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Clan Recruiting Tips

In times of Clan Wars & Clan Games, more and more clans face the problem that active members getting less and less and there’s a lack with fresh members coming to your clan to fill up the space. Clan recruiting is one of the most important things to do and just hoping that active and loyal members will fillup your clan isn’t enough anymore – you’ll need to actively recruit them.

This post is intended to show all responsible Clashers how to make a successful Clan without having to kick and check all members all the time. With the right recruiting methods you can get worthy members for your Clans.

Why recruiting correctly is the most important thing when running a Clan

Wrong donations, bad donation ratio, low activity in Clan War or lots of leechers in Clan Games who only do a few challenges to get all the rewards – those are common struggles so many clans have to deal with.

In addition, the Clan Perks didn’t make it any easier for clans lower Clan Perk 10 to be attractive enough for new members.

Looks like a dark picture I just painted, right?

Well, the reality always looks a lot brighter and with the right recruiting you can get enough active members into your clan to make it a happy & fun place to be.

No Hoppers, no leechers!

The secret sauce is simple – success in Clan War & Clan Games will keep active members happy and make your clan more and more attractive to new members looking for exactly that kind of clan to join.

The problem is, with inactive, childish or unloyal members, you’ll never reach that state – looking like a snake that bites itself in the end.

To break this downward spiral, you will need to set a cut point and start only recruiting quality members – that’s the only way to get more success – an active & loyal member makes up for 10 “somewhat ok” members that don’t break the rules to force you kicking them out but their part on the success is rather small.

I know you might think that a clan with 40+ members looks more attractive to people like a clan with 20 members, but in the end it’s the “trash” members that ruin your clan.

Just filling your clan with people that came to the clan via global or randomly isn’t the route to success, believe me.

Set Rules & Make them rules!

Sit down with the management people of your clan and define your goals as a clan:

  • Donation ratio
  • Clan Games minimum points
  • Clan War activity

Basically set together how you play the game and what level of dedication you expect, but be honest. You can’t define you war all the time and want that every player max out every Clan Game cap but you’re not active enough yourself to do that.

Once that is done, you can state that in your clan description, this makes it a rule to everyone!

Related:  Creating a good Clan Description in Clash of Clans

a detailed clan description help your recruiting the right people

Now, the second part is make these rules apply to everyone. Don’t let people get away with a bad donation ratio all the time or when they don’t use their war attacks!

I know it can happen, but don’t hesitate to give them a first warning and make them understand that when it happens again they are not right in your clan.

This is the only way people will stick to the rules and the only way how you can reach your goals.

Check Out Recruits

Now when new people want to join your clan, check their player info out to see how they played the game so far.

A TH11 and barely donated 10k troop spaces? Don’t expect this player to now donate like crazy.

Only 100 War Stars won? Probably an un-experienced or maybe even bad war attacker.

These are important indications you should keep an eye on, just to keep new people on your radar – I’m not saying to instantly boot them, but you should know more about them than just believing they will give their best out of nothing.

There’s a reason why they left (or “left”) their previous clan and rather they were too good for their old clan or their old clan was too good for them.

If you don’t feel comfortable with that idea, always remember that a new clan member that fools around can lower the motivation of the clan members who got loyal over a long period of time and that can get destroyed a lot faster – a risk you don’t want to take, right?

Where To Recruit?

For sure not in global or any other space like that. Also don’t write below these tweets from CoC Offical.

You want a platform where you can present your clan and also tell what youexpect from people, so there are actually some places I recommend:

  1. Recruiting over on Reddit (HERE)
  2. The subforum of the official forum (HERE)
  3. … (…please comment when you also know a good place)

The reason is simple, there are player that are actively on other sources for Clash of Clans than simply the game, so you can expect a higher level of dedication to the game 🙂

Clan Website (Bonus)

With a lot of dedication, you can also create a free clan website for your clan over on iClanWebsites – I have written a full tutorial about it here and also how you can include a lot of strategies & news there to make your clan better:


It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality – and recruiting is a slow but steady process that will help you build an active clan where every members loves to be.

Don’t give up easily and the first weeks are the hardest, but I can promise you that once you found a couple of good & loyal new members, your clan will start growing and evolving every day 🙂

Good luck!

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. [RECRUITING]PureAttackzzz🛡|TH7+|Level 2|War⚔/Farm💰/Social💬|Independent Clan💪|Age 18+🔞

    🔥🛡🛡🛡Newly Formed, Active and Growing Fast. We like to War on a regular basis and stay active in farming and building during and in between those wars. EVERYONE donates. Looking to expand to league wars when we have the right group that is committed. Looking for mature and active people in the clash world who are in it for the long haul like us and looking to have fun.🛡🛡🛡🔥

