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clan recruiting

Are you having problems with members constantly breaking your Clan rules? I know a lot of Clan Leaders struggling with running a Clan, who invest lots of time in managing everything. This post is intended to show all responsible Clashers how to make a successful Clan without having to kick and check all members all the time. With the right recruiting methods you can get worthy members for your Clans.

Why recruiting correctly is the most important thing when running a Clan

Members who only request troops or who donate the wrong troops or who farm in Clan War… these are issues that probably 93% (roughly estimated 😉 ) of all Clashers face. Your Clan is a combined force of all members. It can only be successful when all members have the same intention and goals – not only in Clan War. Having a good Clan means members support and help each other. Let’s face it, a selfish and childish clan-hopper will never become a generous and loyal member, so lets look at my recruiting tips to make sure they don’t end up in your Clan.

Don’t accept Clan Hoppers!

Like I said, you cannot change the mindset of a player, so you simply don’t want to have Clan Hoppers in your clan. It’s hard to tell if someone is a Clan Hopper and I don’t want to build a picture of mistrust. Everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves as a loyal member, but read here some hints to see if a new recruit might be a clan hopper.

How to identify a Clan Hopper

Clan Management Made Easy with Delegation

It’s all about quality – not quantity

Most clans have a simple way to recruit. Accept almost everyone that can fit, progress and then kick out the ones who break the rules. I cannot recommend this method because you will inevitably find some trolling pricks.

You have two mayor problems:

  1. It’s hard work to watch new members and kick them when they start fooling around with other members (this is your own time you have to invest!)
  2. Loyal clan members get frustrated because they have to deal with that and might consider leaving the clan (if you’re in the situation like this check out my post why you should NOT just leave your Clan)

Scout Clan Wars with Achievements


Having your own Clan Website helps a lot in motivating and also organizing your Clan. Learn here how you can set up a free Clan Website in 5 minutes!

Get a Clan Website

How can you get only quality recruits? To be honest, this is a much slower process than just mass-accepting, but you should mind these things:

  • Set up a proper Clan Description to let recruits know what your Clan is all about! I made a post a couple weeks ago, what you should put in your Clan Description to really stand out
  • Check out new recruits!
    • Take a look at their Experience Level to get a first impression of the player you have in front of you.
    • Check out their base. If they are pretty rushed, they might get you into trouble in Clan War. Do you know a solid Clasher with a wrecked rushed base?
a detailed clan description help your recruiting the right people
A detailed Clan Description makes everyone very clear what the Clan is up to
Creating a good Clan Description in Clash of Clans

Where to recruit new members

The most common way is promoting your Clan. You can use global chat or just wait until people come across your Clan when searching for a Clan. The first one is simply horrible – have a silent look at the global chat for 5 minutes and really ask yourself if there was one person there you want to have in your Clan… I doubt there is.

If you don’t want to wait ages for new recruits, you may have to get active yourself. There are several places online that might get you the attention of worthy Clashers:

When you start recruiting, make a recruitment post that grabs attention! Don’t simply write, “We need members”…. make a full post why your Clan is worth joining.

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  1. Hi fellow clashers! In our clan, free member is always available! (which in my opinion is always better than free elder or co). We are a level 7 war clan with 92 war wins, 42 losses and 0 draws. And out of our current 50 wars, we won 38 and lost 12. Our clan name is King of Goblins, (#YUVQLUYU) and we are currently recruiting max th7 (Must have level 2 dragons), up to mid level Th9 (th9 should be able to attack using govalwi, goho or laloon). As goblins we are very competitive and we LOVE war loot, ( I mean who doesn’t). That is why winning wars for us is our #1 priority. I hope to see you all in my clan!

  2. join my clan my clan tag is #j2g90j2c and my tag is 9qvcvo9vo plz join our clan good clan and donation and active war

  3. #UPYLPQ90 Level 2 Clan with experienced leaders from level 10 clan.Use both attacks, be teachable, or come be a leader and teach. 3 star specialists welcome, and those who are active, and donate. 7-1 right now. Solid clan!

  4. Clan name : IMPACT
    Clan tag: U8V99V00

    1:Must be Max townhall 6 or above
    2: Must be a active player
    3.Must use both attacks in war
    4:Earn co leader and elder because its not free
    5:Be respectful to your clanmates
    6:donations are regular..donate as requested

    need mature players and not clan hopper

    hope to see you soon.

  5. Join,need strong & loyal players for b2b clan wars.Free elder.Communication is only requirement and join.Clan name “The Scouts & MP” (Only clan with that name)

  6. We are the mafia family. We want some more good members, our top members are very good, a lot of donating and support. We are a level 11 clan, our clan id is #L800ULJC. We war 2 or 3 times a week. Adult clan, fun clan, but want good members.

