Clan Recruiting Tips

In times of Clan Wars & Clan Games, more and more clans face the problem that active members getting less and less and there’s a lack with fresh members coming to your clan to fill up the space. Clan recruiting is one of the most important things to do and just hoping that active and loyal members will fillup your clan isn’t enough anymore – you’ll need to actively recruit them.

This post is intended to show all responsible Clashers how to make a successful Clan without having to kick and check all members all the time. With the right recruiting methods you can get worthy members for your Clans.

Why recruiting correctly is the most important thing when running a Clan

Wrong donations, bad donation ratio, low activity in Clan War or lots of leechers in Clan Games who only do a few challenges to get all the rewards – those are common struggles so many clans have to deal with.

In addition, the Clan Perks didn’t make it any easier for clans lower Clan Perk 10 to be attractive enough for new members.

Looks like a dark picture I just painted, right?

Well, the reality always looks a lot brighter and with the right recruiting you can get enough active members into your clan to make it a happy & fun place to be.

No Hoppers, no leechers!

The secret sauce is simple – success in Clan War & Clan Games will keep active members happy and make your clan more and more attractive to new members looking for exactly that kind of clan to join.

The problem is, with inactive, childish or unloyal members, you’ll never reach that state – looking like a snake that bites itself in the end.

To break this downward spiral, you will need to set a cut point and start only recruiting quality members – that’s the only way to get more success – an active & loyal member makes up for 10 “somewhat ok” members that don’t break the rules to force you kicking them out but their part on the success is rather small.

I know you might think that a clan with 40+ members looks more attractive to people like a clan with 20 members, but in the end it’s the “trash” members that ruin your clan.

Just filling your clan with people that came to the clan via global or randomly isn’t the route to success, believe me.

Set Rules & Make them rules!

Sit down with the management people of your clan and define your goals as a clan:

  • Donation ratio
  • Clan Games minimum points
  • Clan War activity

Basically set together how you play the game and what level of dedication you expect, but be honest. You can’t define you war all the time and want that every player max out every Clan Game cap but you’re not active enough yourself to do that.

Once that is done, you can state that in your clan description, this makes it a rule to everyone!

Now, the second part is make these rules apply to everyone. Don’t let people get away with a bad donation ratio all the time or when they don’t use their war attacks!

I know it can happen, but don’t hesitate to give them a first warning and make them understand that when it happens again they are not right in your clan.

This is the only way people will stick to the rules and the only way how you can reach your goals.

Check Out Recruits

Now when new people want to join your clan, check their player info out to see how they played the game so far.

A TH11 and barely donated 10k troop spaces? Don’t expect this player to now donate like crazy.

Only 100 War Stars won? Probably an un-experienced or maybe even bad war attacker.

These are important indications you should keep an eye on, just to keep new people on your radar – I’m not saying to instantly boot them, but you should know more about them than just believing they will give their best out of nothing.

There’s a reason why they left (or “left”) their previous clan and rather they were too good for their old clan or their old clan was too good for them.

If you don’t feel comfortable with that idea, always remember that a new clan member that fools around can lower the motivation of the clan members who got loyal over a long period of time and that can get destroyed a lot faster – a risk you don’t want to take, right?

Where To Recruit?

For sure not in global or any other space like that. Also don’t write below these tweets from CoC Offical.
You want a platform where you can present your clan and also tell what youexpect from people, so there are actually some places I recommend:

  1. Recruiting over on Reddit (HERE)
  2. The subforum of the official forum (HERE)
  3. … (…please comment when you also know a good place)

The reason is simple, there are player that are actively on other sources for Clash of Clans than simply the game, so you can expect a higher level of dedication to the game 🙂

Clan Website (Bonus)

With a lot of dedication, you can also create a free clan website for your clan over on – I have written a full tutorial about it here and also how you can include a lot of strategies & news there to make your clan better.


It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality – and recruiting is a slow but steady process that will help you build an active clan where every members loves to be.

Don’t give up easily and the first weeks are the hardest, but I can promise you that once you found a couple of good & loyal new members, your clan will start growing and evolving every day 🙂

Good luck!

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