    🇺🇸U.S. Based🇺🇸

    ⚠️Simple rules:⚠️

    -Age 18+✅


    -Active Daily✅


    -Commit to War and Expansion✅

    ⚡Reply ON THIS THREAD (if applying) with your TH level, in game name and id.⚡


    Look for Me-

  2. We are a chilled, laid back clan looking for some members. XP and experience are not important, what we ask is that you:
    – Are active in clan chat and donations
    – Partake in wars using both attacks (wars every weekend)
    – Let us know if you are unable to war, so we don’t put you in and lose
    – Have a good sense of humour and maintain the positive vibes in the clan
    That is all we are looking for, so check us out guys 
    Dominion: #2PRJ90Y2L

  3. I need a clan my name number is #LRQ28CCC8 and i think we should have global back because most of the clans i search that sound good are BD clans or dead clans clash needs global back i’m having a hard time finding a good clan

    WAR LOG: 52 wins 15 losses
    CWL: Champion 1
    # 2929082U2 Look us up Friendly adult clan! 18+ to join ! When requesting post reddit, age and location!
    War: B2B Wars ! Hero’s/troops/spells all should be up
    Always have your green and red setting on and off for war
    Town hall hero’s: Have to be maxed from the town hall b4 the one you’re on now ex: town hall 10 – 30/30 at least ! Etc
    Cwl: Th11-12 only
    Games: Maxed
    Donations: Everyone should donate
    *Down load the Kik app when you join, for notifications offline ! It’s our way to chat with the clan about upcoming events wars and Cwls!

  5. Hey guys join my new clan ultimate champs.we will rise together. My player tag #yyo8ouo8c

    Currently I am not in my own clan but you clan join me and when I leave come with me to my clan. Please join for free co leader and continuous wars

    Recruiting th 8-9 members

  6. Join our clan “Top City Legend”! Just meet a few requirements:
    – Active at least 5 of 7 days
    – Loves to war and can at least two star equal town hall level
    – Donates a lot
    – Participates in clan games

    Join our level 15 clan as we are looking for more active members for clan wars and clan war leagues! Clan ID is #9PVGRYGL.

  7. Hey clashers,
    We have just started a feeder for our level 18 war clan, called ANZAC and would like people to come jointhe feeder and help grow it out . We are accepting everyone for now and will be cleaning up the clan once it has got fair amount of people in it. Thank you for your time We are a back to back war clan so wars will be constant, we donate what Is requested, no hoppers please,
    Town Hall level : 3+
    CLAN : ANZAC Feeder
    # : #29UL20GPR

  8. Motivated but civil? Respectful yet fun? Join me over at CLAN NAME:

    LVL? Clan lvl is 11, which means everyone gets ALL a clan can get as far as clan bonuses/perks. IE. +2 donated troop lvls and so on.

    What we are, what we expect, & more:

    We are a fun, starting over with just me & I, & myself lol. After closing for several months I am starting new with just all me. So, look for lvl 11 Clan named Cerbon Champion, (not hard to find!)
    I gladly accept ANY TH that is Civil, Respectful, donates only when I can’t, cause I donate A LOT AND MAXED LVL 😉 …..Do your War attacks, both if in regular War, once if you’re selected for CWL.
    LASTLY, NO, U do NOT have to do War…but go RED(opt out), as if you’re opted in and put in, you must do attacks or out you go! Please join me and have fun, help me get this Clan back too it’s Glory and max! I do giveaways & soon starting a GAME STREAMING CHANNEL for a few games! Will take a couple weeks maybe, but secure you’re spot in Clan 😀

  9. Old school player been out of game for a year or game name Rag th10 early stages with almost 1kwar stars looking for a solid war clan

  10. IcyyElites NEW WAR CLAN looking for TH6+ || ACTIVE donations and friendly environment YOU WILL BE WELCOMED || looking for strong members to lead the clan ????

  11. 330akrobois (#28VYLYYVY) is currently looking for new members. We recently cleaned out all inactive members and are making a fresh start. We do weekly schedules to help ensure that those who want to do war are able.

    No minimum town hall but we will not accept a rushed base.

  12. Step by Step is in Europe based clan. We are looking for dedicated clan members with any TH lvl.

    You should be 18+, active in donations, wars and clan games, no rusher

    – Step by Step (#PYVUYLC2)

    – clan wars

    – clan games

    – any promotion is earned based on players activity

    – est. 02/2015

    – war starts 10 PM (GMT+1)

    Why Step by Step? Because we take it step by step, no rushing, helping people, if they need help, what strategy could help, which updates are more important.

    Come and join us, bring your friends????

    Clash on!

  13. Hello clan members.
    We are looking for new and active members for our clan.
    I’m just going to ask to check us out. At
    Our stat will show you everything. Come and learn and have fun with us.

