8 ball pool best cues to get 8 ball pool best cues to get

The Best Cues in 8 Ball Pool

A player is never better than his equipment and this also applies to 8 Ball Pool.

There’s a thin line where you’re moving in 8 Ball Pool – you need a good cue to compete with your opponents but you don’t want to sink all your Coins in new cues because you need to have a bankroll to rise up in game rooms and earn more Coins without risking to go broke.

That’s why I decided to give you an overview of the cues you should get and spend your Coins on while you hope to unlock a Legendary Cue.

Best Cue  – What To Look For?

Let’s talk a little bit about the stats first…

Force – Good to hit strong, especially early in the game where most cues are simply so weak that you barely get the white over the table. However, I don’t see much reason having it higher than 7.

Aim – Really helpful and will give you longer aiming line. In the beginning, it’s so short you can barely aim while a higher aim will get you halfway through the distance. This will make long shots across the table a lot easier and those are the ones you also need to pocket in 8 Ball Pool to  win.

Spin – Especially early in the game you will not use spin that much but later you simply need it to win by placing the white right after hitting the ball right. If you’re lower than Jakarta you won’t need it, but it gets more and more important in late game.

Time – Helpful for aiming but not as important as the other stats, see it as a nice benefit.

Best Cues To Get in 8 Ball  Pool

First of all, I don’t have any Legendary Cues here, they are pure luck to get so I don’t want to recommend any specific one. They are all very good so if you get one take it but it can take forever to unlock a specific one

Here are the cues that are worth using and pending coins on to level up.

Cues For Coins & Cash

Forget those cues, they are okayish to use but have either bad stats are you will get a better cue from boxes by the time you can afford them or are simply incredibly expensive – too expensive for their stats.

My Choices

The King Cue is my favorite, who wouldn’t mind looking at these awesome stats?

The Galaxy Cue is also a great cue but you can only unlock it from boxes you get from winning matches in Berlin – the highest game room in 8 Ball Pool. If you get it you can start leveling it up without any doubt.

You can unlock the Amsterdam Cue a lot earlier – starting in, surprise, Amsterday or higher game rooms.  This cue has also great stats that will help you out and once  you got it you can pretty  much ignore cues left and right and unlock what you can unlock but don’t need to focus on much else than the Amsterdam Cue


So after all the cue that will  work best for you is the one that suits your playstyle – if you lose a lot of spin go for a cue that has high spin stats. If you have problems aiming and always feel that you miss the pocket, especially in long shots, here and there you need a cue with better aiming stats.

Last but not least I need to advice you to know your strength and weaknesses before you decide to level up a specific cue, otherwise you will waste a lot of coins for no reason ✌️

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