Bank Shots – How To Really Do Them

Bank shots are a players ground skill but still many players have a problem in 8 Ball Pool doing them right – that’s why I decided to make an easy small guide to help you guys out with that.

In fact, it’s not a guessing game or cheating to make a bank shot right and you can easily lern the technique behind it to apply it to your game.

I assume that you see situations like this frequently:

So how do you solve this?

Let me show you how I deal with this problem 🙂

Bank Shots – The Twice System

The difference between a frequent pool player and a newbie player is the same – the first one does know this system and the other doesn’t.

The system is actually pretty easy and you might figure it out yourself when looking at the table… you will see there are small dots at the horizontal and vertical:

A pool table is always twice as long as its width is, so you can divide it into 8 sections on the horizontal and 4 sections in the vertical side.

Let’s put them into some examples to show you how you can use them.

You need to draw a line in your mind when looking at the table to find the right angle to hit the white ball.

Just look at the horizontal line or vertical line and you see the distance, then you only need to divide it into half of it and you know at what point you need to hit the ball.

Let’s apply this to the situation at the beginning…

Here#s what i’m trying to do, getting the red into the pocket or at least next to it (let’s assume this is my only option to play)

So what I do is estimating the distance on the vertical side:

Now I only need to add half that on the other side and see the point where I need to hit the wall for the wall shot.

The points on the table are simply helping you to estimate the distances more accurately.

So after that I have a shot that will look like that and all I needed to do is estimating distances right 🙂

Of course, when you now need to hit the ball at a perfect angle it is a little too much, but you can get a good shot at trying and you will not risk to miss your color and give your opponent a penalty shot for free too easily.


I hope this will help taking away some “gut feeling” and adds some “technique” to your repertoire and this one here will help you out for sure 🙂

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