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best way to break in 8 ball pool best way to break in 8 ball pool

Best Ways To Break In 8 Ball Pool

Half of the time you have the chance to break and open up the game – and I see so many people just slamming the white full force and hope for the best.

I always say that hoping is no strategy and you need to recall that you get the first move and that is your chance to turn the game in your favor – by just hitting the white with full force you will give your opponent the advantage because he can carefully decide and even pick the colors. This is for sure not what you want.

Why Is Breaking So Important In 8 Ball Pool?

First of all, you have the action and don’t need to react.

The break will give you the advantage that you can pick the colors but you always want to not only pocket at least one ball to get another shot, you also want to evenly spread the balls over the pool table so you can continue playing – this will give you the head start.

I want to present you here my favorite breaks in 8  Ball Pool and the best situations where you should use them.

Let’s have a look.

My Favorite Breaks In 8 Ball Pool

Here are three different breaks that you can use in 8 Ball Pool and all of them require different cues to do them, so don’t do the pro break when you have only a beginner cue, it’s simply not strong enough to give you the same outcome…

Beginner Break

In my opinion, this is the break you should use until you have a cue with at least Force 6 and Spin 5 – this break still is pretty powerful and works out fine as well.

Here’s what you will do:

You will move the white on the line to the top quarter and put it on the exact same hight as the upper mark (see the red arrow).

Now you will target the second last ball on the top side so the angle will be exactly 45 degrees like shown above.

Then you will give the white full backspin and hit with max power – this will pocket at least one ball and spread out the balls nice and even so you can continue playing 🙂

Intermediate & Pro Player Break

Now let’s talk about a more powerful break.

Don’t use this break if your cue is lower than Force (6) and Spin (5)  or you will fail!

You can play this break from two different positions – one is directly at the bottom mark (left) and the other is right in front of the pocket (right)

I personally prefer the first one a little more because it’s easier to place the white accurately.

Now it comes to aiming it right, I hope this image here helps, it shows the move from left to right:

You will aim at the ball below the 8 ball (the solid purple one) and move slowly to aim for the striped 12. As soon as you see that you will hit the striped 12, you’re at the right spot.

You need to do that very carefully because the very first touchpoint is exactly the right point.

Now you will only need to set a full backspin and hit with full force and you will see striking a nice start and you’re one huge step closer to winning the match ????

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