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How To Win Leagues In 8 Ball Pool

Every week you will get grouped up with players that are at a similar level as you are and you compete against each other who can win more coins – and the best 3 of you will get some nice rewards, most of the time big bunch of Pool Cash.

The good thing about this is, you don’t need to do much more than simply playing 8 Ball Pool and you will get some extra cash for that.

But there are some more small tips that I want to share with you that make it easier to actually win your league.

League Rewards & Rules

The legue you’re in is simply based on your player level, so here are all legues and the required level and the reward for winning the league:

  • Brass League (LVL 1-9): 3.500 Coins Top Prize
  • Bronze League (LVL 10-14): 15.000 Coins Top Prize
  • Silver League (LVL 15-19): 50.000 Coins Top Prize
  • Gold League (LVL 20-24): 50 Cash Top Prize
  • Platinum League (LVL 25-34): 75 Cash Top Prize
  • Amethyst League (LVL 35-44): 100 Cash Top Prize
  • Sapphire League (LVL 45-54): 125 Cash Top Prize
  • Emerald League (LVL 55-74): 150 Cash Top Prize
  • Ruby League (LVL 75-99): 175 Cash Top Prize
  • Diamond League (LVL 100+): 200 Cash Top Prize

How To Win Your League In 8 Ball Pool

There is a strategies that can help you to get your Top-3 placement in the leagues in 8 Ball Pool and both will help, so please stick to the plan.

Get An Easier League

And the base of that is how matchmaking works and if you understand that, you won’t have any problems getting easier opponents.

8 Ball Pool mixes the leagues together so there’s not one single Platinum League that will that fit in all the Level 25-34 players that play 8 Ball Pool, that would be like hundreds of thousands, if not millions. It would be insane to only give the best 3 a prize.

What 8 Ball Pool does with matching leagues is creating many many leagues and match together players not only based on their level, it also focus on how frequently a player plays.

You probably already noticed that there are players in your league that only play like one or two matches within a weeks’ season.

What you want to do is to get matched up with as many of these players as possible and if you do it right, you will only have 2-3 other players that actively play and that makes it a whole lot easier to climb the ladder.

So how do you do that?

8 Ball Pool will create and place you in a league when you open the game for the first time in a fresh season – and each season is exactly one week.

So, the earlier you open the game in a new season, the more likely you will be matched with players that play frequently – this is not what you want because they are harder to beat!

Do not open the game on the first day and you’re almost guaranteed to get placed in a league with many inactive players 🙂

Win In The End

Now you do your normal matches and gather coins to get ahead of the other players.

As soon as you are ranked on the first place with some distance to the 2nd place, you will not play in the last 2-3 hours of the league season!

If you do that, you will get an easier league the next week again, so this is what you want to do – if you stick to that you will get a Top-3 place every single week!

  1. I haven’t got my rewards winnings from my club I got nothen yesterday and didn’t get nothen last week Sunday n I don’t think that’s fair

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