  7. All clashers are invited to my clan. We are currently a 17 member team and only 3 weeks old. We have consecutive wars. The clan id is #CLQYR09Y.

  8. I have made a clan join plz if anyone need clan I am town hall7 Max… In my clan there are 16 members my clan name is Safe Wars 2017…plz join.. Clan tag is #CGRCVGUC …join plz

  9. THE AVENGERS .. Indian war clan ..lvl9 and 150-91-2..
    recruiting th7 max to th11 with good war stars and skilled .. latest war win streak 12.. clan tag #Q8ORPQLY

  10. Anybody who requires a clan can join! I mean anybody from th1 to th11! Our clan is new, but we will build it bigger! Name of the clan is Shadyclan. Symbol is purple shield with yellow flame. Player tag is #PPJOULQ9L. There will be donations, no worries about that!

  11. I urgently require new members for my clan. My clan tag is #U89QULL9. Plzz join this clan. I require member above th8+ non rushed and having good war stars.

  12. Join Here🔥Active War Clan🔥Looking For Three Star Specialists🔥We War Non-Stop🔥No Rushed Bases🔥 Clan: War Lords🔥 Tag: CGYRLVGJ

  13. bro this is an indian clan need loyal and th9 players with max troops clan name is lunatic kannauj come to clan and u will enjoy and have fun

  14. Looking for active players looking to donate participate in war, using both the attacks , we are a relaxed clan giving player s time to build and grow. We are a level 4 adult clan wanting players to give us that extra boost in war , no clan hoppers required . Come And join us at Dogs of war #29JLPY9P. We war when we can usually a couple of times a week or when players are available . All we ask is be respectful to other members , no bad language .

  15. Last Ronin #RRGPRGQV…Lvl 3 clan..rebuilding looking for loyal members that donate and hit in war. Lvl 8 th preferred! Rank is earned, so join warriors!

  16. [Recruiting] TAKIN OUT CLANS | #22QRVYGJ | Lvl 12 Clan | Small clash of clans war clan looking to expand. 285-204-6 is our war stats. Looking for active experienced players. Th 7+ with at least 150 war stars is required. Adult clan. English speaking only clan. We use GroupMe to communicate outside of COC. More rules and information about our clan on our website:

  17. Join chingas th madr level ten clan very strong and great donations with loyal members looking to grow! Thanks!!

  18. need players of th6 to 8 but not rushed…..clan name is :”clashers mania”….location:”international”……lvl:”3″…we need active members for war…we have two th9 engineered bases for war so we wont lose war

  19. Level 11 War based clan in need of loyal members. Willing to attack for the good of the clan. Ranks are earned by trust and war results! Currently accepting anyone townhall 5 or higher.

  20. Need some Active Mature Members to lead us in wars!! #GC09CP8V!! MOSTLY INDIAN AND AMERICAN BONDING CLAN!!! LVL 4 SOLID CLAN NAMED IMMORTALS!!


  22. Trying to rebuild my clan Exodus attack!! #LL9C0U0Y Would like adults who want to have fun and would like to war twice a week. We are a level 7 clan.


  24. Join destroyers101.We war constantly,have active mature players,don’t have trolls,donates the right troops.No hoppers or immature players allowed!So join here.The clan has naail as leader and enderobot221 as co.

  25. Bilingual warring clan looking members who are willing to fight in all wars and donate players to the clan as they receive we are looking for honest players who are willing to develop with the clan.

    Clan Code: #GCQQQGC8

  26. Argh matey!! ⚓️ C’mon and join us o’vr at the Pirate King for good company and constant warrin! Strong, active, mature mates are also welcome aboard!! #8p2upg

  27. I am opening new clan more people give me gret respons and and when i am ope clan most people join my clan and when open after few min i am start war this condition is good but i need active more mebers my yown hall is 9 th so join my clan thx Cod === #G8YRJGC9

  28. We need loyal and active th6+ clashers..clan name:immortals clan tag:#JOOYQVVQ clan level:4 clan age:3 months;)…we do back to back war and win a lot!!Come and join us!

  29. We are a chilled, laid back clan looking for some members. XP and experience are not important, what we ask is that you:
    – Are active in clan chat and donations
    – Partake in wars using both attacks (wars every weekend)
    – Let us know if you are unable to war, so we don’t put you in and lose
    – Have a good sense of humour and maintain the positive vibes in the clan

    That is all we are looking for, so check us out guys 🙂

  30. Redemption #JYPC28QG3: New war clan looking for active members, just starting up today. Need an experienced Co-leader and war members.

  31. Need some players urgently with any th level and any xp….#RUGQVL9Y…TiTaNs 007….hope you join…..low time-any troop donations….

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