  14. I’m Daimen from the lvl 7 clan Builder-X (#20PVJGRQ2) and CWL event clans Y and Z. Before you shun us for our low clan level, let me point out why we stand out:

    ????We’re insanely active. We average around 8-12 players online, and have a steady supply of max troops and sieges; max games are a given. Our clan breakdown is roughly TH8-12 with around 6 TH12 and 6 TH11s.
    ????We’re extremely war-focused, with a 45-20 70% win rate, and high standards for diverse attacks. Most of are wars are 25v25 to 40v40. We provide opportunities for both mentor and student in war. We aim to give everyone 7/7 wars, and ranked 1st/1st/3rd/1st in CWL, now as a Gold 1.
    You’ll still find a bunch of clans with the above. However, here lies the difference:
    ????We’re essentially a tight-knit family. Our core group has stuck together for a while, and the driving factor for most staying to this clan is appreciating the genuine group of friendly teammates.
    ????We are improvement-focused. This means that we don’t care if you screw up, or if you’re already a decent attacker. The key is openness to feedback and continued growth.
    ????We do whatever it takes to help the clan. Clan pushes and recruitment sprees are fun ways to attract others. We’ve worked on bigger projects such as clan websites and YT videos in order to promote recruitment.

    What do we expect from you?
    A clan with high standards requires the same of its teammates.
    ❇️An active team player solid TH9+ and exceptional TH8. 20/20+ TH9, 20/25+ TH10, 35/40+ TH11
    ❇️A respectful clasher with similarly high standards for growth
    ❇️A mature (preferably adult) player that hates drama and promotes fun

    We know that there is no “perfect fit”. Thus, we invite you to let us know potential issues that may prevent you from choosing Builder-X as home. We’re happy to discuss accommodations!

    Discord Link:

  15. We just started recruiting again after taking some time off from the game.
    War Clan (Actively rebuilding)
    Drunken Killerz
    Clan lvl 10
    Current war record 232-123-11
    If you want to be part of the rebuild we are taking on most members (dont be rude)

  16. ????Zose 09????We’re recruiting for clan war leagues????We have a perfect war log????Clan lvl 2 going to 3????Don’t need to be active, just need to be able to attack in cwl!

  17. Bubos Army
    – Looking for Th12s/11s for CWL and clan wars
    – 238 war wins
    – Masters League II for CWL
    – War Frequency: Always
    – Clan LVL 14

  18. Looking for active, polite, and experienced members. Hit a slump after the holidays and are at a low membership count but should be on the upswing. War often, lvl 16 clan, so many bonus’s for donating and such.

    Get in before the clan games begin!



  19. Loot Inc., a US-based family-friendly Level 15 clan is in the process of rebuilding. A clan that is centered around highly experienced core members that are friendly and supportive. Looking for new clan members from TH8 to TH12 (non-rushed bases) to help us rebuild. A lot of patience and understanding are required but your commitment will be well rewarded. Adults and children, parents and kids are more than welcomed. Clan War and Clan Games are intense but we’ll face them all with fun and laughter.

    A few simple rules are in effect:

    1.Clan Games participation is optional but must achieve a minimum of 1,000 points upon participation.
    2. Maintain a respectable 1:2 donation ratio, help each other.
    3. Must use both attacks in Clan War, war participation is optional but highly encouraged.
    4. Be friendly, sociable, respectful and helpful. Condemning, abusing and intimidating others on the chat line would not be tolerated.
    5. Must speak and understand English.

    Come and join us! Clan Tag: #9RC2GCCP

  20. Need th 9+ members acitve clan with 7to8 members on at a time clan name THE ROCKERZZ points made in clan games 89670 position in cwl 2 times 2nd and 2 times 1 st donations of max seize bowler miner pekka drag e drag all here 34 won 2 loses

  21. we are a loyal and family friendly clan that are Looking for active players that are th10/11/12. We do war but not everyday.
    Currently in the clan we have a mixture of titans,champions, masters, crystals, and gold players.

    We have certain rules that applies to everyone which are:

    -Th8 and above must get a minimum of 2000 points in clan games, always donate what has been requested, no fighting.
    -Th7 and below must stay active and get a minimum of 1000 points in clan games (cg)
    -if you wish to be co then you must reach 5000 donation and get max in cg
    -Any further questions can be asked by the co leaders or leader

    Anyone who doesn’t apply to these rules will have to be kicked!

    if your interested here is my clan tag: #8LU2LY2L
    Thank you for sparing some time to read this.

  22. ???? Fallen Angels ????
    Clan Description
    •New Hybrid Clan•
    •Looking For Some Active Members. If You Are Strong, No Problem. If you aren’t , We Will Help You Become Stronger.
    •Must Stay Active Otherwise Get Ready To Get A Boot
    •Generally Its 2-3 Wars A Week So Opt-In/Out
    ~Established 14/1/18

    •Clan Rules• {For TH5+}
    •Must Be An Active Donator.
    •Donate Whatever Is Asked, No Wrong Donation Is Tolerated.
    •Make Sure To Opt-In/Out Before War. Use Both Attacks In War And Make Sure To Get Decent Stars.
    •Must Score Atleast 1500 Points In Clan Games.

