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Why You Should Farm Rings

The benefit of rings are more than just a ring collection to show off in your player profile in 8 Ball Pool – they are one of the best things you can do to boost your rewards long-term.

In this guide I want to show you why you should actively farm them, even when you already have one of each kind.

Rings = VIP

There’s something that’s called VIP Points in 8 Ball Pool – and similar to your player level there are also several ranks that you can get.

Why am I writing about the VIP Points now? Well, rings are one of the best ways to farm VIP Points so please don’t close this guide now

Each rank you unlock in your VIP status will boost the rewards you get, including Spin & Win or Lucky Shot.

The best benefits you will get is additional Daily Spins in Spin & Win and also the extra XP earned (I already wrote about the importance of your player level here).

So, to unlock the individual ranks you will need the said VIP Points:

  • BRONZE: up to 239
  • SILVER: up to 3.239
  • GOLD: up to 14.999
  • EMERALD: up to 134.999
  • DIAMOND: up to 869.000
  • BLACK DIAMOND: 870.000+

And the only way to get these VIP Points, away from spending real money in the shop in 8 Ball Pool, is unlocking and farming rings.

As you can see getting 620 VIP Points from this ring here might not sounds much but it will help you reach Gold Rank VIP quite fast – and that means 25% more Spin & Win prize and 20% more XP from every game you play!

The most-common mistake I often see is that people only grind one ring and then stop when they have it – but you can farm any ring for an unlimited amount and own a lot of them, and that’s what you actually should do!

What Rings Should You Get?

Not every ring will give the same amount of VIP Points – the higher the stakes of the game the more VIP Points you will get for each ring you unlock.

So the best strategy to use will be to farm them in the highest game room your bankroll allows.

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