8 ball pool coin farming bankroll guide 8 ball pool coin farming bankroll guide

8 Ball Pool Coin Farming With The Right Bankroll

Have you ever been broke in 8 Ball Pool?

Many players have that problem and waste a lot of time and have a lot of frustration when having to start farming the low game rooms again.

I want to show you a strategy that will prevent you from going broke, even when have a losing streak – at the same time, it will help you have the highest earnings in Coins possible for your bankroll.

How To Earn As Much Coins As Possible?

The reward always depends on the game room you’re challenging other players but there’s something that many players simply do wrong – they gamble with their bankroll.

See, the higher the game room is, the higher the reward – but can you honestly say that you have never ever lost a single game in 8 Ball Pool? 😉

You do lose, sometimes it’s bad luck and sometimes a better opponent. The important thing is that it happens here and there, so if you now put all your coins in one single match you might lose all of it and have to start at the lowest game room over again.

That’s why you only need proper bankroll management, in general, it’s about 5 times the buy-in to be sure to not lose everything when you have a bad draw.

Let’s make an example here… let’s say you win about 65% of your matches (and that’s a really high number for a good player in Toronto/Cairo or above).

  • Losing one game is 35%
  • Losing two in a row is 13%
  • Losing 3 in a row is 4%

So this is for the case that you are the better player and normally the higher game rooms will give you tougher opponents with better gear as well plus the fact that you are a little scared (psychologically) to take fewer risks will make it a gamble.

What I’m saying is that you should NEVER EVER EVER play a game room that you only have one or two buy-in fees for – you might easily lose everything and start over farming up from London Pub and that takes a lot more time than farming a few more buy-ins in the lower game room!

My Strategy For The Game  Rooms

Here I listed you my strategy that will work and prevent that you go broke and move up quickly without risk going broke.

Downtown London Pub

This is the first game room so go ahead – the players are bad here and with a little skill, you can easily beat them in 95% of all cases and the 50 Coins buy-in fee is really low. I might recall right that you start with 250 Coins so you can play here comfortable.

If you see that winning is quite easy you can move to Sydney Marina Bar when you have 400 Coins, no time to waste too much time here.

Sydney Marina Bar

You shouldn’t have many problems here either here – however if you lose the first two games here and drop to 200 Coins you should go back to London to prevent going broke completely.

Normally that doesn’t happen but you can beat a losing streak here and if you put all your bankroll after some losses you might end up being completely broke.

The next game room takes a huge jump to Moscow where the buy-in gets 500 Coins so stay in Sydney until you have at least 2,000 Coins!

Moscow Winter Club

Again, don’t play Moscow with less than 2,000 Coins in your pocket – this will make you feel a lot more comfortable. I also would dip with that 2,000 Coins and if you lose 1 (or 2 max) match(es) you should go back to Sydney.

Don’t want to scare you but in Moscow you will see the first  opponents that show something like common sense so start feeling comfortable here, don’t tilt and play your game until you have at least 10,000 Coins.

Tokyo Warrior Hall

You can play Tokyo aggressively with an absolute minimum of 8,500 Coins but that’s a little bit risky – if you do that you need to get back to Moscow if you lose one single match.

I’d rather get 10,000 to 11,000 Coins and start playing 2 matches in Tokyo that gives you a better chance to win a match here. The opponents are not really better than in Moscow but you see some with better equipment that can give you a tough time.

Las Vegas only has 4x the buy-in of Tokyo so stay here until you have 40,000 to 50,000 Coins.

Las Vegas Full House

Here  I wouldn’t take it too aggressively, chances that you lose your first match are simply too high so please stick to my 40k to 50k recommendation.

Players get better and some have been playing long enough to have more solid equipment than you so be aware. This is also a common room where people that get broke in high rooms fall back to so staying here is a  little tougher than you used to know.

Stay here until you have 250,000 Coins minimum and also spend some of your coins for upgrades.

Jakarta Vulcano+

Good news first, the buy-ins don’t rise by 4-5x from now on so you can get the bankroll for the next game room faster – the bad news is, this only applies in theory.

From now on you will need to spend more coins to upgrade your equipment and gather new cues so don’t rush it here too much. You can still move up, but never go to a higher game room unless you have a minimum of 5 buy-ins.

In general, I recommend that strategy here:

  • The Dip: 4-5 buy-ins, move down after you lose the first match or drop below the 5  buy-ins
  • Standard: 5-7 buy-ins let you play 2-3 matches when moving up back after back to get used to the higher players more comfortable and allows you to take more risks.
  • Conservative: 10+ buy-ins. I don’t really recommend this unless you see yourself making bigger mistakes because this just wastes a lot of time that you can spend getting more Coins in a higher game room


As you can see, the right mix of realistic bankroll management and risk will prevent that you can go broke and you will always play the games that suit you best and give you the most Coins at the same time.

  1. Great strategy guide. I made the most steady and consistent progress in farming coins by using a simple strategy: After reaching a secure coin balance in the room you’re currently playing, play 1 match in a room above. If you lose, go back to the room below and make up what you lost, then try again. If you win 1 match in a room above, play 1 more match, etc. But for every loss, I go back to the room below and make up the loss.

    For ex. I reach 200,000 coins playing Vegas (10,000). Then I play 1 match in Jakarta (50,000). If I lose, I go back to Vegas and win 5 matches before attempting Jakarta again.

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