Air Bombs) or your Battle Machine is upgrading, you will have a very hard time winning battles and dropping below 4,000 trophies is simply not worth it.

However, keep in mind that you can save up one day of daily rewards, so waiting one day without an attack will let you get 3 extra rewards the next day. In case you didn’t know that, check out my guide here.

This means, when you have an upgrade that takes 2 days and you start it right after you have cleared your daily reward, you can wait 3 days and won’t lose any daily rewards and don’t have to drop too much in trophies!

Dealing With The Giant Cannon & More

The Giant Cannon doesn’t deal that extremely high damage, but it deals excessive damage to your Battle Machine, so you can compare it to a Crusher on damage with the ability to shoot.

The Giant Cannon is the worst enemy and will take down your Battle Machine extremely fast and there’s not much you can do except trying to stay away from it as long as possible until your other troops can clear it.

In addition, you will also need to mind the Multi-Mortar & the Roaster plus make sure your troops don’t step into the Crusher or get dragged into it by the Guard Post troops.

Sounds horribly much? Yes, but in reality you will learn fast how to see the best side to attack a base.

  1. Attack from the opposite side of the Crusher is in 90% of all cases a good idea and high priority
  2. Get the Multi Mortar down while it targets your Battle Machine along with the Roaster. So you should attack with your Battle Machine from the direction that offers the fastest route to these two defenses

This will do it for you in most cases.

For extra percentage (that you will need in any case!), you should always scout which buildings on the outside are bad or not even protected at all so you can get them with a single troop or two.

Now it’s time to take a closer look at the two attacking strategies I recommend using for Builder Hall 7.

BH7 Attacking Strategies

We’re talking about Night Witch/Beta Minions and Raged Barbarians/Bomber.

These two strategies make up like 95% of all attacks in BH7, even tough the Drop Ship is the new troop exclusively for Builder Hall 7 – even 4 month after Builder Hall 7 was released and many have maxed it, it’s still making just a small part of all attacks due to the inconsistency and the pretty high percentage that attacks with Drop Ships fail horribly.

The Night Witch – Beta Minion or the Raged Barbarians – Bomber combo, which one works better? Well, both are working good and in my opinion, it’s a personal taste which one you like more as both have the potential to get you to 5,000 Trophies.

However, I have the feeling that Barbarians/Bomber are a little more consistent and if you have the necessary skill you can make a little bit more out of it than with Night Witches/Minions.

However, I recommend you to use the composition first that you have upgraded most so far and perspectively you should be used to use both of them to switch depending on the base layout you’re facing.

BH7 Attacking with Raged Barbarians & Bomber

The attacks here work quite simple. You take one Army Camp of Bombers and the rest with Raged Barbarians.
The general attack works always the same:

  • Drop a few Barbarians on the outside to keep defenses busy
  • Drop your Bombers to open the walls
  • Deploy your Battle machine
  • Keep deploying packs of 5-8 Barbarians all the time

I have written a full guide about attacking with Raged Barbarians & Bombers a couple weeks ago, so before I now paste everything here, I can only recommend you to learn the tactics I’m teaching you there. Here’s the guide.

I also recommend you to watch this video here that will also show you some battles and teach you how to use the Barbarians & Bomber combo:

BH7 Attacking with Night Witches & Beta Minions

The attacks here work quite simple. You take two Army Camps of Night Witches and three Army Camps of Beta Minions.

The general idea of this attack is that the Battle Machine should tank the Multi Mortar and Roaster long enough until your other troops destroy them. The Bats are the tanks for the Minions and due to their speed should always be in front and take the damage from the Air Bombs, trigger traps, etc.

You see that this composition relies heavily on all parts doing their job and if one of them fails, the others are in high danger.

If the Battle Machine dies too early, the Multi Mortar will take on your Night Witches & the Roaster on your Minions and your attack is doomed.

Here’s step by step how you prevent that from happening and how you execute that attack:

1) Scouting

You need to keep your Battle Machine alive as long as possible, so make sure to enter from a point where it stays out of reach of the Giant Cannon as long as possible and also reaches the Roaster radius early to tank the Roaster.

Don’t deploy anything yet, that’s just the important first step

2) Cleaning Outside

Now you can use single Minions with their ability to destroy Army Camps and Hero Altar and structures outside the reach of any defenses.

In rare cases, you can also invest a couple of them to destroy a Multi Mortar or Giant Cannon before the real attack starts and you should do that (even when it’s rare to have the possibility)

3) Battle Machine Deployment

Now you deploy your Battle Machine at the point you have selected in step (1) and directly charge the ability.

4) Night Witches Coming In

Once the Battle Machine has been walking like half the path to the first wall or building, you can deploy your Night Witches.

Do not deploy them at the same spot to prevent that they get hit by a trap or the Multi Mortar at the same time – deploy them in a row with some space in between.

5) Minion Waves

Now it’s time for the Minions. Don’t deploy all of them at once, you want them to make waves to not waste their Long Shot ability on the same building and also to not lose many of them in case they become the target of the Roaster or Air Bombs.

I usually make 3 waves and keep 2-3 Minions back! I use them to clear off 1-2 extra buildings at the end when all other troops are down to get some extra percentage points

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