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win tournaments in 8 ball pool win tournaments in 8 ball pool

How To Win Tournaments In 8 Ball Pool

Tournaments are not so popular by the majority of players in 8 Ball Pool – but they should be. In fact, they offer a lot better prices and are a lot mroe exciting to play compared to regular 1-on-1 matches. I really enjoyed to play them recently and thought I will write this guide here for you to help you winning these tournaments if you want to check them out or feel you need some extra help πŸ™‚

How Tournaments Work

Tournaments have some special rules in 8 Ball Pool that make them different to play compared to regular 1-on-1 games.

The most important one ones are:

  • You need to play multiple rounds
  • You have a timer of total of 3 minutes
  • No guidelines shown

So, there are 8 players entering the tournament and the winner takes it all – that means that long term your reward is a lot higher playing them frequently if you have the skill to win.

You need to win in total 3 games to take the victory in a first round, semi final and then the final game.

The next important thing is that you only have a total of 3 minutes to aim your shots, this will favor the good players because they will know what ball they pocket next and how to play them without micro adjusting for ages – you probably know that from 1-on-1 matches when your opponent seems to take forever.

Last but not least you won’t have a guideline for the ball your hit, you will need to rely on your feeling and experience plus you have to call your pocket for every shot.

If you now think that this is just insane – it is not. It actually feels a lot better not staring at the guideline all the time and play the ball in line with your gut feeling and experience.

And the best thing – these things will put you in favor over the other players if you follow some simple rules that I want to you you now for tournaments in 8 Ball Pool.

Winning Tournaments

Here are my basic rules that will help you win torunaments

#1 – Stay Calm

There’s no need to hurry or make crazy hero moves or bank shots – simply focus on your shots and don’t lose yourself in long aiming.

If you#re not sure about a shot play it safe rather than risking a foul or pocketing the cue ball. You can also just gently hit your color ball.

Your opponent play often timriskiersky and do a lot of fouls that you can exploit easily.

#2 – Skill Wins

In 1-on-1 the guy with the better cue is always in an advantage because of the guideline and the power that can randomly pocket a ball wven when missed.

In tournaments that advantage is not happening that extremely as there are no guidelines and you need to call every pocket prior to playing the cue ball. This requires more skill than money – I know many of you don’t have all the shiny legendary cues so tournaments are a great thing for you.

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