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8 ball pool rank up level guide 8 ball pool rank up level guide

How To Level (Rank) Up Fast

Most player see thier player level and rank as something that is just happening in 8 Ball Pool – but unlike many other games the player level is really important and will give you a huge advantage.

In this guide I will show you what advantages a higher player level has, what important levels you should reach and also how you can level up fast.

Let’s kick it off.

Player Level & Rank

You can reach up to Level 999 but there’s a lot more about the player level than you might see in the first place.

Here are the advantages you get from leveling up.


With each new level you will get Pool Cash – this Pool Cash is important to get legendary boxes that will unlock you a legendary cue at some point – so every additional player level will get you closer to your first legendary cue.

Higher Rank

Player Levels are grouped up to player ranks – and a higher rank means that you will be placed in a higher league and you can win higher Pool Cash prizes every week.

Here are the ranks:

  • Trainee (Level 1-2)
  • Beginner (Level 3-5)
  • Student (Level 6-9)
  • Amateur (Level 10-14)
  • Hustler (Level 15-20)
  • Semi-Pro (Level 21-27)
  • Professional (Level 28-35)
  • Virtuoso (Level 36-44)
  • Expert (Level 45-54)
  • Veteran (Level 55-65)
  • Master (Level 66-77)
  • Grand Master (Level 78-90)
  • Ace (Level 91-104)
  • Superstar (Level 105-119)
  • King (Level 120-136)
  • Pool Emperor (Level 137+)

Higher Player Level = Higher Club Stats

The most important part about player level is that you will improve your cue stats, specifically power, spin and also the guideline!

So, here are the sweet spot levels that you should aim for:

Extended Guideline (+5 Each)

  • Level 3
  • Level 18
  • Level 33
  • Level 43
  • Level 58
  • Level 78
  • Level 83
  • Level 98

Extended Spin (+5 Each)

  • Level 8
  • Level 23
  • Level 38
  • Level 63
  • Level 73
  • Level 88

Extended Power (+5 Each)

  • Level 14
  • Level 28
  • Level 48
  • Level 53
  • Level 68
  • Level 93

How To Level Up Faster

Leveling up ultimatively comes down to gaining XP points – and the only way how you can gain experience is playing matches – tournament or regular pool matches.

Attention! Offline Practice or playing people from your friend list will no longer give any XP!

You will get XP even if you lose:

  • Lost Match 16% XP
  • Won Match 100% XP
  • Lost Tournament 25% XP
  • Won Tournament 120% XP

As you can see, playing tournaments will give you a higher amount of XP and will let you level up faster, even if you lose them you will get more XP compared to regular matches – and if you manage to win them you will get even 20% more XP than playing a regular match.

I know that many players don’t want to play tournaments but the rules are all the same except that you have a total timer of 2 minutes so you need to aim faster and play faster – in general the tournaments are even better to gain XP fast because the games will be fast-paced and end faster (higher XP/minute) and also the opponents will make more mistakes that will help you win, including time out when they have poor connction.

I can’t recommend you strong enough to play rather tournaments than regular 1-on-1 matches until you get player level 98.

  1. I Leveled up maybe 7 times now and I’m still stuck in High Emperor. How many times do I need to level up to get to the next rank?

    1. I love this game my dad used to play it no I am on VIP black diamond and level 876 I started to play it 3 years ago and ever since been leveling up my coins are 375,465,685

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