    •Clan Rules• {For TH5 Below}
    •Always Ask For Donations Before War
    •No Wrong Donations
    •Try To Be Active Since We Give Good Donations
    •Maintain A Good And Clean Environment

    •General Rules• {For Everyone}
    •No Abusive Language Will Be Tolerated.
    •No Fighting,Quarrelling Inside The Clan
    •If You Want Something, Ask Co-Leaders or Leader.

    Failure To Follow The Rules Above Will result In The Consequences
    • 1st Warning
    • 2nd Warning
    • Permanent Boot From Clan

    If Interested, Join Us By This Clan Tag

  23. Hi me and my friends just started a clan we have very little players and we need some people to join are clan name is the conquar and my username is blackyoshi please join once we get more players we will engage in wars and other things please read the rules on are clan bio if you don’t follow them you will get kicked but if you do them consistently you will get a promotion so join if you want to.

  24. Hi, I am a strong th 10, good war attacker with almost 1200 war stars, donate a lot. I am looking to start a clan with someone who is very committed and will take it seriously. My name is Dark Wolf 1090 and my tag is #PJ892CQV

    • Hi Chris, If you haven`t joined already. Consider Hypernovas (leader Dracarys) (#22VCY8YPP). We are actively looking for experienced and active players. You seem to be a good fit to our clan. Consider joining. Thanks

  25. Albino hunters is the clan name, always hit max clan games, very active war clan, donations always filled need all players we can get lvl 7 clan

  26. Welcome to The Rebelion. We are a clan that focuses mainly on War, Socializing and Farming. We are looking for players that are Townhall 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 with a trophy count of 2500 (We don’t care about builder base), that are very serious about the game.

    Here are our rules (We are strict with enforcing these)

    You must keep a 1:1 donated/received ratio

    No Hoppers

    Minimum of 2,000 clan games points

    You MUST attack in war if you opt into it and are placed in war, otherwise you WILL be demoted/kicked (Depending on your status)

    Listen to what the Leader and Co’s say, they get the final word. (However we will negotiate depending on what the topic is)

    Be nice to everyone

    There will be NO talking about controversial topics, this is a clan, not a debate.

    No Rushed bases, Engineered bases are fine

    I shouldn’t have to say this, but don’t ask for promotions

    As a note, this clan is going through massive reform due to some bad leadership in the past, so we have lots of new members. Our clan code is #VPJVQYQU. We hope to see you there!

    As of 11/17/18, we have 27 members.

  27. Come to our clan FANTOZ, we made the website and soon we are going to create feeder clan, we are all very active but there is never enough good players so join us!!
    Go on the website, mail me or join through the game.
    mail: [email protected]
    clan name: FANTOZ
    banner: Green with the yellow cross

  28. Looking for Good/decent Players !
    I’ll currently take anyone!
    Clan tag: #22JCJCCJR
    I’ll appreciate you i am active and war clan!

  29. Clan Name: SPARTA
    Clan ID: #PRLRPGJ

    Competitive but casual level 11 adult war clan. War search starts twice a week at around 12:00-3:30 PM east coast. Always complete all tiers of clan games. Requests, including siege machines, typically filled very quickly.

    GENERAL’S Insdude & MasterP – WAR Orders
    COLONEL Spat – VP of Oparations & clan trainer
    MAJOR’S Xtina & Killer – WAR Orders
    CAPTAIN Comander Bly -Reqruiting officer
    Lt,Night Wolf -Reqruiting
    Lt,Joshy – Donations

    ????Lt/Captain & > can kick up to 2 a day, use clan mail &Command lower ranking players
    ????????Major’s & > Start wars and kick up to 3 a day
    ????????????Colonel’s & > Can Promote/demote & kick 4 a day
    ????????????????Generals – Full Control

    Clan Name: SPARTA
    Clan ID: #PRLRPGJ

    Clan Requirements:

    • We are looking for active adult players – ones who log on most every day. We support members who prefer to farm up their base and war occasionally although we prefer more active players.
    • TH 8 and above accepted
    • No rushed bases
    • Members who wish to remain out of war must change war status to “RED” and turn back to “Green” once and if ready to go back to war.


    • Must have level 10 BK, 200+ war stars.
    • You don’t have to be a 3-star expert, but must want to move beyond dragon attacks.
    • Must try to get both war attacks done within the first 12 hours of war.


    • Must have level 25/25 heroes, 300+ war stars.
    • Must be able to 3-star a TH9 every 9 out of 10 attempts and If you struggle with TH9s as a TH10, we just aren’t a good fit for you.
    • You can attack at the beginning of the war — but, you can’t wait until the end. After the 9s are done, you know if we need dips or not. TH10s should have attacks completed within the first 18 hours.
    • Must have infernos. We don’t take .5s.

    TH11s & 12s:

    • We are selective with the 11s and 12s we take and expect more from our top members.
    • Must have 40/40 heroes, 500+ war stars.
    • Should be able to DEMOLISH a max TH10 9 out of 10 cases.


    I am the leader of the level 11 clan, SPARTA. We’ve been around for over 2 years, and have a strong leadership core that keep things running smoothly.

