win every game in 8 ball pool win every game in 8 ball pool

How To Win Every Game In 8 Ball Pool (One Shot Strategy)

I wanted to write this guide for a really long time and spend a lot of time getting all the things up to write you a guide that can be described the ultimate winner guide to 8 Ball Pool.

My goal is to give you all the tips you need to finish off any opponent.

Winning Every Game

Unfortunately this guides starts with a disclaimer 🙁 I know I said win every game, but the truth is that even the absolutely best players in 8 Ball Pool have a win ratio of about 60% in the highest tables, which is crazy good. Still, this means you can’t win every single game as there are situations where you simply can’t win it.

Still, in this guide you will find the strategy that will make you win most games – especially in the lower table rooms where opponents are weaker you can win more than 80% of your games easily.

How To Win As Many Games As Possible

Here are the things you need to do to win.

The Break

The best way to win without relying that you opponent makes a mistake in 8 Ball Pool reuqires you to not let him even play the cue ball and don’t give him a turn.

There are two situations you will see when you start a game.

Your Turn To Breaks

This is perfect but only will happen in 50% of the times – you have all you need to win the match unless you do a mistake now. It’s important that you do a break that will pocket any ball (except the white ball or the 8 Ball, of course) so you can continue to play and pocket ball after ball.

There are several breaks that you can use to make sure that you will pocket at least one ball – I’ve listed the best ones here.

Here you can see my favorite break because it’s easy to use the marks on the table to place your white ball correctly and then slamm it with full force and full sidespin.

Now you did break and need to decide if you’re solid or stripes.

Most people go for the obvious choice and that’s the color that is already pocket,but I don’t recommend that!

Your goal is to now pocket all balls so take a close look what color is the best option.


In this situation you have the brown striped and the red solid in the corner – in this example you can pick any color but if the solid would be more on the inside you would be forced to take solid because you otherwise wouldn’t be able to play stripes without letting your opponent have at least one turn!

Your Opponent Breaks

In this case, you need to wait until he makes a mistake. Not guaranteed to win anymore if he will pocket all balls in one shot.

Still, I’d say that this won’t happen often unless you#re really plaiyng the highest stakes.

The good thing about this situation is that your opponent will clear away some of his colors so you have an easier way to clear your balls in one shot 🙂

Pocket All Balls

After the break it becomes difficult because you don’t want to make any mistakes if you want to win in one shot.

The most important thing is to not do any hero shots unless you really have to! Go for the easier ones and play them safe. Only do bank shots if you have to and don’t try to show off.

It’s really important that you use spin whenever you need it to control the direction of the cue ball after the impact. This will:

  • prevent pocketing the cue ball and get a foul for your opponent
  • gives you a better position for your next hit

Spinning doesn’t change the direction of the cue ball when hitting it so you don’t need to adjust while aiming, it’s nothing else than a very comfortable way to control what the cue ball will do after you hit your ball.

Can’t Pocket Any Ball

If you see that there’s no way that you will pocket any more balls and your opponent will get a turn don’t force it with a risky hero move in 8 Ball Pool.

The best way to play it now is to make a move that gives your opponent a really bad situation where he eventually can’t even pocket one of his balls.

Here’s a situation that I made up to show you what I mean… I’m solid and I placed the ball in a spot where my opponent can’t clearly pocket any stripe ball without making at least a bank shot.

That’s a lot better than trying a trick shot yourself that you can only pocket in like 5% of the times – when you place the cue ball in a bad position you still have 100% control of the game 🙂

  1. i love the feeling of playing from behind.. i usually let the person i am playing win so i can see how good they are and i can adjust my game so i match there level even if they are really bad.. or super good … the problem with this is there is such a wide range of players… what can i do to stop this habit?

  2. ” I’m solid and I placed the ball in a spot where my opponent can’t clearly pocket any stripe ball without making at least a bank shot.”

    Lol you can pocket 2 of the stripes with a direct shot, maybe even 3

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