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get pool cash in 8 ball pool get pool cash in 8 ball pool

How To Get Cash In 8 Ball Pool & Best Way To Use It

Pool Cash – that’s how the cash in 8 Ball Pool is called – is a lot harder to obtain than coins, but you will need it for several things.

As there are a ton of scammy sources out there I wanted to write this guide here to bring some light into the dark and show you all the ways how you can get Pool Cash for free (without paying money) plus some advice how you get the biggest bang for your buck by spending it on the right things.

Sounds good? Alright, let’s go 🙂

How To Get Pool Cash

Cash isn’t easy to get but there are several ways that will get your free Pool Cash in 8 Ball Pool.

Level Up

Each level up will give you 1 Pool Cash – now, that doesn’t sound much but play as much as you can and this will add up. You will also read below how you should spend your Pool Cash so every single cash counts 🙂

Dominate Your League

The single leagues you’re placed in are a great way to get some nice cash for just playing frequently!

Do not think that you can’t get a Top 3 placement, especially in lower legues there are often players that play less than occasionally so winning several games per day is enough to get the up to 50 Pool Cash.

And the good thing? This season only lasts one single week, so that’s up to 200 Pool Cash every month, but you should be able to get around 35-70 Pool Cash realistically if you have some skill.

I’ve written a full guide how to easily get a Top 3 place in leagues here.

Lucky Shot (150 Cash Per Month)

The new Lucky Shot that took over from Spin & Win let you win 5 Cash every day by simply letting the ball land in the center area.

The easy thing about it is that it’s always the same arrangement so you can get it every day if you train it – I’ve written here a full and detailed guide on how to do that.

Complete The Offers For Cash

There are also extra offers that require you to get any other free game and do some things in it and they will also reward a nice amount of cash if you do them.

This is actually one of the best ways, especially in the beginning to consistently get some nice amount of Pool Cash with low effort and it’s for sure better than spending any real money on it.

Many games have this option and it’s actually a good thing if you’re not able or willing to spend real money on a mobile game.

Spend Pool Cash The Right Way

Now the big question is… what is the best thing to do with the Pool Cash you earned so hard?

This depends a lot on what statis you’re right now in 8 Ball Pool.

If you just started playing the game you really want to get a good cue fast and if you haven’t already have a good cue you might want to go for one you can get for cash only.

But that’s not your long-term strategy!

The thing is, cues that you can buy with cash aren’t that great as you might think in the beginning and there’s not one single cue that can hold up with a Legendary Cue at all. So getting one that will give you a good boost in the beginning is helpful, but after that don’t spend your Pool Cash on anything else than Legendary Boxes!

You will need a legendary cue as fast as possible and the only way to work on that is unlocking them via Legendary Boxes that you can get for cash.

They drop only pieces and you need some luck until you will unlock your first one, so the sooner you start the better it is.

But try to get the 3x offers for 43 Pool Cash – that’s a lot cheaper than getting them for 19 Pool Cash one-by-one, that will save you 14 Cash every three Legendary Boxes.

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