Master the Lightning Spell (versus Earthquake and Poison Spell)

Master the Lightning Spell

The very first spell you get in Clash of Clans will be the spell that you use for the longest period in your Clash career – the Lightning Spell. You can destroy structures with the Lightning Spell for sure, but I want to show you how you can destroy them more effectively. As you might have noticed, the Lightning Spell can be either very powerful or used the complete wrong way.

What the Lightning Spell is Used For

You can either use the Lightning Spell to destroy enemy Troops from the Clan Castle, or to destroy certain buildings (Mortar, Air Defense, etc.). You can even destroy a Builder’s Hut with it if you need to get that final percent for your victory (see here a list of buildings you can destroy with the Lightning Spell).

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Destroying buildings and killing Troops is also something that the Poison and Earthquake Spells can do, so this post will focus on the things that will really need that Lightning Spell.

The most important point isn’t simply what you can do with the Lightning Spell – the secret of becoming a Master of the Lightning Spell is the placement and timing of the Spell. This is what the next part of this post is all about.

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Placing the Lightning Spell Correctly

The first and most important thing to remember when talking about the Lightning Spell: the Lightning Spell does not deal area damage, it deals the full damage at the very point you place it and gets weaker closer to the outside! This is extremely important to keep in mind.

The Lightning Spell consists of 6 strikes, each of them dealing 1/6 of the total damage you see in the info box when brewing. You see it’s important to drop it at the very point where you want the destruction to happen.

There are even fixed patterns where the strikes actually hit:

lightning spell strike pattern

But, to be honest with you, this has no real use. I have never been in the situation in my entire time clashing that this was actually of help.

Just drop it EXACTLY on the point you want the most damage to happen and you will get most of the strikes at that point. That’s it.

Killing Troops with the Lightning Spell: 

With the new Poison Spell there is no real need to use your Lightning Spell to kill Troops. The Poison Spell deals more damage to them, has better area damage and also slows them down. Read here my guide for the Poison Spell.


(*otherwise please read the guide for the Poison Spell):

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It’s important that you only drop your Lightning Spell if the Clan Castle troops are grouped up. They exit the Clan Castle one by one and you need them to be clustered:


How do you do that? They will always go after any troop on the battle ground, so you have to deploy single troops, one by one, until they are in a group. The smaller the group, the better, but don’t waste too much time. In this case, I did it with Hog Riders, but you can also do it with Barbarians or Archers:

Grouped Troops for Lightning Spell

It’s important that you don’t use your Golems, Dragons or anything like that with high health because they really drop in health when they get in the radius of the defending Clan Castle troops. When you have them grouped, you have to put the Lightning Spell EXACTLY on the very point they are standing to get the full damage. You can see here that the Wizards got the full damage of the Lightning Spell, but the Archers next to them didn’t get any:

Lightning Spell did not kill all troops

I had to use my second Lightning Spell. In this case, no problem, because the Lightning Spell I brought wasn’t good enough to kill Wizards level 5+, so I knew I had to take two. If I had double-dropped them in between those two groups, I probably would have had some Wizard survivors and my Hog Riders would have had a big problem later in the attack.

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Destroying Defenses with the Lightning Spell:

Many now think that the Earthquake Spell is way better to destroy buildings, but as you can read in my post about the Earthquake Spell, the Lightning Spell is the best choice to destroy certain buildings while the Earthquake Spell is better to destroy Walls.

First of all, you have to know how many Lightning Spells to bring into a raid. If you’re going after a Mortar or a Wizard Tower you’ll need 2 Lightning Spells and for an Air Defense you will have to bring 3 Lightning Spells. Like we have seen above, you also have to place the Lightning Spell directly in the middle of the building to have the full damage. The damage outside is dealt pretty much randomly – it might not be enough.

destroy defenses with lightning spell

It’s a great combination to use 2 Lightning Spells plus an Earthquake Spell on specific buildings. The Earthquake Spell will take down the last hitpoints, but only takes 1 Housing Space.


Also, if there are two buildings next to each other that you want to destroy, you can place the Lightning Spell right in the place where they touch each other and you can destroy both of them:

destroy 2 mortars with same Lightning Spell

This will need a lot of practice and I recommend you completely zoom in on your device for placing the Spell. I have managed to do this on my iPad Mini, but always fail on my iPhone because the screen is simply not big enough.

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What Attacks are Supported by Lightning Spells

Pretty much all that benefit from taking down a certain building – especially Air Defenses for airborne attacks or splash damage defenses if you BARCH, etc.

I hope this helps you use your Lightning Spells more effectively 🙂

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. You said you can use it next to each other but how about diagonally? 3 LS lvl 4 vs. 2 AD lvl 6 on diagonal to each other

    • You mean when only the corners are touching? That’s not working the same way as they don’t have their hitbox touching in that case.
      There has always to be 1 tile where they are touching each other on the full side

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