8 Ball Pool ALL Legendary Cues + How You Can Get Them

8 ball pool all legendary cues

A stronger cue will help you in every match of 8 Ball Pool and the best ones are without any doubt the Legendary Cues – everybody wants them but how can you actually get them?

There’s a ton of wrong myths going around and a lot of scammy tips out there so I decided to write down all you need to know about Legendary Cues and also help you with unlocking your first or additional Legendary Cues in 8 Ball Pool.

So, but before we start here’s a full lost of all the Legendary Cues and how they look, including their stats for Force, Aim, Spin & Time on the left side.

The pitfalls when unlocking a Legendary Cue is that you need to collect 4 pieces of that very cue from Boxes in order to actually unlock it.

So, with all the different cues you see on the left side you can imagine that this can be quite a random luck gamble as you can’t control in any kind which piece you will get next.

It’s possible that you have collected 3 pieces of the Inferno Cue but then only get pieces of other cues – the really bad thing is that you can also collect pieces of cues that you already own and you will only get Coins in exchange.

I don’t mean to kill all your motivation, if you take 8 Ball Pool seriously you will need the right technique to prevent making mistakes when collecting the cue pieces.

So, I have listed you below the best strategy to use to maximize the chances to finally unlock a Legendary Cue.

Victory Boxes

You will get Victory Boxes from winning a match (or from winning the final of a tournament) that you can unlock.

You can also find pieces for Legendary Cues inside them (as you can see in the image on the right side).

The only bad news here is, the chances are not really good.

Important! The bet amount of a match doesn’t improve the box you will get as a reward, the box you’ll get is randomized.

I have also here some more tips for you how you can get more Coins

Spin The Wheel!!!

The only way how you can get a piece of a Legendary Cue is by opening a Legendary Box, however, you’re not guaranteed to get a piece that you need.

Spin & Win offers you a small chance to win one of these great boxes and you really should use your daily free spin, even if you don’t have time to play a match!

Do not let this spin get away unused.

Legendary Special Offers

Look out for special offers, often enough there are deals to get a Legendary Cue directly for money or, in case you really don’t want to spend any money, great deals that offer things like 5x Legendary Boxes for the price of 3 Legendary Cues for 43 Pool Cash.

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