    Clan philosophy:

    • We take war seriously – it’s the best part of the game. But we have lives. We aren’t going to get crazy competitive.
    • Respect other clan mates. No excessive bad language. We all want to have fun in a relaxed, positive atmosphere!
    • Donate when you have time and can fill a request. We have very active donators and you will get exactly what you ask for during the war. We ask that you try to stay around the 1:1 donation ratio.
    • 1 star is not good, 2 star is not what we go for but it is not a tragedy and 3 stars is what is expected from you.
    • Loyal active members get headroom and power, this is not nazi germany so high end co leaders get to kick back sometimes if need be.

    If this clan environment sounds like what you are looking for, mention ‘CoC Forums’ when you join.


  30. Active clan looking for players, doing wars regularly! We are friendly in chat and always like to talk. Code: #Y0UYPG2

  31. [Recruiting] The Lair (#LGV88JJ2) Th6+ | Level 3 Clan | Warring/Games/Social | Independent

    The Lair is a chill and social clan (this doesn’t mean we’re not serious about winning wars and enforcing rules). We do back to back wars. We also participate in every clan games event and almost always get the highest reward tier. Feel free to request as many troops as you want for farming, as long as you’re also donating to others. We’re great for players of all ages!

  32. Hi guys, i’m at TH8 & i just started my own clan.

    active players required for clan
    Clan name : Hunter’s Pack
    Code #220JVRUGJ

  33. Hi guys, r u looking for a good clan??? Then why cannot u join us!! Level-13 war clan,Name-CLASHERS.TAG#22U8CR80… We r recruting th9s-th12s for epic wars and clan games…
    Th9-combined hero level 40+(ex-level 20 archer queen+level 20 barbarian king)
    Th10-combined hero level 50+
    Th11- combined hero level 70+
    Th12-combined hero level 90+

  34. Jar Full | Level 7 | Currently Rebuilding | Looking For Active Members | Join Today!

    Trophy Requirement: 800

    Looking for loyal players!

  35. Yo, Looking for a new clan that is friendly and chill? Here’s the place— Mega Wars. War- Optional, Clan Games- min only 500 points, TH5+ Loyal Member. CLANTAG#VL8JL9LR

  36. Renewed clan……Need active members…..clan lev 9…..clan name chatrapati….clan id #2QQPLPP2
    Rules :
    Town Hall 6+
    Player must be active
    Don’t beg for promotion
    Perfect attack player
    Most importantly loyal player

  37. Australian clan recruiting 50GreatNuns #8L2RLQR9
    We do not war, but are very active in Clan Games
    Great bunch of blokes just having fun and a laugh

  38. Hii
    We the people of INDIAN STARS need loyal players for our clan as they have to be active
    Rules :
    Town Hall 9+
    Player must be active
    Don’t beg for promotion
    Perfect attack player
    Most importantly loyal player

  39. Hi, we are an Adult only clan, recruiting players for level 11 clan, must war back to back unless heroes are on upgrade, and must have the following level of heroes
    Th9 – Queen 20+ , King 20+
    Th10 – Queen 28+ , King 28+
    Th11 – Queen 35+ , King 35+ , Warden 10+
    Clan name ; UK Noobs 40+
    We are mainly based in the United Kingdom
    Clan tag ; #LV82G0GL
    on request, state age, location and that your requesting off woodstars reddit post.

  40. THE PUNISHERS are in need of very active players
    Features include 24/7 donations, 24/7 war, and clan games participation
    This isn’t a clan for dull players

  41. Hi I’m a self clan back when only 10vs10 was allowed. I created all 10 and built the clan to lvl5.Then I quitted. When I came back recently I only remembered the senior email account links, so I could log in only 4 accounts now which may be luck or I’ll become a clash maniac. So is there another self clan out there to team up. I only need to crack the 18,000 points unless there s hero book at 30,000. I’ll come to your clan if your lvl is from 7 up, if not we take turns to visit each other. #CJJR892Q its ĐÊM TÀN a Vietnam clan

  42. Hello, join vernacular( #LLGL8J0U) Lvl 6 for good war and donation. We have restarted after a break so ir might look messy a bit now but will bw fixed soon. War log – 71/99 won

  43. sup yall join my clan we are recruiting people we are a brand new clan so plz join me we are active the clan name : savage clan
    Clan tag : UGY88CCJ
    so if you wan to join plz do

  44. AngelsOfCrisis looking for loyal co-leaders and active members to help us expand. We want dedicated players from all around the world to join the fun.
    We are currently a small gang capable of 10v10-15v15 clan wars until now. I am reaching out to Clash Forums/Reddit with the hopes of eventually achieving regular 30v30+ clan wars. Our clan members consist of a TH10’s and below. We like to chill and interact, but seriously competitive about clash of clan leagues.
    We currently use and recommend the third party messaging app “Discord” which contains additional resources and a supplementary avenue for communicative acts. Currently, We have had participated in EWL & LWCW.
    I would be happy to answer any questions with any players that are interested in joining or other clans that would like to discuss alliances or merges.
    We want players to stay and who are regularly active. No engineered bases allowed. To find out more about this clan, come by and check us out. Hope to meet some of you soon!

