Not winning attacks? Common attacking mistakes

Sometimes it’s witched…. you’re constantly losing your attacks but you don’t know why. Luckily there are millions of ways to play and win in Clash of Clans so making the ONE and ONLY winning guide is neither neccesary not applicable. In this post I want to show you common mistakes I see player doing all the time and you can take them to check your own raiding behaviour to maybe stop doing one or another thing wrong to get better. I divided this into mistakes in scouting opponents and mistakes you do when you actually play down your attack after having found your opponent.

Stop scouting your enemy wrong

When you search and choose the wrong opponents it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise that you’re not winning your attacks. Let’s have a look if you’re doing on of those mistakes.

You’re in the wrong League

The first reason is in my opinion the one that is not the reason for losing most of the time but should be on this list. When you take the level of all your Troops and you pushed as far as you could there is a wall you can’t pass sooner or later. You simply got too high and the opponents you get are to good.
Titan League summer 2015 update
Pushing to Titan League with TH8 is simply not working and when you’re not maxed out there’s no reason to stay too high in Leagues – higher League Bonus is not helping you when you’re not able to get it because you’re not winning your attacks

Chosen a killer base?

When you have your troop setup you should always know what kind of bases or Defense will kill our attack. Are you attacking with Hog Riders? Then you should stay away from Multi-Target Inferno Tower – mass Dragon attacks should not be used when someone has maxed Air Defenses near the core and some maxed Air Sweeper next to it.
Healing Spell versus Inferno Tower
Always know what you can attack and what not. This will save you some expensive lessons

Surprise! Traps

Nobody likes surprises when doing an attack. You should always expect that there are Traps and if you attack with something specific – let’s say Giant based attack – and see some heavy funneling that simply make Spring Traps pretty obvious you should think about if you can beat the base.
spring trap funneling for giants
Also be prepared to see heavy Trap usage when you’re attacing so called “Souther Teaser” bases (click here for my post on how to attack them correctly)
clash-of-clans-southern-teaser-base-layout-clan-warBelow you will find additional information how you should deploy your Troops in case you suspect some Traps to not lose a big part of your army.

Don’t do common attacking mistakes and use your Troops and Spells best

Now that you have found your perfect opponent let’s see if you’re playing down your attacks correctly.

Bad Spell timing

Spells have become crucial to attacking when you push your limits – even if not neccesary you could use them to make your life much more easy in Clash of Clans. I personally always have a plan when I attack when (and most of the times also where I will use them)
You can find solid tutorials on all the different Spells – when and where to use them in the Master the Spells series:

In addition I can also recommend you my post Classic Spells versus Dark Elixir Spells where I show you which situations require certain Spells.

Troops are not really fitting

When selecting your Troops you should always take care that you have covered both sides you need:

  1. Enough tanking power to cover the Defenses damage
  2. Sufficient DPS to actually destroy enough buildings in the time

You think you have enough of that? Ok, but do you also have a plan for situations like a defending Dragon in the Clan Castle.

Wizards coming out of Clan Castle in Clash of Clans
Pulling Clan Castle Troops – what’s inside the Clan Castle is sometimes a bad surprise

Attacking with mainly Hogs and seeing a Dragon coming out of the Clan Castle. Always have some spare troops either in your Clan Castle with you or in your army camp. A defending Dragon is not that bad actually (when you have read this post on how to kill it cheap and easy).
In addition I see people forgetting to pull the defending Clan Castle troops all the time – read this featured post from OneHive Clan on how to pull defending CC troops best.

Know you Heroes

Heroes are your most powerful attacking troops but only when you’re able to use them right.
I see lots of attackers simply deploying them right in the middle and then use their ability – needless to say they waste a lot of potential with this strategy. I have written posts on how you can use your Heroes and when to use their ability correctly:

This will help you improve your Hero usage.

Bad troop deployment

We had a topic on Traps earlier in this post and when you manage to suspect Traps correctly you now need a strategy to outsmart them. There’s a tactic called “testing the water” that will un-arm those Traps with only using a small amount of your Troops:

My rule of the thumb is to always be prepared to see best placed and max Traps everywhere – only with expecting this you can be sure to not see some bad surprises.
Last but not least I can only recommend you NOT deploying all your Troops together in a big bunch. Learn how your Troops work and deploy them smart.

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