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Win Lucky Shot Every Time

Lucky Shot is a new mini game in 8 Ball Pool that will let you win 5 Cash just like that every day – and unlike Spin & Win it’s not a luck game, it’s plain skill so you can really win that every day.

I have here a very detailed guide that will show you step by step how to do it and it really works every time!

Winning Lucky Shot Cash Step-By-Step Guide

So, I’m going to walk you through the whole strategy and you can copy this strategy and use it every day to use your free shot in Lucky Shot to win the 5 Pool Cash 🙂

So, the thing is that the setup of the balls will change every day and you need to land it in the golden spot to get the cash.

Let’s go.

Step 1 – Get The Current Setup

So, every day a new setup but you can take a look at the setup without using your free shot 🙂

For example this is the setup I got today:

You’re not going to try now, you just remind the setup where the golden spot is and where the two balls are, nothing more

Step 2 – Find The Perfect Shot

Now you will leave the Lucky Shot mini-game and head back to the main menu and choose the option called “Practice Offline”.

This will cost you 25 Coins but you will play both players there and you want to copy the setup there so you can practice the shot.

I understand that you can’t 100% copy the setup but the most important thing is to see how much power you need – simply getting the angle right is not that difficult.

So, you now have the setup copied in the offline match? Great. Now you will practice around until you land the ball in the right spot where the golden spot is in Lucky Shot.

As you can see I don’t have the exact setup here but it’s well enough to get a feeling for the power that I need to win in the Lucky Shot – as I said, the power is the tricky part not the bank shot angle.

I normally place one ball where the golden spot is and the other one like it’s arranged in Lucky Shot.

As you play both players in the offline mode, you can simply pocket the white ball to manually place it – that makes it a lot faster and easier.

Now you do repeat shooting until you land the ball where it needs to be in Lucky Shot.

Now it’s time to exit the offline mode and enter the Lucky Spin again.

Spin 3 – Win Lucky Shot

Now it’s getting serious but remember the power you have found out in practice mode.

As you can see I use the same power here:

And less surprising, you will win the Lucky Shot 🙂

Claim your 5 Cash and repeat it the next day as well.

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