    How to apply:
    Apply via Discord HERE
    Clan name: AngelsOfCrisis
    Clan tag: #9PQ2VLRV
    Clan lvl: 9

    With Regards,

  45. My clan is active and we complete clan games all the time..but good players don’t come as most players in our clan are not trophy pushers…so any th11 max player or th10 max player with high trophy no would really be very helpful..if someone wants to help us it we would be glad to welcome him/her..

  46. I am an active player who does all work in clan games in my clan..I am in need of a very active tag is #PRPU08C9G..PLS INVITE ME BEFORE THE NEXT CLAN GAMES..I WONT FAIL..I AM AT TH6

  47. our clan need active players who do war and max clan games. our clan is on the war for clan lev5 our clan name Indian Tamil B.G clan tag#ULQPLJQG join fast please join

  48. Recruiting new players we’re an RSA clan with 39 members and with a war streak of 17 wars in a row won we’re undefeated so far my clan tag is #LGYPJRRV

  49. Friendly North American Veteran War Clan looking to add new members who are highly active and not rushed!
    Townhall Level 8 and above welcome!! Please join us!! Misguided Minds #28OUYROP <~~~ O's not zeros

    Our leader is a level 171 Max TH11

    We are family oriented and friendly! Can't wait to clash with you 🙂

  50. === CANADIANS UNITE! ===
    The Swamp Donkeys clan (#8YLCV80Y) is looking for fun and active users. Preferably TH8 (not rushed) and up. We war twice a week (Sundays and Tuesdays). Lots of top level donations await…

  51. Looking for active clan members of all levels, fun and friendly clan, must be from GB for time zones, all adult members come join us.#LOLGRVQ clash on.

  52. Hello everyone, I’m Vishu. I hv made a new clan named : the IMMORTals. Recruiting Th9, 10 or 11 Players. It’s a war, farm and trophy push clan. CLAN CODE:#URJGRG9L. ty n keep clashing.

  53. Looking for some DEVIL DOGS who are motivated and active to help fill last spaces in clan!!! Clan is lvl 10 going to lvl 11.
    Clan Tag # RJGCY00

  54. hood article
    a lvl 6 international clan-HINDU INDIANS. needs members for clan games and serious war junkies who also donate.
    join it now.
    clan tag – #CYU2P299
    mytag- #2QGPQVRR8
    PLZ JOIN…..

  55. Great article. Level 10 English speaking clan Needs a few members. 42 war wins in last 50. High clan game rewards. Nice people! swales #922PYJPO

  56. Active lvl 9 clan looking for 5 more clashers….must be English speaking, games 1000pts and war every 2 days. #Q9JRJVGU Join Paraphernalia. Sorry if this post offends anyone…have a fine day!

  57. Die “Elite_Fighters” suchen Unterstützung ab RH9, vor allem RH10, wir sind sehr aktiv und ein deutscher Fairplay-Warclan #JQYUGLJ mit Teilnehmern in der GML. Bewerbt euch mit Name und Hinweis auf allclash 🙂 Keine Rusher und nur solide Accounts werden aufgenommen. Wir freuen uns auf euch


  59. Hey everbody i started to build a clan from the beginning and have a nice co leaders group for 4 years now we are a lv11 clan and still growing .Its difficult for to find active players.
    So if you have intres visit use .
    Dutch Approach and we can grow and became even better.
    Clash on
    Regard Brutes.

  60. Nice article! This article highlights the reason as to why I left my previously newly joined clan to a more active one.
    The main contributing factor is about the clan games where I used to complain to the leaders about new members in clan who’d only do one challenge of clearing bushes and get all rewards ???????? (quantity < quality)
    Luckily I found a clan as active as me 24/7 with a minimum of 1500 points in clan games requirement to stay.(new clans should put this as a requirement)

  61. Magyar játékosokat szeretettel várunk “Építő” clanba. Kezdő vagy profi, rusholt vagy nem, bárki jöhet ha szabályokat elfogadja.

  62. Join my clan warheads we only have 3 members but we want more for war Please join no rushed bases and silver league and above

  63. Clan name is fun and love. Fun chat, active, and has clan games/war. Participate to stay. No cussing tho. English only. Th5+

  64. Lvl 12 clan looking for obidient good war attackers …th9s and 10s are more than welcome…we wont give away co leader tho…elder is free ..
    ##8G2YV2Q clan tag

  65. Recruiting active, non rushed members for level 3 war clan. No free elder, just hard work, and clearly defined goals for making it to elder. We are a good, solid clan looking to grow.

  66. PESHAWAR :: HAY guys i am looking for some clan mates any where from pakistan we are from peshawar so come to join my clan guys …My clan ID is #UY8GPCGU so join

  67. Guys, Savage Warlords (#VU0Q2Q0L) is currently recruiting members, interested people may apply. We are a new clan looking for th5+. Wars back to back.


    New level 2 almost 3 war clan that is able to offer good donations and a fun place to say. No clan hoppers or rushed bases. Level 65+

  69. I need an option to recruit players by viewing them from a list and to filter them according to trohpies, lvl, attacks made and donations. Can COC assist me with such a utility on COC. Thx

  70. Hey peeps were looking to rebuild our clan lvl 10
    Looking for th 7+ non rush for feature war and clan games
    Clan name This is sparta (Tag:#80PLYQ9G)
    Rules on description enjoy your day hopefully get meet you all

  71. We are an adult clan, we are like a family, as a clan clan we have goals and objectives. We are looking for strong Th 11, 10 and 9 to help us win wars. Let’s have fun together #2RCRUVCY

    Join Now



  73. Clan leader:- Death Provider2
    Clan tag:- #UY9RLGQP
    Clan rules:- Free elder. try to donate if leader is not online. co-leader is earned by good donation,good war performance and the faith of leader.
    Donation:- High level troops.
    War rules:- Use your first attack in war on your mirror and second attack to clear bases.
    Please join this clan and we need Indian members mostly.

  74. Clan Tag #UPY0QGVQ
    Est. 15/11/2017 New Clan Adult Clan
    Rules – Discord required * All heroes and spells for war *Donate only what is requested *English only in Chat * Earn Promotions * In active will be kicked.
    If anyone looking for clan join us Hapy clash

    CLAN TAG- #RU8828JQ



  76. Clan name:- Rulers of Sky
    Clan tag:- #JJQV9GJR
    Clan leader:- Death Provider2
    Promotions:- Free elder but 800+ donation and the faith of leader can only give you co leader.
    Donations:- You will get Giants, wizards and balloons of level 6, dragon of level 4, baby dragon of level 2, etc.
    (Feel free to join)

  77. !ULTRARAIDERS! We are looking for good people who know how to get along and like to war twice a week. Open for invites Sunday afternoon thru Tuesday afternoon and Thursday night thru Friday. Active, loyal bunch of good hearted knucklehead.

  78. guys i have made a new clan known as the dominatiors {clan tag: #UJ88PQGU} Please join us guys we have just won our first war and we are a level one clan but we are full of some extremely generous and trustworthy people who will take us to great heights…but we need many more such people…we are a war clan and are looking forward to be the best and beat the best!! SO JOIN US , JOIN THE DOMINATION!!

  79. I m also rebuilding my clan level 5 named cups of coc. Active and loyal members required. Tag:#C8VQVY99 .pls join and help us…..


  81. Demented souls. Rebuilding lvl 7 clan looking for active and loyal members. We are an international clan. Feel free to check us out, mini accounts welcome here.

  82. Please join my clan.. clan name : branded coc. Please donate each other and attack in the war. This is the donating clan..????????????????????????????????

  83. Hi new clan here looking for reliable active members to help us grow ! ???? Check us out and join please we need members #UPJJ8UOQ

  84. Actually we’re a level 7 International clan which is recruiting for loyal members. Rebuilding this clan. Mostly Green war log. Highest streak was 10. #GO8OPGRL. Feel Free to join

  85. Comment*Welcome to join our donation clan…..we are respectable player… war with us…..enjoy….#PYY22R282

  86. Hi fellow clashers! In our clan, free member is always available! (which in my opinion is always better than free elder or co). We are a level 7 war clan with 92 war wins, 42 losses and 0 draws. And out of our current 50 wars, we won 38 and lost 12. Our clan name is King of Goblins, (#YUVQLUYU) and we are currently recruiting max th7 (Must have level 2 dragons), up to mid level Th9 (th9 should be able to attack using govalwi, goho or laloon). As goblins we are very competitive and we LOVE war loot, ( I mean who doesn’t). That is why winning wars for us is our #1 priority. I hope to see you all in my clan!

  87. join my clan my clan tag is #j2g90j2c and my tag is 9qvcvo9vo plz join our clan good clan and donation and active war

  88. #UPYLPQ90 Level 2 Clan with experienced leaders from level 10 clan.Use both attacks, be teachable, or come be a leader and teach. 3 star specialists welcome, and those who are active, and donate. 7-1 right now. Solid clan!

  89. Clan name : IMPACT
    Clan tag: U8V99V00

    1:Must be Max townhall 6 or above
    2: Must be a active player
    3.Must use both attacks in war
    4:Earn co leader and elder because its not free
    5:Be respectful to your clanmates
    6:donations are regular..donate as requested

    need mature players and not clan hopper

    hope to see you soon.

  90. Join,need strong & loyal players for b2b clan wars.Free elder.Communication is only requirement and join.Clan name “The Scouts & MP” (Only clan with that name)

  91. We are the mafia family. We want some more good members, our top members are very good, a lot of donating and support. We are a level 11 clan, our clan id is #L800ULJC. We war 2 or 3 times a week. Adult clan, fun clan, but want good members.

  92. All clashers are invited to my clan. We are currently a 17 member team and only 3 weeks old. We have consecutive wars. The clan id is #CLQYR09Y.

  93. I have made a clan join plz if anyone need clan I am town hall7 Max… In my clan there are 16 members my clan name is Safe Wars 2017…plz join.. Clan tag is #CGRCVGUC …join plz

  94. THE AVENGERS .. Indian war clan ..lvl9 and 150-91-2..
    recruiting th7 max to th11 with good war stars and skilled .. latest war win streak 12.. clan tag #Q8ORPQLY

  95. Anybody who requires a clan can join! I mean anybody from th1 to th11! Our clan is new, but we will build it bigger! Name of the clan is Shadyclan. Symbol is purple shield with yellow flame. Player tag is #PPJOULQ9L. There will be donations, no worries about that!

  96. I urgently require new members for my clan. My clan tag is #U89QULL9. Plzz join this clan. I require member above th8+ non rushed and having good war stars.

  97. Join Here????Active War Clan????Looking For Three Star Specialists????We War Non-Stop????No Rushed Bases???? Clan: War Lords???? Tag: CGYRLVGJ

  98. bro this is an indian clan need loyal and th9 players with max troops clan name is lunatic kannauj come to clan and u will enjoy and have fun

  99. Looking for active players looking to donate participate in war, using both the attacks , we are a relaxed clan giving player s time to build and grow. We are a level 4 adult clan wanting players to give us that extra boost in war , no clan hoppers required . Come And join us at Dogs of war #29JLPY9P. We war when we can usually a couple of times a week or when players are available . All we ask is be respectful to other members , no bad language .

  100. Last Ronin #RRGPRGQV…Lvl 3 clan..rebuilding looking for loyal members that donate and hit in war. Lvl 8 th preferred! Rank is earned, so join warriors!

  101. [Recruiting] TAKIN OUT CLANS | #22QRVYGJ | Lvl 12 Clan | Small clash of clans war clan looking to expand. 285-204-6 is our war stats. Looking for active experienced players. Th 7+ with at least 150 war stars is required. Adult clan. English speaking only clan. We use GroupMe to communicate outside of COC. More rules and information about our clan on our website:

  102. Join chingas th madr level ten clan very strong and great donations with loyal members looking to grow! Thanks!!

  103. need players of th6 to 8 but not rushed…..clan name is :”clashers mania”….location:”international”……lvl:”3″…we need active members for war…we have two th9 engineered bases for war so we wont lose war

  104. Level 11 War based clan in need of loyal members. Willing to attack for the good of the clan. Ranks are earned by trust and war results! Currently accepting anyone townhall 5 or higher.

  105. Need some Active Mature Members to lead us in wars!! #GC09CP8V!! MOSTLY INDIAN AND AMERICAN BONDING CLAN!!! LVL 4 SOLID CLAN NAMED IMMORTALS!!

  106. ????Join Immortals in Clash of Clans!!????RECRUITING SOLID TH 9+ MATURE MEMBERS! ????READ CLAN DESCRIPTION AND JOIN IF INTERESTED????(#GC09CP8V) SEARCH AND APPLY????lvl 4 SOLID CLAN????th 11 Available????

  107. Trying to rebuild my clan Exodus attack!! #LL9C0U0Y Would like adults who want to have fun and would like to war twice a week. We are a level 7 clan.


  109. Join destroyers101.We war constantly,have active mature players,don’t have trolls,donates the right troops.No hoppers or immature players allowed!So join here.The clan has naail as leader and enderobot221 as co.

  110. Bilingual warring clan looking members who are willing to fight in all wars and donate players to the clan as they receive we are looking for honest players who are willing to develop with the clan.

    Clan Code: #GCQQQGC8

  111. Argh matey!! ⚓️ C’mon and join us o’vr at the Pirate King for good company and constant warrin! Strong, active, mature mates are also welcome aboard!! #8p2upg

  112. I am opening new clan more people give me gret respons and and when i am ope clan most people join my clan and when open after few min i am start war this condition is good but i need active more mebers my yown hall is 9 th so join my clan thx Cod === #G8YRJGC9

  113. We need loyal and active th6+ clashers..clan name:immortals clan tag:#JOOYQVVQ clan level:4 clan age:3 months;)…we do back to back war and win a lot!!Come and join us!

  114. We are a chilled, laid back clan looking for some members. XP and experience are not important, what we ask is that you:
    – Are active in clan chat and donations
    – Partake in wars using both attacks (wars every weekend)
    – Let us know if you are unable to war, so we don’t put you in and lose
    – Have a good sense of humour and maintain the positive vibes in the clan

    That is all we are looking for, so check us out guys 🙂

  115. Redemption #JYPC28QG3: New war clan looking for active members, just starting up today. Need an experienced Co-leader and war members.

  116. Need some players urgently with any th level and any xp….#RUGQVL9Y…TiTaNs 007….hope you join…..low time-any troop donations….

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